Attacked by Cattle Lice

by Mohammed Sadek
(Dhaka, Bangladesh)

Attacked by Cattle Lice

Attacked by Cattle Lice

Few months back, I went to my village. I found (maybe after 5/6 hours) that a white small parasite (most probably cattle lice) on my chest sucking blood.

I tried to pull it out. After trying several time, I succeed to pull it out. But within few days the infected area became like a tumor.

I have changed three doctors and nobody is able to cure it up.

Please advise if you have any suggestion.

Hi Mohammed,

I'm sorry to hear of your infection. Can you tell me a bit more about it?

What did the doctors say they thought it was?
What have they already tried for treatment?
How big is the area/tumor?

Sometimes it is difficult to know what to recommend to you, since I don't really know what you have available in your country and, of course, if it was cattle lice, a tick, or some other type of parasite.

I usually recommend Para 90 for an internal treatment because it has a wide range of anti-parasitic herbs that cover many different parasites.

I also recommend building up the immune system to help your body fight against the parasite infection and enable the body to heal. Good probiotics like Forafood or something equivalent will help as well as something with strong nutrition like Barley Life or Leaf Greens.

Topically, what have you tried putting on the infected area? Damp tea leaves (wet tea bag) can be used to place on the sore and draw out some of the infection.

If you can purchase Neem oil in your area, that is a good topical treatment for a number of skin parasites.

If you'd like to try to give me more details, I'll try to provide more helpful suggestions.

To your good health!
Angie from

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