Colon Cleansing Using Herbal Fiberblend

by Lisa Morgan
(Las Vegas, NV)

Will this colon cleanse remove the acidic pH out of my body and cause it to be alkaline?

Hi Lisa,

Colon cleansing using Herbal Fiberblend as a natural cleanse (or any other brand for that matter) doesn't by itself cause your body to become alkaline, but it certainly can help reduce the acidity in your body as a result of what it does do.

A good colon cleanse helps to remove toxins and parasites from your body. These toxins and parasites contribute to the acid imbalance, so reducing or eliminating the problem can help to improve your body pH.

If you are going to cleanse and you want to get the most benefit as well as cause your body to be alkaline, I would suggest that you use the Herbal Fiberblend in conjunction with Barley Life and AIMega.

The BarleyLife itself is alkalizing to the pH of the body. It is a whole food supplement made from freshly juiced young barley grass. When you drink Barley Life twice per day you can keep your body pH levels more stable because it produces an alkaline effect.

The AIMega is a great form of plant based essetial fatty acids and working together with the other two, provides the most bang for your buck, as they say, in terms of health benefits.

To your good health!

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