Abdominal Pressure

by Jim
(Queens, NY)

Right Side Abdominal Pressure When Sitting

Right Side Abdominal Pressure When Sitting

I was wondering if you could help me? I have right upper abdominal pressure while sitting down.

The area affected is right side mid section of my body, slightly above my waist on the right side.

It's not pain, just pressure always felt when I sit down, especially while sitting and leaning forward or to the right, and sometimes when standing.

Had many exams and doctor says he thinks its muscle skeletal?

Would you please advise?
Thank You.


Hi Jim,

Keep in mind the fact that I'm not a doctor, so I can't really "advise" you as requested, but I can share my thoughts and considerations with you and give you ideas of what I would do if I or someone close to me were in your shoes. Deal?

First of all, it's good that you've seen at least one doctor and ruled out some of the obvious concerns with your exams and test. There's always the concern of problems with the appendix or a tumor or some such growth.

If those things are ruled out, it's a good idea to consider something lodged in the colon that is causing the pressure.

It is not uncommon for people to have old, partially digested food waste lining the walls of their intestinal tract. This
is particularly true of people who have a sluggish bowel.

How regular are your bowel motions? Do you have a good healthy bowel motion at least once per day? Any troubles with constipation or diarrhea?

My first instinct would be to give myself a good digestive cleanse using natural herbs and fiber. I generally do this annually anyway using Herbal Fiberblend as it is a good way to keep the body detoxified and keep the immune system strong.

If there is something, whether a parasite infestation or old fecal matter lodged in your intestines that is causing this pressure, a good cleanse should gently dislodge the matter or kill of and eliminate the parasites.

That's what I'd do. :) I'd also boost my immune system further by taking probiotics (good bacteria) and some whole food supplements like Leaf Greens or Barley Life. In fact, that's exactly what I DO use regularly! ;)

Those are my best suggestions. It's not a guarantee fix, but it's a good simple solution that may well do the trick for you. Besides, it can only improve your overall health to detox and boost your immune system.

Angie from allaboutparasites.com

P.S. Should you decide to try my personal protocol, you can order them here and I'll be sure you get my discount.

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