A burrowing skin parasite?

by David
(Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

Hello and thanks very much in advance for your help. I seem to have a burrowing skin parasite, but I'm not sure.

For some time now, weeks or even months, I have had pain in one of my little toes at night; not itchiness but pain in the toe, until I wondered if I had a hairline fracture or tendinitis or something. But no pain while out and about during the day, and the toe looked fine, no swelling or redness.

Finally I inspected more carefully by separating the little toe from the neighboring toe to look between, and discovered that at the base between the two toes there is a strange looking lesion or sore. In the center is a small hole in the skin, and then there is a raised whitish welt running out in a spiral shape from around the hole.

At first I thought it might be just a kind of friction blister or something that had become infected, and in recent days I have treated regularly with Polysporin (antibiotic cream). But it doesn't seem to be helping and if anything the pain is getting worse at night, enough to waken me from a sound sleep.

Does this sound like a burrowing skin parasite of some kind to you? Any specific information or suggestions would be very much appreciated. Thanks again!

Hi David,

I wish I could give you a definite answer to your dilemma, but really I can only "guess" if you have a burrowing skin parasite or something else entirely.

There are a number of different causes of toe pain and foot pain, so it can be difficult to determine what the cause might be in your particular case.

Does it feel like there is a small lump in between your toes? If so, you may have a soft corn that is causing the pain.

The fact that you only have the pain and discomfort at
night makes me think that a soft corn is not the problem, though.

It could certainly be a burrowing skin parasite worm. Some parasites seem to prefer night time (while you are sleeping) to become the most active.

On the other hand, we usually associate 'athletes foot' (tinea) with parasites on the feet, but you mentioned that you don't have any itching, only pain. That would be unusual in cases of tinea, but not impossible.

The fact that it hasn't spread (like scabies or ringworm) to other parts of your body is remarkable since you feel you've had it for months.

Either way, I would suggest that you try treating the condition as a parasite infection (worm or fungus) and see if that doesn't give you relief. If you find that the situation doesn't improve, you should probably see a doctor.

Topically, consider trying Indian Neem oil. It has strong anti-parasitic and anti-fungal properties. Just apply it to the affected area a few times per day or add some Neem oil to water and use as a foot soak.

You can purchase good quality Neem oil from Mountain Rose Herbs. Just look under their herbal oils. I think it's only about $7.00.

Internally, you may want to take some Bear Paw Garlic which is also anti-fungal and anti-parasitic. If it is a worm, this will help to get rid of it.

I almost always recommend to everyone that thinks they may be suffering from some parasitic infection that the best option is a herbal cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend. In your case, it may not be necessary to get rid of this burrowing skin parasite, but it certainly won't hurt.

If you've never given your system a good colon cleanse, it's a very good way to help maintain optimum health.

Sorry I can't be of more specific help. Let us know if/when you find relief.

To your good health!

Comments for A burrowing skin parasite?

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May 01, 2021
Believe me
by: Outcast

I've been fighting skin parasites from Mexico, I think for yrs. The water I showered in ,left my hair and skin oily, smelly, and sick. Never felt clean since. Live up in wa.st now. One day I was scrating my head, and washing my hands felt a strong pain in my hand. I pulled my hand up to see a white ,soft fleslhy thing flipping back and forth. It hurt like hell and disappeared into my hand before my eyes. My husband was standing behind me and saw the whole thing... Wow ,I saw that. He said. Now that dprs.bdont do anything , etc.eptc.he says I remember you talking about it, but not seeing it happen. What the punk!. Lmy helad waps covered we/ small black spots ,turned sores. Nothing works. Drs.wot help.Ivermectin, going to try before I die. My hand barley works now.
Hello someone.

Dec 03, 2019
initially painfull
by: roy frazieer

one night I felt a sharp pain in my arm. I was driving and pulled over and turned on light. I looked down and saw a 3/4 inch straight black line that appeared to be under my skin. I thought where is the wood that gave me this splinter. then I went to push it out. it curled up and dove into the muscle of my arm. I cant find any info . royfrazier2@outlook.com

Sep 29, 2019
by: Cheri

forgot about this I have had endless urinary and kidney infections. Oh the Biggest thing is they ate a HOLE in my chin and go in and out Dr. removed what was inside put 5 stiches in and they ate back open. he said the report came back as

soft tissue ulcer and dermal fibrosis with vascular proliferation

then he had to do it again and that one came back as

fibrosis neogentic lymphoma.
they don't know anything about demodex mites we out here know more then they do. so I need help

Sep 29, 2019
by: Cheri

I too have all your problems I'm sure I have demodex mites! they get in my eyes awful feeling they ate a hole in my retina and put a wrinkle in my macula, a hole in my contact ate index finger to the 1st knuckle, middle and ring finger to bottom of nail and still going just started on index finger of left hand and going, has ate all my big toenails, filled my right ear looks like a ball. they are all over my body, I'm always in the shower or bathroom washing somewhere. they circle legs, arms, toes, fingers, mid section, breast, clitoris. at times they squeeze.... it's very painful. sometimes it squeeze's my neck so tight I have to push my knuckled fist into my neck to break them up so I can breathe. I figure I have had them for about 10 years. the doctors say I'm , imagining, delusional and on and on lost count of the amount of many Dr.'s I've seen. found one that would give me a 3 month supply of Ivermectin but I think I need more then just that I need cream for skin. Ivermectin does not kill adults, so they make more babies and I'll never get rid of them. Know telling what it is doing to my insides!

Sep 12, 2015
parasites NEW
by: nancy johnson

I've had the same thing that happpes to me, it doesn't bother Me, during the day, there's a small hole, which looks like just a crack, in my skin, try soaking it in some Epsom salt water, hot as tolarable, do it every night, that's what I'm doing, my doing better, keep in touchtouch. My name Nancy Johnson
Lonelyhearts181@gmail. Co.

Mar 11, 2011
burrowing pests
by: billy ( UK )

I've been told that parphin if you use as if you were having a strip wash all over the body' leave for two hrs then take a bath or shower. Failing that take a shower/bath use LYCLEAR CREAM use put all over body head between the toes the fingers and dont was for a week then in the 7 days if your fingers get wet aply some more

Aug 23, 2010
Tiny Black Worms
by: Angie

I don't know where you are getting these tiny black worms either. Have you tried saving some and taking them in for examination to a local agriculture center or anything? That may help you get answers as to the "what" it is question.

What are you doing to try to relive yourself of them? Have you tried soaking in a bath with organic apple cider vinegar in the water or maybe tea tree oil in the water? That may help.

I would suggest using Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend as they are both good quality cleanses that are safe and natural.

You may also want to try eating plenty of garlic. It may sound strange, but garlic is a natural anti-fungal and anti-parasitic and you may be able able to make your body an "unfriendly" environment by consuming garlic regularly.

Hope that helps some!

Aug 22, 2010
What do I have
by: Anonymous

For some time now I have been getting these tiny tiny worm like things on my neck back legs, they are black, first they oose a liquid then as they burrow in and attach with their teeth it is very painful, then it starts to itch. This continues until I try and dig them out. I don't know where I am getting them from. My doctor has done several biopsies and has found nothing.
I'm at a loss and getting eaten up. Please help if you can

Jul 21, 2010
Answer to is it borrowing skin parasite? A Lolution for happy feet here.
by: Anonymous

Hi, burrowing skin parasite. According to your symptoms it is unlikely.

Your symptom match atlete foot. If it does not hurt, it will. So to be on the safe side try Canesten cream on clean and dry feet. Wear sox over it at all time. Canesten works. It should eliminate this within a few days. Canesten does not hurt and it does kill fungi who are responsible for this sort of thing.

Happy feet to you.

Mar 02, 2010
Very possibly a parasite
by: Dan

I had something on my shin that a doctor called a boil. I was worried it might be MRSA but the doctor treated it with antibiotics which did nothing. It had a hole in the center which did not close and it was raised, swolen, and hard. It would cause pain at night like a burning. I squeezed it at times and a dark liquid often came out but as I continued the liquid would become clear. The doctor told me to soak it in hot water with peroxide. This night after I soaked it I squeezed it and what looked like puss came out when I applied pressure but when I released pressure it receaded back into the skin so I squeezed harder and took hold of what came out and pulled it. A larval type wormy thing came out. It was dead. I had been traveling in Beliz about the time I got it and they say Howler Monkeys get a parasite like this and they can get quite a few of them that swell up. So, if it feels hard and is raised some you might have this parasite.

Aug 17, 2009
A Soft Corn
by: David

Hi David,

Thanks so much for your update. So glad to hear it wasn't a burrowing skin parasite after all. They can sometimes be difficult to identify and get rid of them.

If you did end up buying that Indian Neem oil, hang on to it. It may come in handy down the road. :) You're bound to get some type of skin rash or irritation that you can use it on. It's a good natural antibacterial and anti-parasitic oil.

So, it WAS a soft corn. I wondered if that might be it, but I have to admit I'm surprised that it didn't hurt you more during the day when you were actually on your feet. Did the Dr. mention whether or not that was normal? I'd be interested in knowing that, too.

I wonder if the pressure was, in fact, protecting you from the pain and then the relaxation of the legs at night allowed the pain to break through. Very interesting.

Well, I'm so pleased that you are all better, and equally pleased that you remembered to let me know. I've gotten in the habit of praying for my site visitors that the Lord would help them find healing for their troubles, whether from a natural remedy, a wise doctor's advice, or just His kind mercy and grace.

Thanks for taking a few minutes to keep me posted and letting me know a prayer has been answered. Grin.

By the way, to satisfy your own curiosity, I did answer Kim's question as best I could on another page where you she posted it. ;) Thanks for replying to her, too.

To your continued good health!

Aug 16, 2009
Reply to Kim
by: Anonymous

This is a reply to Kim who asked me a question about sores possibly caused by parasites. I'm sorry I've taken so long to reply. Kim I really don't know anything about the subject, that's why I was asking a question of my own to All About Parasites. I'm sorry I can't help you. I would suggest you ask your question to All About Parasites, unless maybe you have already received a reply. I hope all goes well.

Aug 16, 2009
Update on burrowing parasite question
by: David

Hi Angie,

I'm sorry I've taken so long to come back with an update, after my 'burrowing skin parasite' question of a while back.

One of the first things that you suggested it might be was not a parasite but rather a soft corn. I consulteed a podiatrist and he was sure that that's what it was. It was between the 4th and 5th toes which according to him is where soft corns occur quite often, since moisture is trapped between those toes which prevents the soft corn from healing.

I had thought of the possibility of a parasite because of the nature of the sore, a kind of small open ulcer with a raised whitish ridge around it that made me wonder if something were burrowing under the skin. But apparently a soft corn is often an open ulcer of this sort, as the moisture causes the skin of the corn to break down, if I correctly understood. Does that sound right to you?

The doctor's advice was to try to keep it dry; he prescribed a kind of toe separator, and told me that by keeping it aired and dry as much as possible it would eventually heal.

And now it is almost completely gone, but it took a long time and at first I was still wondering, as I had still had pain in my toe at nights.

Thanks a lot for your help Angie, you guessed it right from the beginning.

Jul 16, 2009
by: KIM

Dear David,
My friend and I have been suffering for quite some time with deep painful sores that only seem to be relieved by using insecticides.

We have both consulted doctors who refuse to believe that the cause could be some sort of parasite.

In fact, rather than treat us for this they have chosen to put us both into the mental health system. I have requested a deep skin biopsy which has been refused. Is there an independent microbiology lab who would do a biopsy on us?

Although our friends find this amusing this is potentially very serious and increasingly hard for us to cope with.


May 03, 2009
Indian Neem Oil
by: Angie

Hi David,

Thanks for your kind words about the website. That means a lot to me. Also, I'm very happy to hear that I have been of some small help to you.

I hope you'll remember to come back and let me know if the Indian Neem Oil does the trick or not in your particular case.

I really enjoy hearing success stories from people, whether it was something I recommended or some other remedy they learned of and applied with success.


May 03, 2009
Thanks very much for your helpful reply!
by: David

Hello Angie,

At the end of your reply to my question you apologize for not being able to be more specific, but really you have offered me a very thoughtful, careful and excellent reply. Neither of us know for sure whether I have a parasite or another unrelated condition but you have given me some highly relevant information to consider and some specific treatment suggestions.

I think I will start by trying topical applications of the Indian Neem oil, I will order from Mountain Rose Herbs as you have suggested.

I really appreciate your prompt and conscientious reply, and it seems to me that you are doing very good work and being very helpful to others. Also I think your website is excellent.

Thank you Angie,

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