Chronic Constipation

by KTA

My 17 year old daughter, who is a competition athlete, has been suffering with severe chronic constipation for approx 5-6 years...although, when looking back, she has ALWAYS suffered from constipation...just not to this extent.

She has been evaluated a Pedi GI specialist who recommended daily "Myralax" as well as laxatives, when necessary, after running many tests & treatments. (Neither one provides her with relief.)

She exercises approx 6-8 hours a week at her sport and is in generally good health, other than this problem. She is an excellent student who will be off to college in 2011.

There are days where she can't go to school because of the gas pains or the overwhelming need to have a BM...though, usually this is unsatisfactory.

My concern is that if we do not correct her GI issues now, her health will decline. How can I help her with this issue?


I share your concerns for your daughter's long term health if she doesn't get her constipation problems dealt with. Toxins build up in the body and essentially poison the system.

Not only that, if her bowels are impacted with fecal matter, she is probably not able to absorb the necessary nutrients from her food that she would otherwise. This malabsorption can only lead to poor health.

I have a few suggestions for you to consider. First of all, I would HIGHLY suggest a thorough digestive cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend. I'm suggesting at least 3 months of faithful use.

You don't want a quick fix, like a laxative. You want long term results that will help to alleviate the chronic constipation situation.

HFB does come in capsule form if absolutely necessary, but I suggest the powder form as it has proven to be more effective. It has a strong taste because of the herbs, but it is not unbearable if you mix it with something like grape juice. Water is better, of course.

She needs to start with 1 tsp. twice per day. After 4-5 days, she can increase to 2 tsp. twice per day and then again up to a full tablespoon twice per day. The gradual increase will allow her body to adjust to the added fiber and the cleansing herbs.

She should then continue with that
amount for a few months. This will allow the old impacted fecal matter to gently be broken up and eliminated from the lining of the intestines.

She would then gradually decrease in the same manner at the end of her cleansing time. Some people like to continue with 1 tsp. of HFB per day as a maintenance dose, but the two of you can discuss and consider that when the time comes.

I would be very surprised if she didn't experience some detoxification symptoms along the way. They may not be severe since she is so fit, but don't be alarmed if she does start to feel a bit flu-like for a day or two. This is part of the body's way of detoxifying itself.

DRINK PLENTY OF WATER! I would like to assume that she drinks plenty of water because of her exercise regime, but unfortunately many people don't, so I want to stress this.

Water serves multiple purposes. It helps to hydrate the bowel and soften the stool. It will allow the fiber in the HFB to bulk up properly to aid in elimination, and it helps to flush the toxic build up out of the body.

Secondly, I would suggest that your daughter also take AIMega and BarleyLife on a daily basis.

The AIMega is a combination of plant based essential fatty acids (the Omega oils you hear so much about) that really ARE essential to body balance and health.

The BarleyLife is a whole food supplement powder made from fresh juiced barley grass and provides an enormous amount of nutritional support. As an athlete, the BarleyLife is an added secret weapon for her because of the added energy it provides.

The Herbal Fiberblend on its own is remarkable, but in combination with these other two natural nutritional supplements, you really get a lot more bang for your buck - faster and more effective results. These are all AIM products.

I hope that these suggestions will be helpful for you and your daughter as you seek to deal with her chronic constipation issues. I would be really shocked if they didn't make a big difference. (Besides that, they are money back guaranteed, so you can hardly lose.) ;-)

To your good health!

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