Constipation 30+ Hours

I self diagnosed constipation at 1am on July 9th. So, I have been constipated for 32 hours.

Initially, I had lower abdominal pain, some lower abdominal swelling, a lot of vomitting, chills and hot flashes (maybe a fever), a huge rock feeling like it's pushing on my anus, shooting pain into my lower back, but more importantly into my upper back, shoulders and neck.

That neck pain was so intense, I could not lay down. I was doubled over most the day because of the abdominal pain.

I took 3 stool softeners at 10 am on July 9th. I drank a lot of water all day, but threw it all back up.

I took a dose of milk of magnesia laxative at 7pm. As of 11pm, I have been able to keep down water and cranberry juice. I have not eaten anything for 32 hours.

Today when I woke up, most of my shooting back pain is gone. I can lay down. I have a squirt of liquid diarrhea every 30-45 minutes. My abdomen is not swollen but still has about 50% of the pain.

Should I eat? Should I take another dose of laxative? I want this to end :(

It sounds like you have more than constipation. You don't normally get vomiting as a result of constipation. Unless of course, the pain is so bad that IT causes the vomiting.

What did you eat before you started feeling unwell? Could you
have food poisoning? That usually produces diarrhea more than constipation, but the other symptoms fit.

It's possible that you have picked up a parasite bug from somewhere and that's why you are feeling so sick.

I keep Herbal Fiberblend on hand for situations like this, but that's not going to do you any good immediately if you don't have any already.

Do you have any natural yogurt by chance? That might help settle your stomach and provide you with some friendly bacteria for your intestines.

If you can eat, try some crackers and see if you can keep it down. I personally wouldn't recommend taking more laxatives.

Other suggestions include:
  • give yourself an enema - brewed coffee as an enema is helpful
  • sip on ginger ale or 7-Up
  • take some probiotics (acidophilus, longum, bifidum, etc)
  • take some Omega oils (EFA's) - like fish oil capsules or other sources of essential fatty acids
  • put a teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and sip it as you are able

One or more of those suggestions may be helpful in getting you to feel a little better sooner. I hope so.

Even when you start to feel better, I would definitely recommend that you give yourself a natural colon cleanse just to be sure you don't end up with recurring problems and take some probiotics like Florafood to boost your immune system.

Hoping you feel better soon!

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