Gastro Intestinal Parasite

A gastro intestinal parasite is a parasite worm that populates the gastro intestinal tract. Incredible as it may sound, an internal parasite can live within the intestines for years without causing any symptoms.

Some parasites symptoms, however, are blamed on other conditions, making it difficult to tell whether or not there is a parasite infection.

The major groups of parasites include protozoans (organisms having only one cell) and parasite worms (multi-celled organisms). Each of these parasites can infect the digestive tract, and sometimes two or more can cause infection at the same time.

“Intestinal infections have been described as constituting the greatest single worldwide cause of illness and disease. Numerous studies have shown that the incidence of intestinal parasites may approach 99% in developing countries. And in the United States, intestinal infections are the third-leading cause of illness and disease.” Jon Kaiser, Physician.

Although many of us have grown up with modern sanitary conveniences, parasitic infections are still more common than we actually think.

How could I become infected by a Gastro Intestinal Parasite?

Ingestion is the most common way to become infected by a parasite. A parasite worm can get into the intestines through the mouth from uncooked or unwashed food, contaminated water, or hands, or by skin contact with larva infected soil. When the organisms are swallowed, they move into the intestine, where they can reproduce and cause disease.

People can also become infected with certain types of intestinal parasites through intimate contact. 

The most common parasite symptom relates to parasites of the gastro intestinal tract. Symptoms of intestinal parasites include constipation, diarrhea, gas and bloating. Others warning signs show up asirritable bowel syndromejoint and muscle aches, anemia, allergies, skin conditions, tumors, nervousness, sleep disorders, teeth grinding, chronic fatigue, and immune dysfunction.

digestive system

The next time you have a stomach ache, just consider whether or not you may have a gastro intestinal parasite. If you are in any doubt, it is wise to take precautionary measures. A natural colon cleansing formula, like Herbal Fiberblend (that's what I use) will kill the intestinal parasite, and safely eliminate it from your intestines.

To your good health!

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