Bugs At The Beach

by Nick Colmen
(West Palm Beach, Florida)

I have a question about bugs at the beach that got in my skin.

Well, I went to the beach with friends today. Everything was fine. Then all of a sudden I saw 2 blackish red bumps.

I said, "What the hell?" and scratched it till something popped in my hand. It was this almost weird looking thing. It looked like a flea.

It had 2 antennae or something like that. It was dry and looked like it was balled up. It wasn't moving.

The second one looked like the other but skinny. These didn't look like any ticks I've seen. They were a silver color, and I did have bug spray on. About 10 minutes after I sprayed that on, that's when I noticed them.

I live in Florida and just wanted to know if anyone has had this happen to them or seen these bugs at the beach.

Sadly, I didn't keep one because the wind was strong and blew them away. Is there anything I need to worry about, such as eggs or what not?

I've had a lot of parasites and I might still suffer from some (not being paranoid) but I'm still itchy in places for no reason, and my muscles are twitching and body parts fall asleep at times. I also see little white circles in my right eye as well as a squiggly line that seems to move.

I also suffer from this weird reoccurring bump on my leg that gets about the size of a penny it comes and goes in the SAME EXACT SPOT then goes away in about an hour.

I'm changing health plans in hopes to see a different doctor since the old one was no help.

The twitching and
all that could be something different. It happened after I got in a fight with some kid, and he hit me in my eye.

Thank you and hope someone can shed some light on what these things were. I'll go to the doc, but I want to have some explanation of this before I go.

Hi Nick,

Had you been in the water prior to finding the bugs at the beach in your skin? I'm wondering if it is something that attached themselves to you while you were in the ocean.

Hopefully someone else from Florida will be able to recognize the bugs from your description and share some of their own experiences with these bugs at the beach.

As for your other concerns regarding parasites. It's not really paranoid to think you may have parasites in your system, believe me. People tend to be more naive than paranoid, unfortunately.

It sounds to me like you need a good internal cleanse. I'd get a couple of bottles of Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend and give your system a good natural clean out.

If you continue to have trouble with the eye where you were punched, I would definitely get it checked to see if you have any internal damage there.

Yes, the twitching and little squiggly things can be the result of parasites, but if you've only started experiencing it since the fight, it's worth checking out. Eye damage shouldn't be left unattended. If you can manage to see an ophthalmologist it would be a good idea.

Let us know if you find out anything further. Maybe someone else will offer up some thoughts or ID on these bugs at the beach, too.

To your good health!

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Aug 18, 2010
Sand Ants
by: Anonymous

Hi, I was at the beach recently and got bitten by sand ants. Unfortunately It didn't start itching until maybe 10 mins after. Now 5 days later, it still itches like crazy, even after using hydrocortisone itch cream, and a bunch of semi small red bumps have appeared since then. I don't know if anyone has had this experience, but I need some insight,so as to know how to deal with this seemingly so-far harmless break-out.

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