Common Household Bugs

common household bugs

Common household bugs can become a real frustration in your life if they are ignored.

Some household bugs are simply annoying and unhygienic, like house flies, silverfish, and cockroaches (picture of bugs below).

But other common bugs, like fleas, bed bugs, and mites, can cause real irritation and suffering to you and your family.

Some pests can become a real health hazard if they are not dealt with and eliminated as quickly as possible.

We get a lot of website visitors seeking solutions and suggestions for eliminating common (and sometimes uncommon) pests, so let's discuss some of them.

The Most Common Household Bugs

The following is just a brief summary (and picture of bugs) on some of the most common household pests that people deal with on a regular basis. Most of these bugs can be eliminated without any difficulty using an ultrasonic pest repeller, removing the need for messy or toxic chemicals.

That's my first suggestion for you, but I'll add some alternative suggestions for particular pests as I discuss them below.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - The Domestic Housefly

The domestic housefly is probably the most popular (or unpopular) pest worldwide. I don't know anyone who really likes them, and my husband particularly hates them. In fact, he has a tendency to sing out, "shut the door" on a constant basis as anyone goes in our out of the house. :)

Flies are well-known germ spreaders, so you really don't want them crawling on your food and counter-tops. If you can keep houseflies out of your home in the first place, that's your best option. 

Screens on your windows are a great investment that you'll appreciate for decades to come. Clove oil is a natural deterrent to the house fly. I make up a handle cleaning solution by filling a small spray bottle with water and about 20 drops of 100% pure clove oil.

Spray your screens and also use the solution to wipe down your counter-tops and window sills. You can even poke some whole cloves into a couple of apples or oranges and leave leave them in your kitchen or living room to help keep flies away.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - The Mighty Ant

I have to admit that ants are my absolute favorite bugs of all time. I love ants... ...but NOT in my kitchen!

Ants are such industrious little creatures that they manage to inspire me and challenge me every time I see their amazing work ethic. They go, go, go.

As much as I love and respect ants, I don't like them crawling around my kitchen, in and out of my rubbish bin, or across my counter-tops.

If you are having ant trouble, try placing some bay leaves in strategic locations around the house where you have noticed ant activity. They don't seem to like the smell at all. You may need to change the leaves for new ones each week until the ant problem is completely under control.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - The Nasty Cockroach

I'm sorry if you don't think cockroaches are nasty, but I do. I can't stand them! They give me the creeps so much that even when I see a dead one I ask my husband to dispose of it for me.

Sometimes cockroaches are the result of a lack of cleanliness in the home, but that is not always the case. Extremely clean homes can be plagued with occasional cockroaches if there are any cracks or holes where they can slip through. This is particularly true in humid or tropical climates. 

First do your best to locate and close any entry points you discover. Besides the usual chemical sprays and bait traps, you can try placing bay leaves around to discourage entry, also. But, for my money, the best option is the electronic repeller I mentioned earlier.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - The Earwig

The earwig is an unusual little bug that is more common in gardens than inside houses, but it CAN be found in homes, particularly in damp places.

One home I lived in had a somewhat damp basement and earwigs could be a problem there if we weren't diligent. If you are trying to get rid of earwigs, try filling a small container with water and adding some raw linseed oil to form a film across the top. This will attract and capture the earwigs.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - Silverfish

Silverfish make a little fish-like movement (hence the name) and they can be very destructive. They love starch and dextrin so you'll often find them eating the bindings of old books because they enjoy the glue. They'll also eat the glue on your wallpaper, sugar, cereals, etc. 

They breed in large numbers and can be very difficult to get rid of without some massive action. If you don't want to use an elecronic pest repeller, you'll find some great natural solutions in this ebook about getting rid of silverfish.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - Bedbugs

Now we're getting down to the really nasty home invaders. Bedbugs are becoming an almost epidemic these days. The more people travel and stay in hotels, the more they seem to spread.

Someone brings them to the hotel room and someone else takes them home to continue the cycle. Ugh!

Although the close-up picture of the bedbug makes it appear quite large, it really is a very tiny bug and hard to see. Some people can't seem to figure out what is biting them at night while they are sleeping.

You need to take a close look at your mattress seams to see if you can find small black specks which may indicate you've got bed bug invaders.

Getting rid of bed bugs seems to be a trial for so many people. I've heard and read stories by many people who claim to have "tried everything" and can't seem to get rid of their bedbug troubles.

There are various options for preventing and killing bed bugs and here are what I've determined to be the most reliable. 

My using this three-pronged attack, I think you'll be very pleased with the results and the relief you'll finally get by getting rid of bedbugs from your home for good.

common household bugs

Common Household Bugs - Fleas

If you have pets, it's not unusual for them to occasionally get fleas. If your pets are indoors, you're likely to get flea bitten, too. 

Fleas like the blood of animals, but they're not averse to human blood if it is handy. So, if you're getting little bite marks on your feet, ankles, and lower legs, there's a good chance you are getting bitten by fleas.

You can use organic apple cider vinegar (like Bragg's) to make up a vinegar and water spray to use on your skin and around the house. It can even be sprayed on your dog's coat (for example) to help get rid of the fleas. Fleas don't seem to like organic apple cider vinegar. :)

common household bugs

common household bugsCommon Household Bugs - Mites

Mites can be one of the more frustrating household pests because they are usually so tiny you can't really see them. The picture of bugs on this page are enlarged, but the mite is particularly more so in order to give you an idea of its appearance.

Just like with many of the common household bugs, there are many varieties of mites. You are probably most familiar with dust mites. Some people are even allergic to dust mites. They can be a real irritant.

I would hazard a guess that mites are in just about every single home to one extent or another. It's virtually impossible to remove them completely, but most people won't have a problem with mites if they follow basic cleanliness principles.

If you or someone in your family tends to have a sensitivity to allergens, you might have to be a bit more diligent than normal. 

Wash curtains, rugs, and furniture more frequently. Change bedding regularly and use mattress and pillow covers. Dust your window sills, blinds, fans, etc., often.

If you're still having trouble, consider using the cedar oil to fog the house a few times per year, as needed.

The picture of bugs and brief explanations of the most common household bugs are there to give you a basic idea of pests that many people face on a daily basis.

If you want to keep your house "bug free" I encourage you to take advantage of the current technology to chase them from your home using the ultrasonic pest repellers strategically placed around your home.

If you've tried any form of these electronic pest control devices, please add your experiences to our electronic pest control reviews.

To your good health!

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