Can cleaning your colon help your hair grow?

by Lynetta Shelvin
(Katy, Texas, USA)

I have a somewhat unusual question. Can cleaning your colon help your hair grow?

I have been having trouble with my hair growing lately and was wondering if a colon cleanse would make a difference.

Hi Lynetta,

I'll be completely honest with you and admit that I've never before really thought about the correlation between colon cleansing and hair growth.

So now I will think about it. :) Can cleaning your colon help your hair grow? I would have to say it is quite possible that a good colon cleanse would result in better hair growth.

Why? The reason I would say "Yes" is because of the overall benefits and results of colon cleansing. When you remove the built up fecal matter and toxins from your intestinal lining, your entire body is able to function more efficiently.

Most of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrition that your body absorbs is through the intestinal walls. The better your digestive system is working the more absorption you have.

The more nutrition your body is able to get out of the food you eat and the vitamins you take, the healthier your body will be overall.

The first time I did a colon cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend I didn't really have any particular health issue I was concerned about - constipation, bloating, poor digestion, arthritis, irritable bowel, etc.

I simply figured it
was about time I gave my pipes a good clean (I was turning 40)! I was very pleased with the results I received. I removed a nasty amount of matter, and people were commenting to me about how good I looked (my skin/complexion had improved), and I felt much more energetic, etc.

I have no idea what may be the underlying or root cause of your slow hair growth lately. That's the real issue, of course. It may even be hormonal. If that's a possibility (more likely if you're 35+), you should also consider the use of natural progesterone cream, like Renewed Balance.

But still, it certainly makes sense to me that cleaning your colon would give your body that extra boost it needs to help figure out what the problem is and fix it.

Our bodies are pretty good about righting themselves if they get the help and support they need nutritionally.

Does that help at all? I hope so. If you decide to do a colon cleanse, I highly recommend a 3 month intestinal cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend.

If you do cleanse, try to remember to come back here and let us know if you notice a difference in your hair growth. You can use the comment link and add the update right to this page. :)

To your good health!

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