Can you help me find an answer to parasite problem?

by D

Can you help me find an answer to parasite problem? About 3 and a half years ago something bit me on my neck.

About 2 weeks later, my hair started to get very kinky like pubic hair. I also found these white hair-like things and white balls of what looked like lint in my hair accompanied by extreme itching.

A couple of months later, my rectum also started intensely itching as well as feeling very sticky no matter how much I washed.

I heard that if you have parasites they will come out of your rectum onto a piece of tape, and, sure enough, when I did this the tape was covered with these same white hairs and "balls of lint."

Now some of these hairs were red or black and in the nucleus of these lint balls. These white hairs actually move on their own when you hold them up to the light and they reach out and grab onto anything, particularly hair.

They seem like they try to actually sew my hair together, as I find these white hairs wrapped around my hair, tangling it up so much many times I have to cut huge tangled knots out of my hair completely.

In addition, many of the individual hairs are tied in literal knots.

These parasites, if that's what they are, seem to feed on my hair, drawing the nutrients out of each strand and transforming it into a kinky, hard and as dry as straw.

I've lost more than half of my once gorgeous hair to this bug or parasite or fungus, and it's also made me very physically weak.

As I said these sometimes huge balls of lint come out of my rectum daily. In addition many times, I'll see a black insect which seems to fly out of my hair if I disturb it.

I've been to many traditional American doctors and they just act like it's all in my imagination. Only 2 Chinese doctors told me that they thought I had parasites.

These things have made me so weak I'm barely able to get out of the house anymore.

Oh one other odd thing, when I wash my hair, if some of the water happens to go in my mouth, it's very salty, no matter what shampoo or conditioner I'm using. That's what makes me think that somehow these things are sucking the nutrients out of my hair.

Can you help me? I hope you can. I don't know what else to do. Thank you for
taking the time to read my letter.

Sincerely, D.

Dear D,

I very much want to help you. It definitely sounds like you have parasites, but I can't honestly tell you what specific parasite you are dealing with.

This issue with your hair is really unusual in my experience. Others have approached me with concerns about colored hairs coming out of their skin, but the rest of their symptoms are quite different from yours.

I would highly recommend a very thorough detoxifying and rebuilding program for you - to cleanse your body of parasites and strengthen and support your immune system so that you can regain your strength and health.

Here's what I suggest:

The Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90 can be taken together if you like. Take the other supplements at least 1 hour away from the HFB.

The Florafood and AIMega can be taken together and with meals to get the most benefit.

The Barley Life is best taken on an empty stomach. You can mix it in water or juice, or you can combine it with the other 2 powders in the Garden Trio, if you'd like the added benefit of the nutritional support from those whole food supplements.

Since you have been dealing with this parasite problem for over 3 years, please don't expect it to be gone in days. It will most likely take several weeks minimum, and possibly several months to complete cleanse and rebuild your system.

You'll only need to take the Para 90 for the first month (1-3 bottles, as desired). I would continue with the others for as long as necessary.

There are other supplements I could recommend that may also help, but I don't want to overwhelm you right off the bat. :) These should be a great start for you, and you can gauge your progress as you go along. They may be all you need.

If you decide to try this protocol, you can order the supplements here and I will follow up with you to help you coordinate a schedule for using them to your best advantage.

As for your hair, I don't know what hair care products you are currently using, but you may want to consider switching to the Miessence certified organic hair care range.

Please let me know if I can be of further help. I hope and pray that you are parasite free and feeling well again soon.

To your good health!

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Aug 23, 2018
I have this NEW
by: Jennifer

It is s fungus guys, and it does live inside of the hair shaft, AND under the skin. I've been diagnosed,,, cultures don't work. Lab test you need:: direct microscopic examination of the hair, for hyphae. Good luck!

Aug 23, 2018
I have the answer NEW
by: Jennifer

I have this, and yes, black bugs will be in the mix, but they are not the cause. It is a fungus! A filimantous fungus- meaning,, it will look like: lint, lint balls, etc. It lives inside of your hair shafts, is rare, and very hard to get rid of. The tests are hard to get, also. You must insist upon correct test, c or, can the ones that street usually ordered will come out negative. (** Note:: FUNGUS infections ARE a skin parasite! They are alive, and will' move'. Look at your hair under magnifying glass with flashlight,, see the tiny lint things on your hair? See how the hair looks like Morse code inside? Those after all Hyphae and endothrix. Look it up. Insist on a hair strand magnification to observe hyphae. Scalp scraping culture does not work. Good luck. Google all things fungus, it all helps,, but, only cure is oral fungicide meds RX.

Dec 08, 2017
this helps
by: Q

Buy 1 Gal. Bacteria and Enzyme Restroom Cleaner, rinse with it after scrubbing with a good body scrubber or scrub with it. dont get it in your eyes though.

Dec 02, 2017
by: Amy

Ryan, I would really like to speak with you about your experience. I'm suffering and finding it to be a spiritual/physical condition as well. I'd like to be able to somehow message you privately so we could discuss more in detail.

Nov 30, 2017
Any update?
by: Kel

Danny did you ever find out what it is? I’m having the same hair problems and don’t know what to do.

Jul 26, 2017
They are bugs
by: Danny smith

I have had the same problem for 9 years now. In the beganning I thought it was spiritual problem because my doctor told me there was nothing in my hair, even though my scalp was itchy and it felt like something was crawling around constantly. My symptoms are an itchy scalp, tingling scalp, I get sticky trails in my hair, I have bald spots, and I feel like there are lil bugs crawling all over my body. They are little black specs. They are also lil hairs too that seem to move on there own. Oh and they tangle my hair pretty bad. Shaving my head and everywhere on my whole body didn't work. The thing that works the best is a mite/lice killer spray I got from Home Depot. I sprayed my whole body and there were lil black dead specs everywhere. It kills a lot of them but not all of them because I think they are living under my skin. I think it might be Scabies. Scabies is a mite. It's definitely a parasite. I'm gonna ask my doctor about scabies treatments soon. Good luck to you and god bless. Remember if you can feel it and see it then you can kill it, don't give up

Feb 03, 2017
Get treated
by: Mel

I had the same experience as everyone here. I won't go into detail because it matches all the commenters. You are living in an environment that has mold / mildew / water damage / sick building. You have to move. If you have tried this without success you have to understand that you have to move without your belongings. If you have done both moved and taken nothing and your still sick, another building you go in is causing you to bring mycotoxins home and cross contaminate your new environment. If you moved, mold testing will be negative since you are now exposed to mycotoxins and not the mold anymore. Toxicology. Mycotoxins are like heavy metals but stronger. You can not move on to removing it from your body until you find the source and change the environment. After you have done that completely, start taking glutathione, N-Actyl, a probiotic, and lots of vitamin D. Take these religiously and don't miss doses. ßpray odoban in your new environment (works really good to keep air clean) use a air purifier (not humidifier) and clean your air very good. Clean clothes in regular detergent and cleaning type vinegar. Don't cross contaminate your new environment because of your car. Clean it very well. Odoban or essential oils and vinegar. You can put medicated powder and fungal sprays on your skin and bedding. We almost died from this. My child almost lost his life. The most important thing you can do is move or get out of the environment and don't take anything with you. You can not salvage anything, you will bring the problem with you ( I made this mistake and it cost me thousands). If you take things then you might as well stay in the sick environment. Hope you feel better. I had every symptom almost described by every commenter. It's real. It's a killer. It's mold / mildew exposure and the mycotoxins present in your environment and on all your beloved possessions and also your child's lungs and within your body multiplying day after day. Good luck!

Jan 12, 2017
Sticky film, lint balls, and slime trails...great.
by: Nightmare

I have the exact same symptoms as the original poster described; strange "whitish/clear hairs" that turn into slug like things when wet, intense itching, and of course the mysterious lint balls everywhere—floor, hair, mirror, car—when I experience the strange biting sensation and check what it is, I pull one of these lint balls out. However, I dissected them, poured alcohol and peroxide over it and have never seen anything that moved even remotely, thus am still thinking that's it's fungus/mold related.
My hair and body feels as if covered in thousands of spider webs and my freshly washed and dried clothes are also covered with hundreds of similar sized white lint balls.
A few even stranger symptoms are: body, especially scalp and face is covered with an extremly sticky film that turns the skin into a wrinkled and tight mess and can't be washed off. I find many "slime trails" on my hard floors and the culprit are the lint balls that seem to have the ability to melt into whatever surface they want. I thought it was white piedra, had a mold inspection, and kept samples, yet I'm constantly questioning the exact cause. Naturally, I haven't found answers from my doctors and would be super grateful if somebody could figure this nightmare out.

Jan 08, 2017
Morgellons Disease
by: Judy

Look up Morgellons Disease then try bathing in vinegar and baking soda.Rinse over and over. Drink raw vinegar. inSEam

Dec 26, 2016
It's not what you think it is
by: Ryan

This is a spiritual issue.. the problem goes way deeper than most will ever realize.. I am not a conspiracist.. I'm a therapist and business owner. The bacteria found, agrobacterium is a bovine issue.. normally.. you're getting part of this from eating gmo foods.. most people effected also have the bacteria that causes Lyme disease.. get a microscope.. you'll see this is part bug and part fungus.. and part technology. It is also coming from the air.. the good folks at Cambridge now have created something called an atmotube that detects many different variables in the environment.. and reports it through an app on your phone.. we are being poisoned.. in every possible way.. it makes the body toxic and fungal.. and mites and other predators will be attracted to it. This thing really is a demon. The only solution is to remove your body as a potential host.. by maintaining a healthy ph balance (slightly alkaline).. might be time to dedicate some time to your relationship with God.. however you may define that..

I can promise you, if you keep looking for a worldly explanation you will go down 1000 rabbit holes and feel more crazy and hopeless than you did.. from the inside out is the only way to beat it.. stress makes the body more acidic.. so do whatever you can to try to keep calm.. because this devil loves an acidic host to attack.. the answer is not of this world.. it will force you to raise the frequency of your physical/emotional and spiritual being.. some of you may wish to continue to run in cirlcles looking for an explanation that you could tell your doctor about.. there is NONE.. the minute you start looking at your diet, your relationships (forgiveness) and your relationship with your divinity the sooner you will be on your way to healing.. this illness, or pest.. is a fear device.. in a way it's a test.. fear is not real and.never to be believed.. it's only job is to replicate more fear..

Search alkaline foods and change your diet immediately.. you'll start to see results in a week.. stay the hell away fro
Walmart and other stores with tons of gmo junk.. they are a hotbed for all this stuff.. alkaline foods are electron donating and Increase the body's voltage.. In other words alkaline and life supporting can be interchanged.

Good luck to all.. god bless you all.
if anyone would like to know how I beat this in about one month (I have no affiliation to any product or company) I'd be happy to share.. but this is a personal journey, a spiritual journey.. it may contain similarities between some who have gone beyond it.. but in the end this journey is our own.. and will be unique to each..

Dec 14, 2016
Try These:

Ive had the same issues almost 2 years about 90% sure morgellons is the technical term..but. Really whats the point in guving this #hitty disease thing.whatever it is a technical name if nobody will believe or take you serious.or blame it on sonething else..this is has to be..i wont let it win..ive had days where i just sit with a hoodie sweater an hood over my head feeling so disgusted and worthless to have this happen to me..a feeling like your just totally disgusted but but you..only people like us can really understand that..and if im reading all these reading other people are dealing with this not gonna let a nasty weak grose parasite mold.take over my is seriously too hard and too exhausting..admit it to yourself..U have morgellons..plain and simple..aint shit you can do but get is what it is..theres gotta be easy to get an. quick..i shave my head now..that is my one thing that makes me cry about every other all right hair was starting to feel like pubic hair..i dobt know the cure..but im trying an sort of figuring this out..sone of these tips are useful......

-q-tips an itch..or something in your eye..i use q-tips non stop..on my 2yr son.myself anywhere..grab like 4 q-tips an with a lil pressure rub them real fast anywhere u think these fuzzy bastardz are bugging u..ull be amazed when u look at the qtip after..try dampibg it with water to an doing the same.

-home cleaning products-.ya i know not the best for your skib but it does work:
-spray windex on a papertowel a few times..then wipe your face as if it were a facial wipe.


Im taking tummeric and garlic pills..and fish oils..nothin new yet..

-kitchen spunges with scrub side works good for a body loofah..body loofahs suck
-spray oils for your hair.USE ON YOURCFACE AND BODY leave in cobditioner.leave in oil treatments.theyre cheaper thenbtea an laveneder kinds..

-find a dollar store..seecthere beauty area..ull find a bunch of useful things

-dish soap for body wash

- shop like you would be lookibg for something strong an gets rid of grease or bathroom sink

-double up on everything. Once your skin touches sponges.sharpen eyelinercan lipliner after use very..



Jun 16, 2016
Can you give us an update?
by: K

I have very simular symptoms, and actually a few more to add.
I have noticed three additional symptoms. One,these "bugs" also like unfinished natural wood. I have found them munching and burrowing in and on some of my driftwood, an old rolling pin;as well as, a 100year old table that has not been painted in years.. They appear as a dark spots or within the Knotty part of the wood.
Second, I have noticed fuzz balls attached to all of my laundry. These balls actially give off a slight electrical charge when held between my thumb and fingers. Third, there's a larva clinging to the toilet bowl. When I clean the toilets I see what looks like gravel or dirt, when it's actually larva. They have an almost clear body and black head, or are just all clear.
I have a fridge that has water and ice in the door. Small nats had infested the filter. The larva was being ingested by me thru the water. I have read that these larva carry denodex mites. I have ordered sulfur to see if that will radicate the problem. I'll let you know. God bless you and stay strong.k

Feb 11, 2016
Help is out there
by: Lara

For the posters above: please visit What you're describing is curable...

God bless and may we all find healing.

Feb 24, 2015
Protocol for Cleansing and Building Your System
by: Angie from

Hi Hannah,
I'm so sorry to hear of what you have been going through for so long. If you will use the contact form to send me your email address I will provide you with a protocol (daily regimen) that you can follow that I think will really help you get your health back on track.

Feb 23, 2015
itchy scalp, very sticky substance sucreted
by: hannah

I have had this hair problem for going on 10 years now. It. Is so awful and annoying. I also feel as though my hair is being sewed together, and being sewed into my scalp! It is so painful. And itches immensly! My scalp sucrets a very., very. Sticky that cannot be washed out and my hair sticks together and onto scalp, I have had bald spots also! Ive been to.lots of doctors and dermatologist s nobody can help. Along with my head swelling, my neck sweels also, and now my left arm is involved, it hurts so bad, and my limph nodes in my arm are swelling, and I cant use it much, bevause of the pain.i am also having Lot of problems sleeping, bevause it hurts so much! I am at my wits end, am on 4 of the strongest loracets a day, and that is barely handeling the pain now! I dont know what this is, but my heAlth is getting worse, and I dont know how much more I can handle! If anyone know anything sbout this disease PLEASE HELP!!!

Jul 08, 2014
I also have this parasite my 2 year old daughter as well
by: Jenelle Hall

i have the same exact thing i was told that it could be i dont know of any mites that are on and in your skin and that are able to go throuhg your entire body and system .. but i do know that i called the cdc and the hd with no answer no response and they even asked me to bring one of these things in...but when i put them in a container sometimes they turn to a lil black dot...needless to say thats hard to proove what it i bought a book on oils essential oils.,. neem oil stinky but works and karanja oil and also tea tree oil works best actaully. put together is a wonderfull killer of these things these i must say me and my daughter are still infected BUT i do have an exterminator comming in two weeks who swears it is mites, now i do have 1.mold in my home and 2. a birds nest somewhere in my crawl space..if you have either of these please let me know. also they seem to bother only me and my the exterminator said thats exactly what they do because they are attracted to the co2 that women leave off more then men..and we wear good smelling perfume that they oh so love...also i found baking soda arm and hammer REALLLY kills the crap outta them they also hate lysol but that became wayyyy to expensive...also they hate i put alot of work into killing these things before i realized they were comming from our poop...and the problem is i have a babay who is not potty trained have my own troubles working on another theory that maybe pinworms? but these white haiars that come off my feet are horrible..i thought i had a foot fungus fopr a while then i saw on house md there was a parasite that acted like a foot dying to know that it was but my searches havent really brough up anything i can tell far..i havent looked all that much about it iget so damn tired and confused and also halucinate sometimes...its been going on for about 20 years for me, so...they also become like freckles on my skin...but i can remove them, painfull sometimes but sometimes not..a slight scratch with a needle or saftey opin and wipe next day with oil then they come right off..i feel bad for my daughter im always trying to pick these things off her face and her butt especially...its sooo unmagingable..i have spent alot of momney on these herbal remedies with NO NONE at all results...there are a few oils and topical creams that did work but no pills in the world worked, antibitics just put me in hell of a pain..i take bactrum for mrsa i so painfully got in the hospital from a gunshot wound top the abdominal , yes im not on gods most loved list but he still loves there just not on the top of the list lol..hope this helps you all a bit if you have any info at all that will help PLEASE email me
good luck and god bless.!!

Jul 25, 2012
An Answer To Your Parasite Problem
by: Angie from

Dear D.

Thanks so much for giving us an update on how you are doing. I'm so saddened to hear that you are getting worse and are in such a distressing situation.

Believe me, I understand completely the difficulty it is to get the help and supplements you need on a fixed budget.

It infuriates me that insurance/medicate, etc., will only cover expensive doctors who can't/won't help you and synthetic prescriptions rather than natural doctors (less expensive) and natural supplements that actually do the job. Unfortunately, that's the world we live in and there's nothing we can do about it, no matter how much I moan and groan. :)

I'm not surprised the tincture was helping you. Although I'm not familiar with the Quassia Wood, but the other ingredients you mentioned DO tackle parasites to some extent.

See if you can locate some pure clove oil locally like I suggested to S in the post above. You should be able to get some for less than $10, and you can make a spray up for your hair and skin.

Try to include garlic in your diet every day, if possible, and eliminate as much sugar and processed foods as you can. This can make a big difference as those foods feed parasites and don't give your body any of the support it needs.

Are you located in the US? If so, can you afford just under $40 for the Herbal Fiberblend ($32 + postage)?

Based on what you have indicated, and given your finances, that would be the ONE main supplement I would suggest to you if you could only afford one. It is a combination of 17 different herbs and fiber that will help to clean out your insides, which you desperately need.

If this is completely out of the question for you financially, please send me a private email (you can use the contact form) with your real name and address and perhaps I can find a way to help.

My heart aches for you. I nursed my own dear mother through cancer before she went to heaven and I know the "stress" that is involved in having the care of someone else dear to you on your shoulders.

May the Lord bless and heal you.

Jul 24, 2012
by: D

Dear Angie, I thank you for making all the suggestions that you did. Unfortunately, I on a "very low fixed income", and with the little bit of money that I do get, I have to help support my Mom. I was just at the doctor yesterday. I can only go to M.D.'s because Natural Doctors charge so much and are not covered by insurance, (not even including the supplements they prescribe.) In the past 2 weeks, I have taken a sudden turn for the MUCH WORSE! I wake up with the muscles in my arms in severe pain! The only thing that seemed to help a little was a tincture I bought that has Quassia Wood, Fresh Black (Green) Walnut Hulls, Garrya Herb, Clove Bud and Bayberry Root Bark. I was only able to purchase this because it was relatively reasonable in price, around $10.00. It doesn't get rid of the parasite (or whatever it is that I'm infested with, but, I notice that my muscles stop aching and tingling so much when I'm on it. There's only one problem. Quassia Wood, when used for prolonged periods causes BLINDNESS!!! I have not been able to find out how much and what a "prolonged period" is, but I decided to stop taking it. Within 2 days, the severe muscle pains came back with a vengeance! Now mind you I don't even know if taking the formula, would eventually cure me, but I can't risk going blind over it! My hair is an absolute kinky mess. It now goes in a "Z" or zig-zag pattern as it normally did, with my soft, slightly wavy baby-fine hair! I've also been in the hospital several times, because of sudden difficulty breathing. One emergency room doctor, even mistakenly diagnosed me with asthma, which they later found out I did not have. My hands are getting weaker and weaker, sometimes the pain is so bad I have to stop typing. In addition, I help care for my mother. When I take her out she's in wheelchair, so it's imperative that my hands and arms be very strong. Now I'm even fearful about that! I don't know if I mentioned this before, but after I wash my hair, when I comb my hair it's full of these little white hair-like things, but the amazing thing is when I hold them up to the light, they move around like crazy. (They sound like "cilia" to my doctor.) They move around till they reach out and grab on to one of my hairs and then "wrap around it". It's like when you stick a straw in a glass of liquid and suck it up, that's sort of what these things are doing to my hair. Once the nutrients have been sucked out, what's left over is a kinky refuse that looks and feels metallic. To look at it, it looks like pubic hair! (On occasion, I find these long white hairs in my eyes too!) And of course I've told you about how I constantly find these white hairs, and also long black hairs coming out of my rectum constantly (they got a white bulb at one end and are tapered at the other end. I also have very long white hairs (about 10 inches long) coming out of my rectum and rarely red and/or 2-toned black and brown also. I implore your help.Sincerely, D

Jul 22, 2012
Help For Parasite Problems
by: Angie from

Dear S,

I'm sorry to say that I don't know if "D" ever tried the supplements that I suggested to her above because she never contacted me further (unless you used some other name/email).

I can tell you that others have taken these suggestions and have had good results, including myself.

Not knowing your full circumstances, I would suggest that you start with the basic supplements listed above for internal use and also consider getting some clove oil and mixing it in water (either in your bath or in a spray bottle) for topical use.

Alternatively, you could mix the clove oil in some olive oil and rub it into your skin.

If you would like further information or help, please feel free to ask.

Jul 21, 2012
Please give update regarding if this lady got better
by: Anonymous

I would like to know if the products u suggested for this lady helped because I have the same issue expect this parasite is in my hair on my face and my entire body! I've been tiO the doctors six times and a useless expensive dermatologist
and have gotten no help - just waiting time and $$.
Thanks in advance!

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