Can Parasites Be Passed To Pets?

by Nancy

Can You Get Parasites FROM Pets And Can Parasites Be Passed TO Pets?

Can You Get Parasites FROM Pets And Can Parasites Be Passed TO Pets?

My toy poodle sleeps with me. If I have parasites, can I pass them to her?

I spent a month in Africa (3 days in the bush) on a medical mission trip. I did not take the Mebendazole they gave us to take upon return as my physician told me not to.

He had a stool sample checked for parasites and I had none. Two months later I developed a rash on my upper body and arms, experienced abdominal upset and cramps.

The rash has continued for 2 months. Two physicians have checked out my 2 prescriptions and stated they are not the cause of the rash.

I have researched in medical books and the internet and found that parasites can cause a rash.

Upon emailing a physician whom I worked with in Africa, she said I could have parasites and to take the Mebendazole now if I still have it. I started it today.

Could my 8 yr. old poodle get parasites from me? A week ago I took her fecal sample to my vet in conjunction with a yearly checkup (no symptoms) and found she had worms.

Did she get them from me? Did I get them from her? How easily can I pass them on to someone I see casually?

Thanks for your help,

Hi Nancy,

First of all, let me say how great I think it is that you were able to go on a medical missionary trip. I hope you were blessed by the trip and were able to be a great blessing to the people there.

My husband and I serve as missionaries in Australia, so I always enjoy hearing about the work others are doing, too.

Okay, now to your questions. :-)

Yes, it is very likely that you have picked up parasites. What most people don't realize in the US is that you don't have to visit Africa to get a parasite infection. It is extremely common, but passed off as any number of other problems because of similarities in symptoms.

Unfortunately, parasites can not always be detected in a single stool sample. Some people have to be tested several times before parasites are finally present in the stool. It's a rather hit and miss testing procedure.

Personally, I think it's good that your doctor discouraged you from taking the Mebendazole right away. I wish he would have recommended a safe natural herbal cleanse that would have rid you of any parasites and not harmed you in any way at all.

Other missionaries I know treat themselves and their families regularly with a natural parasite cleanse to help keep the family healthy.

Unfortunately, not all doctors are educated regarding the natural healing power of herbs. It's a real shame since we can avoid having to use a great many of the synthetic pharmaceutical drugs if we use natural
remedies first.

For your personal information, and for anyone else who comes upon this page looking for answers, a wonderful safe natural cleanse for a wide range of parasitic infections is Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90.

Herbal Fiberblend is a combination of psyllium fiber and 17 different herbs. It is in a powder form that you mix with water or juice and take twice a day. It cleanses the intestinal tract in a very thorough way without any damaging side effects.

In fact, HFB can improve your overall health, whether you have known parasites or not.

Para 90 comes in capsule form and contains antiparasitic and antifungal herbs as well (some different than the HFB). It covers a wider range of parasites and works well in conjunction with the cleansing power of the HFB.

As far as passing the parasites to your dog and vice versa, the answer is a resounding yes! Particularly since your dog has worms.

Some parasites can be highly contagious. Worms are some of them. You don't know which one(s) you have, so assume that yours are able to be passed as well as the ones your dog has.

I know it's a lot to ask, but you really should keep the dog out of your bed for awhile, and off of other furniture where you also sit. You don't want to keep passing them back and forth between you.

Wash your sheets in hot water frequently, and be very careful to wash your hands thoroughly every time you pet the dog and every time you use the bathroom.

If you do that, you aren't likely to pass them to other people. So don't let that worry you too much.

Let me make one final suggestion. Because your immune system has been compromised by the parasites, you really need to support it as much as possible so that it can fight off the parasites and heal the symptoms of the rash and stomach problems.

Florafood is a combination of probiotics (acidophilus, longum, and bifidum) that are good bacteria that are necessary for your intestinal health.

Leaf Greens is a whole food supplement powder that is rich in nutrition that your body needs to build healthy cells. It is actually freshly juiced and dried young green barley grass, spinach, faba bean, and field pea.

Among other damage, parasites can leach the iron out of your system. One of the minerals that Leaf Greens is full of is, of course, iron. This is something you should consider, even if you only decide to do use it short term rather than as a long term addition to your diet, like I do.

I hope this information has been helpful to you. Please feel free to ask further questions if you need to. I'll do my best to help.

To your good health!
Angie from All About Parasites

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