Candida Probiotics
A Reinforcement Army Of Candida Fighters

candida probiotics

Candida probiotics are a necessity if you really want to rid yourself of a nasty yeast infection. Find out how to choose the best quality probiotics so you get the best results.

Bacteria resides naturally in colonies in the gastrointestinal tract, mouth, and vaginal tract. Some of the bacteria is friendly and some of it is not. 

The three most common names for the friendly bacteria are Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifido-bacterium bifidum, and Lactobacillus bulgaricus. They are also known by the easier to pronounce name, probiotics.

These probiotics are your body's first line of defense against any form of harmful parasite or toxin that you encounter in your daily life through the things you eat, drink, and breathe.

If you have a sufficient army of these friendly bacteria in your system, you can prevent a wide range of health problems. It's when your army is depleted that the problems start.

You can pretty much guarantee that if you are taking antibiotics, birth control pills, or any number of medications, you are rapidly killing off your soldiers. That's when you have to send in reinforcements!

If you allow your friendly bacteria to remain depleted, the unfriendlies take over and start colonizing and spreading. You end up with a yeast overgrowth, Candida albicans, that can result in a whole range of frustrating, annoying, and painful candida symptoms.

The only way to get control back is to starve out the yeast with an anti candida diet and overpower it with an abundance of good bacteria. That's where candida probiotics come in.

How To Choose Quality Anti Candida Probiotics

Florafood Candida probiotics

Probiotics come in various forms on the market today. Not all brands and products are of good quality. You really need to read the labels and know what you are getting.

Freeze-Dried Probiotic Powders
- The probiotic powders begin working as soon as they enter your mouth. It is important to remember when taking powdered probiotics that you mix it in water that is unchilled and filtered. 

If you mix the powder with cold water, the bacteria goes into hibernation. If you use tap water that has chlorine in it, the chlorine will kill the good bacteria just as it does the bad bacteria.

If you don't have filtered water, consider the filters available at Aquasana as they are well known for being one of the best on the market. Good water is very important to good health.

I've even used the powder dry and placed in directly in my mouth or under my tongue.

Finally, when choosing candida probiotic powder, be sure to choose single strains rather than a combination. When mixed together in powdered form the different probiotic strains have an adverse effect on each other. In capsules they have an oil that keeps them protected from each other.

Probiotic Capsules - Capsules can have individual strains or a combinations of strains. A lot of people prefer capsules because of the convenience. As long as you choose quality capsules, they'll do the job. 

I'm the type of person who shops at garage sales and second hand stores, always looking for a bargain. I've learned over the years that in some cases you have to pay for quality. That is the case with probiotics. 

You can find cheapo acidophilus tablets, and you may get some benefit. But, if you want to be sure you have anti candida probiotics that will do the job, you are going to have to pay for the quality.

Probiotic Wafers
- You can sometimes find L. bulgaricus in wafer form. They are really convenient for carrying around and nibbling on if you start to feel nausea, indigestion, or acid reflux. They can even be used to help curb your appetite.

Liquid Probiotics
- Although liquid probiotics are available on the market, I do not recommend them. The shelf life is very short, no matter what the advertising may say. Unless you are absolutely confident that the liquid probiotics you've got are in a completely fresh and non-perished condition, I would just avoid them altogether.

I've used a variety of different probiotics over the years. Currently the one I prefer and recommend to friends is Florafood®. I know that the quality is guaranteed to have a minimum of 1 billion active units in each capsule up to the expiration date. 

Beware of anti candida probiotics that are guaranteed at the time of manufacture rather than a specific expiration date. It really is irrelevant what it was at the time of manufacture. You want to know what it is now!

To your good health!

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