7 Year Old With Stomach Parasite

by Eric

Help for 7 Year Old With Stomach Parasite Problems:

My 7 yr old daughter is still experiencing nausea and is pale 4 weeks after getting the "stomach bug" or was it food poisoning after eating chicken at Wendy's?

All her bloodwork came back fine and her urinalysis was ok too.

We are going to ask the doctor to look at her stool sample to determine if there are any parasites, surprised they haven't done this yet.

She will only eat bland foods and it has been 4 1/2 weeks.

My sister in law saw my daughter yesterday and said it reminds her of when she had salmonella poisoning, for months she had nausea and would only eat bland foods.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Eric,

I think you've made a good guess regarding your 7 year old with stomach parasite possibilities. The fact that she continues to have nausea seems to indicate that whatever bacteria or parasite she picked, it's still lingering in her system and needs to be eliminated.

A stool sample test isn't a bad idea, but it won't necessarily provide you with a firm answer. They are very unpredictable because you never know whether that particular portion of the stool is going to contain the offending parasite, unfortunately. It can often take several stool sample tests for a positive result.

Regardless, you can help your daughter's condition improve by building up the good bacteria in her system using probiotic supplements. Florafood or InLiven are both good.

You can also help kill off possible parasites and bacteria and flush them out of the system with Herbal Fiberblend.

HFB doesn't taste very nice because of the herbs, but if you mix a teaspoon in a small amount of grape juice twice per day, it should help your 7 year old with stomach parasite to get rid of it in fairly short order. I usually chase it down with some more grape juice to help get rid of the taste. :)

Other options you can try for your daughter to help her nausea is chewable papaya tablets and chewable pineapple bromelain they both taste nice). :) These are natural digestive enzymes that should help to soothe her stomach while her body is trying to get rid of the bacteria.

I hope your little girl feels well again soon.
To her good health!

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May 03, 2010
Papaya tablets during pregnancy and for nausea
by: Heather

Just chiming in here to add my experience to the chat. I have 9 children and have used papaya enzyme tablets during most of my pregnancies for nausea. I also give them to my children when their tummies are upset, I've even given them to my hubby for his upset stomach on occasions. Everyone can handle taking them because they don't have a bad tasted and they seem to work rather quickly. Of course, I don't want to give medical info out, as each person needs to make their own decisions, but they've been so helpful for us, I thought I would share.

May 03, 2010
Papaya Tablets During Pregnancy
by: Angie

Hi Kerri,

There's some debate about whether or not it's safe to take papaya tablets during pregnancy. Some sources say that it's best to avoid papaya completely during pregnancy.

I know people who have used chewable papaya during their pregnancy without any negative side effects, but I wouldn't want to advise you one way or the other.

What your niece may want to try is ginger, if she hasn't already done so. She can try ginger tea, powdered ginger, fresh ginger, dried ginger, or even crystallized ginger.

Ginger is very helpful when dealing with nausea. Perhaps it will help ease her difficulties till she gets past it.


May 02, 2010
Papaya Tablets
by: Kerri

I hope you get to the bottom of what is going on with your daughter. When I read the reply I was curious about the papaya for nausea. Is it safe for pregnant women in the first trimester for morning sickness? I have a niece who is going through a rough patch...
Thanks and again I hope you find some answers!

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