Candida Yeast Between Thighs and Groin

by Laquanna Walker

How can I treat candida yeast between thighs and groins?

I meant like when I'm outside I sweat so bad and burning and itching occur. So, what kind of over the counter drug would you suggest I could try.

Hi Laquanna,

I honestly try not to use or recommend "drugs" if I can help it, neither over the counter nor prescription.

The nature of synthetic drugs is that they come with side affects. In my opinion, it's not usually a good enough trade off.

Besides that, there are plenty of natural remedies without side effects for treating candida yeast between thighs and groin and most other skin conditions.

Do you already have a yeast infection, or are you just trying to prevent one from developing?

If you do already have a yeast/candida infection, you need to treat it in two ways - internally and externally. If it's just a mild case, you can probably get away with just 2 main steps.

The first step is taking some probiotic (good bacteria) capsules to help build up the good bacteria in your system so it can get the fungal overgrowth under control. Get Florafood if you can, because it's a reliable brand and good quality (you know you're getting what you pay for).

The second step is to apply some garlic
or tea tree oil directly to the candida yeast between thighs and groin - covering the affected area twice per day for at least a week or so.

Yeast infections (Candida) are easily passed back and forth, so if you are having sexual contact, you need to be sure that your partner is also treating themselves for candida, or you will just keep getting it over and over as you pass it back and forth.

Candida, when left to run rampant in the body, can cause some serious health problems. If you suspect that you have a severe case, it would be a good idea to look at the recommendations for a candida diet as well as the other recommendations for a male yeast infection cure.

Once you've gotten rid of the candida yeast between your thighs and groin, there's a little trick to help you reduce the chances of it developing again from your sweating.

It's pretty simple - baby powder. Sprinkle some baby powder (you can even use plain corn starch) on your skin before you dress. The powder will help reduce the sweating and the dampness that develops in that area.

It's the moist skin that is a very nice breeding ground for candida fungus overgrowth. Keeping the area dry will be a big help.

To your good health!

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