Bowel Problems and Now Rotten Eggs Smell

by Tracy Chort
(Kitchener, Ont, Canada)

My daughter is 4 years old. She has had problems with her bowels since she was born. She will go days or weeks without having a bowel movement.

She has been on all kinds of medication to make her go, but nobody seems to be able to help her fix ths problem. Now the doctor has her on a laxitive to force her to go because her bowels are streched so they tell me.

And now just yesterday she started burpng up a rotten egg smell. I am really concerned for her and nobody seems to want to fix the problem right it seems.

She has not really been diagnosed with anything except that she is constipated. I am very fearful for her health. She is 4 and is not even potty trained yet and believe me it is not because we have not tried.

Last summer she started to tell us she had to go pee but that ended very fast now she says nothing and it is like she never knows that she goes until I say something.

Please if there is any suggestions I would really use the help.

Thank you,

Hi Tracy,

I'm sorry to hear about your daughter's bowel problems and now rotten eggs smell burps. You are right in being concerned.

It is really important that you are able to deal with her bowel problems as soon as possible because poor bowel health results in a number of long term health issues.

The rotten eggs smell of the burps is just another symptom of improper digestion and elimination.

It's really hard dealing with children and bowel issues sometimes because it can be a struggle to get them to eat and drink what is best for them.

First of all, try to get your daughter to drink plenty of water. Constipation in children can often be the result of dehydration of the bowel.

Secondly, laxatives are a very poor solution to chronic constipation. They are a short term solution that do NOT fix the problem but only deal with the symptoms on a temporary basis.

Because of the severity of your daughter's bowel problems and the length of time she has had them, I would recommend that you consider trying a natural herbal formula called Herbal Fiberblend.

Fiber is essential in getting the bowels functioning properly. Herbal Fiberblend is a combination of psyllium fiber and a variety of cleansing herbs that will help to make it very easy for your daughter to go to the bathroom.

Many times when children (and adults for that matter) suffer from constipation, the pain they've experienced from going makes them avoid going as long as possible. This only makes matters worse because the food that they are consuming sits in the intestines and rots, creating a host of toxins that affect overall health.

I do warn you that Herbal Fiberblend does not
taste pleasant. It is usually taken mixed with water or juice, but if you can't get your toddler to drink that, try mixing it with some mashed banana or applesauce or something else that she likes.

Start out with just a 1/2 teaspoon once or twice per day to allow her body to adjust. You can eventually go up to a tsp. or so if necessary.

The other product I would suggest is Florafood. Florafood is a combination of three probiotics that will work along with the Herbal Fiberblend to help her digestive system to work more efficiently. Probiotics are good bacteria that boost the immune system and enable the body to fight off infections, parasites, etc.

With the various medications she has taken, I feel quite confident in saying that her immune system has more than likely been compromised as a result and would benefit greatly by this boost.

Florafood comes in capsules, but you can easily pull them apart and sprinkle the probiotic in her cereal, yogurt, or other food or drink. Just getting it in her is the goal. :-)

Finally, the good Omega oils are very helpful in promoting bowel health and regularity naturally. AIMega is an option for those who can swallow softgels, or (again) you can poke them and squeeze the contents into something she WILL eat.

Alternatively, you can try sprinkling Salba grain on her breakfast each morning. This is another natural form of essential oils that is very easy to take since it is virtually tasteless. My family has used it (along with the others I've mentioned) to very good success.

Don't despair. You CAN help your daughter get through this and be a healthier child as a result. It will take some motivation and consistency on your part, but it certainly sounds like you have the determination.

Good quality nutrition is first and foremost when dealing with health issues. When things go wrong in our body, it takes some good common sense action to deal with it, more often than not.

Doctors are a blessing at times, but sadly they are generally taught to deal in sickness rather than in health. I believe that by giving your body what it needs to function properly, it will do the hard work of fixing what is wrong or out of balance.

I try to look for a natural solution to the cause of any health problem before resorting to an unatural treatment of a symptom that only usually ends up hiding or masking a problem and allowing it to grow worse.

Those products I mentioned earlier are the first steps I would take in getting your daughter's bowels working properly again. After that, I would consider making whole food supplements a part of your every day life to help insure they stay working properly for the long term.

If I can be of further help, please let me know.

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Bowel Problems and Now Rotten Eggs Smell
by: Anonymous

both my sons suffered from constipation when they were younger. However, they did grow out of it. I can still tell when they need to go to the toilet because of the bad smelling breath; it;s normally on the way to school and it's too late to 'go' and then i get called out from work, because they won't use school toilets!. Hopefully your daughter will grow out of it like my boys did (majority of the time they're ok, though no.2 still struggles from time to time). They're 10 and 12 now and they regulate themselves, but we had so many probelms when they were younger . Doctors say lots of water and i was prescribed senna and lactulose (neither seemed to gave instant relief for my boys). Good luck

Dr schulzes products NEW
by: Roxanne
Dr.Schulze has a number of amazing products. Stuff for kids too.

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