I need a documentation reference please.

by Carrie

"Intestinal infections have been described as constituting the greatest single worldwide cause of illness and disease. Numerous studies have shown that the incidence of intestinal parasites may approach 99% in developing countries. And in the United States, intestinal infections are the third-leading cause of illness and disease." Jon Kaiser, Physician.

Could you please give me the reference for this quote. I believe it, but I am dealing with a physician that I need to document for.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Hi Carrie,

That quote is found on Dr. Kaiser's website in one of his pdf documents available there. Here's the link you can copy and paste it into your browser http://www.integrativehealthconsulting.com/educate/downloads/Intestinal_Parasites_6-05.pdf.

I'm not sure where he is sourcing the information from. Perhaps you can ask them there.

Hope that helps.

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Jan 28, 2012
Dr. John Kaiser's Quote NEW
by: Angie

Hi Carrie,

I was just wondering if you were ever able to get anywhere with the doctor you were working with when you asked for further documentation reference on Dr. John Kaiser's quote about intestinal parasites.

Were you able to print out the material in question and show it to the MD you were dealing with? Did it make any difference in how they felt or treated you?

I sure hope that you have been able to get your health concerns sorted out and that you are no longer having digestive issues.

I'd really be interested in hearing a follow up from you if you get a chance.

Kindest regards,

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