Bug Crawling Under My Skin

by Donna
(Truro, NS)

I saw a bug crawling under my skin up at the back of my leg near the knee.

I did not feel it. I fell and twisted my ankle. When I pulled up my pant leg, I saw something crawling under my skin.

My husband saw it as well. We dug it out with our fingernails, I think. There was a small black spec still there.

My doctor thinks I am crazy. I am a medical secretary...my husband saw it as well and helped me get it out..I hope.....It was small round about the size of the C in the Title Your Question and Comment line in this article.

I have been to Mexico recently, but I had also been to a place that sells used clothes and tried on a pair of pants. What could this be?

Hi Donna,

Very interesting. I don't know what this unusual bug crawling under your skin would be, particularly since you didn't feel anything, didn't get a rash, an itch, etc., like is usually the case for bugs under the skin like scabies and hookworm.

Yes, you could have picked something up in Mexico or at the second hand clothing shop. It's difficult to pin-point.

Do you seem to be having any unusual symptoms since you and your husband removed this bug from your skin?

If you seem normal otherwise, you may very well have got it and won't be troubled further.

It's always a good idea to give the body some additional support at times like these to help it deal with any toxins left in the system. I'd suggest using these three nutritional supplements as a supportive and preventive measure -

If you are still concerned that you have parasites in your body and you want to try to cleanse them out of the body naturally, I'd use Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend.

Hope you have no lasting effects of this unpleasant experience. Sorry to hear the doctor treated you so unkindly.

To your good health!

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