Karo Syrup For Constipation

by Joyce

Is Karo Syrup for constipation a good thing?

I am dealing with constipation in my 19 month old girl. When I took my baby off formula and baby food at 12 months she has been constipated ever since.

It breaks my heart. She screams and we are amazed how something so big comes out of her.

She is a very picky eater and she is very tiny.

I have been told by some ladies to give her kayro syrup. Is there any truth to using corn syrup as a remedy for constipation?

Hi Joyce,

Sorry to hear you are having trouble with your little girl's constipation issues. I know how distressing it would be to you as the mother to see her in pain and want to help.

Yes, some people do like to use Karo syrup as a remedy for constipation in little children. It doesn't work for everyone, but it does work in many cases.

Kids usually don't mind it, either, because it is so sweet. :)

However, I personally would prefer to save Karo syrup as a last resort and use a healthy alternative instead.

Karo syrup for constipation is certainly better than some of the chemical medications that are often given to young children for constipation, but it isn't without its own problems.

Unfortunately, we are bombarded with corn syrup in almost everything we eat. If you look on the labels of most canned goods, you'll see corn syrup as one of the ingredients. This is far too much sugar and particularly this type of sugar in our average diet.

I'm convinced (and so are many researchers) that this over abundance of corn syrup is leading to many of the health issues that plague our western/developed countries.

Your daughter will be consuming more than enough corn syrup in her diet before long (if she isn't already), so there's no point in adding to it for this purpose.

So what would I suggest as a safer and healthier alternative to the Karo syrup remedy for constipation? I would use salba grain or chia.

I love this natural constipation remedy for toddlers and children because it is a natural whole food that has not been altered in any way. This whole grain is full of essential fatty acids that and nutrients that help most who take it to have much healthier and easier bowel movements.

It is so easy to give to children because the grain is basically tasteless. You can stir it into just about anything you give your daughter to eat. Sprinkle a tablespoon each day on her cereal, or in some yogurt, or literally on top of anything or in anything that she eats.

So, the bottom line is yes, you can try Karo syrup for constipation, but I'd suggest you try Salba or chia seeds first. You'll be giving your daughter more than just help with her bowels, you'll also be increasing her nutritional intake.

I hope you find this does the trick for her and that you can both be relieved of the pain and stress this constipation in your 19 month old girl is causing.


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