Poor Little Girl!

by Shelly

My daughter has an excellent diet. She eats veggies, tons of fruit, whole grains and drinks a lot of water.

I give her a prune every morning but she is still extremely constipated. It's to the point where she has a distended and hard abdomen.

I have tried everything...including suppositories (if absolutely necessary.) How can I make this better? Is there anything anyone else can suggest?

Hi Shelly,

I do feel for you and your poor little girl. You may want to try sprinkling about a tablespoon of Salba grain on her food each day instead of giving her the prune.

Prunes work really well for some people and not well at all for others. I suppose that's true for most things. You just need to find the right natural option for your particular daughter.

The fact that you are making sure she gets plenty of water is important. That will make it much easier to deal with the constipation regardless of which method works best for her.

If the Salba doesn't work for her, you can also try either probiotics (Florafood) or digestive enzymes (Prepzymes) which should be taken with food (not both with the same meal).

Depending on the underlying cause of the poor digestive process, one of these supplements may be the "missing ingredient" that meets her needs to get her digestion back on track.

These solutions are all basically tasteless, so you shouldn't have any difficult in getting them in her should you decide to try them.

Please be sure to come back and let us know what ended up working for you and your poor little girl.


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