2 Year Old's Constipation

by Sarah
(Willmar, MN)

My husband and I have been dealing with our 2 year old's constipation issues (on and off again) for a year.

We have tried miralax (stool softener) and very rarely, senecot (exlax).

He reaches his 4th or 5th day without a bm and is miserable, usually clawing at me to hold him....and seemingly, holding it in with discomfort. By the 4th or 5th day, his belly is quite bloated and he is very unhappy.

He is good to eat his veggies and fruits. We even mix his miralax each morning with prune juice. We've bought pear juice in juice box form...which he loves! He has whole grain toast in the morning with raisin bran. He loves brown beans at meal times, as well as many other natural laxative foods. Anyway, with all of this, we are not gaining any ground!

We have tried for several weeks to eliminate milk and have given him soy milk. There was little change with that, though and we are back to giving him 2%.

Anyway, the next thing I'd like to try is a probiotic that I found at our local health food store. It is an orange flavored tablet that he'll take once a day. I believe the brand is Nature's Way.

My question is, should I be giving this to him in addition to the miralax or IN PLACE OF the miralax?

Also, if I were to try the Salba Grain whole seeds...can I give that to him also?

Do you otherwise suggest that I try one thing at a time, taking him off the miralax?

When our son does pass a movement, it is VERY runny, down both legs surpassing his diaper and usually on me as well.

To avoid the mess, we occasionally have gotten him to go on
the potty chair, but he can be very uncomfortable there too and we don't want to associate negative feelings for potty training in the future.

Thank you for any help you can provide! We appreciate any help you can give us!


Hi Sarah,

Sorry to hear about all the difficulty you are having in dealing with your 2 year old's constipation issues.

Since you have found that the Miralax isn't really doing the job, I'd stop using it. Yes, I think you CAN use it along with the natural supplements you are considering, but I don't really think it will be any more beneficial.

First of all, I would suggest that you try introducing more water to replace some of the juice and milk that your boy may be drinking. Even though certain juices can be helpful to some in encouraging bowel movements, it is full of sugar and can actually hinder bm's in others.

You don't want to achieve the watery bowel movements that you are currently dealing with, but soft, natural, and easy motions.

Also, the probiotics are a good idea. Certainly try that daily. It won't do any harm and may be enough to get things moving. How many live bacteria is supposed to be in each tablet? You may even give him one with each meal as opposed to one per day.

The salba grain is perfectly safe to take along with the probiotics and I would certainly recommend that you try it without delay. Just sprinkle a tablespoon each morning in his raisin bran.

In summary - eliminate the miralax and some of the juice. Add the probiotic, salba grain, and more water.

Please let me know how he does with this and if you achieve success. :)


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