Constipation During Pregnancy
What Can You Do For Relief?

constipation during pregnancy

It is not unusual to suffer from constipation during pregnancy. It's an extremely common occurrence. That doesn't make it any more pleasant, though, does it?

If you've been pregnant and constipated, you know how miserable you can feel. There is a lot more pressure on your organs because of the fluid and weight of the baby. 

Your system is out of it's usual balance and doesn't seem to work the way it normally does. Pregnancy is such a blessing, but it does have its trials.

Any time you add something different to your routine while pregnant, it is a good idea to consult with your doctor or midwife just to be sure you aren't doing anything harmful.

Most natural remedies are fine for pregnant women, but it's best to be on the safe side, don't you think?

There are several factors that contribute to constipation in most cases. 

  1. Not enough fiber
  2. Not enough water
  3. Not enough exercise
  4. Too much sugar
  5. Too much processed food.

When it comes to pregnancy, there are even more contributing factors to be aware of:

  • Morning sickness - throws off your proper eating habits.

  • Progesterone increase - slows down the progress of the bowels.

  • Iron supplements - Many women need to take iron supplements to avoid anaemia, but unfortunately it tends to bind them up.

  • Added Pressure on bowels - As your pregnancy progresses, the weight of the baby presses down on the intestines and constricts them. This can make it more difficult for waste to pass

One of the common side effects that result from constipation during pregnancy is hemorrhoids (or piles). The pressure of trying to go can cause swelling of the arteries around the anus. Hemorrhoids can be extremely painful and can also rupture and bleed.

The best way to avoid constipation when you are pregnant is to make a habit of eating plenty of fiber in your diet and drinking lots of good water. If you don't have a water filter, consider Aquasana. Aquasana is well known for being one of the best every day water filters on the market.

But, if you really want the absolute BEST water for you and your family, consider investing in a top of the line water ionizer from Water For Life. The Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer is one of their best options, but, they are just releasing their new Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer which you might find much more convenient.

The health benefits of drinking ionized water are becoming more and more well known across the country, so an ionizer is a good investment. However, if you can't afford one at this time, still make a point to drink lots of good water to help with your constipation during pregnancy.

When I say lots of water, I mean at least 8 glasses a day. This is especially important if you are adding some supplemental fiber to your diet. Depending on the type of fiber supplement you use, if you add the fiber without the water, you may make your problem worse instead of better.

An excellent source of fiber and essential fatty acids that is completely safe to use during pregnancy is Salba grain, a natural whole food. 

What's great about salba is that it is virtually tasteless, so it can easily be added to your regular food without making you feel like you are burdened to take it. Sprinkle it on your cereal, stir it through your yogurt, etc. 

Another great supplement that I would recommend every day during your pregnancy is a little (1/4 cup) of aloe vera juice. Aloe juice is very soothing and healing to the bowels and helps promote easy bowel movements.

You also want to make sure you get plenty of exercise. You don't have to do anything drastic. A brisk 30 minute walk each day is sufficient. Most people have found that regular exercise throughout their pregnancy has the added bonus of making the labor and delivery a bit easier. That's an added incentive for you! 

If you find that implementing these good habits don't do the job and you still wind up with constipation while pregnant, consider some of the natural constipation cures that may help give you relief.

If you have some personal experience, questions, or comments about dealing with constipation during pregnancy, use the comment form below to share it with other pregnant moms. We girls have to stick together!

To your good health!

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