16 Month Old Has Constipation

by Krystal

My 16 month old has constipation. What can I do to help my daughter have a comfortable bowel movement?

When she was newborn she had no problem going, from about 6 mo on she has been having trouble.

We have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has helped. The only time she's had relief was when she was sick and I still had to give her medicine to help her go.

Our last option is to bring her to have a colonoscopy, it really hurts me to think about it cause they will have to strap her down and make us leave the room for her x-rays.

I can't afford a homeopathic Dr. What else could we do?

Dear Krystal,

I'm sorry you are having such a hard time with your little one and her bowel movements. I know it is very distressing.

When you say you tried "everything," what is everything? It's hard to make suggestions when we don't really know what you really HAVE tried already. :)

How much water is she drinking daily? How much solid food is she eating? Have you tried using Salba grain and mixing it in her food each day?

I can certainly understand that you don't want to put her through a colonoscopy, particularly at her age. I'd feel the same way.

If you haven't already tried the Salba, give it a try. I've known it to work well for a number of little ones (adults, too), and you only need a tablespoon per day.

It's a whole food and not a medicine, so it is completely natural and worth a shot.

Let us know if you have good results with your little girl, too.


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