Chia or Salba

by Dorothy Brooks
(Nashville, Tennessee USA)

What's the difference between chia grain and salba grain? Is it the same grain or are they different?

Hi Dorothy,

Chia or Salba - what's the difference? That's a good question! :~)

Yes, chia grain and Salba grain are the same grain essentially, officially known as Salvia Hispanica L.

Based on my research, I understand that the Salba (trademarked name) is the white variety of the chia grain and has been cultivated especially to grow the white grain instead of the normal black grain.

The reports I've read (perhaps instigated by the manufacturers of Salba?) indicate that the white chia grain is of higher quality than the black chia grain, which was the reason this white grain was the focus of special cultivation methods.

Nevertheless, both versions of the grain are beneficial to your health and provide essential fatty acids that really help the body to function as it should.

Personally, I have only ever used the Salba grain (white seeds) in the past, but I would certainly not be averse to using the black chia grain in future.

You'll probably find that the chia is more affordable than the Salba. So Chia or Salba, the choice is really up to you.

If money is tight, try the chia first and see if you get the desired results. If not, then splurge on the Salba.

To your good health!

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