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Curing Constipation Naturally And Easily

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Natural constipation cures are the best way to get your bowels functioning properly. Suppositories and enemas are just temporary fixes that only bring temporary relief.

There are many different causes of constipationfrom diet to exercise to other factors you may not have considered.

If you determine the cause, it is a lot easier to go about curing constipation. The word "cure" tends to make people think of a magic potion or pill that brings instant results.

You may want a 'quick fix' but that is not the same as a cure. A cure is finding out what is causing the problem and then taking steps to remove the cause.

When we eat and drink, our food passes through our complex digestive system. Along the way, the body is designed to take out the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that we need. What's left is the waste product that is eliminated.

Many times, the food we eat is not "healthy" food and our body is not able to absorb the nutrition it needs. Certain foods tend to get backed up in our colon and impacted along the walls of the intestines. This food spoils and rots creating toxins that essentially poison us. The result can be any number of symptoms of constipation.

The first step to curing constipation over the long term is to change your diet. Avoid the foods that cause constipation.

Drinking plenty of good water and getting adequate exercise will also help you in avoiding constipation.

Natural Constipation Cures

If you suffer from constipation, here are some natural constipation cures that will help get your bowels functioning properly.

  • Herbal Fiberblend - Herbal Fiberblend is a combination of psyllium fiber and herbs that act as a broom to sweep out all the debris that is cluttering up your intestines. If you've never done a complete colon cleanse that is a great place to start. I was shocked and amazed at the amount and type of waste I eliminated when I used this cleanse. 

    If you just need something to gently aid in passing your bowel motions, you can simply take a teaspoon a day in a little water or juice. You'll be amazed, too, at how easy and soft your bowel movements will be.

  • Aloe Vera Juice - Aloe juice is another gentle soother for the intestines. Even if you have further problems besides simple constipation, aloe can help. Aloe aids in the relief of IBS, Crohnes, and ulcerative colitis. 

  • AIMega - Good oils from fish and grains act as a lubricant and aid in correcting a sluggish bowel. AIMega is a combination of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils from natural seed oils - flaxseed, olive, sesame, and sunflower.

  • Fit-n-fiber - If you don't want to undergo a full colon cleanse but need some added fiber, you may want to simply add some some powdered fiber to your morning routine. Fit-n-fiber is wonderfully pleasant tasting (orchard peach) and will help you to get your daily fiber requirements. Your stools will become softer and much easier to pass.

Obviously, you don't need to incorporate all these constipation cures into your life. Depending on your needs, you may select one or two cures for constipation. For instance, you don't really need more than one fiber powder supplement. But you may decide to use fiber and aloe or aloe and omega oils. If you know you have chronic problems you might decide to include fiber, aloe, and omega oils.

You really need to experiment with trial and error. Are bodies are remarkably made. We are all the same, yet all uniquely different. What works brilliantly for me, might not be as effective for you. There are no miracle constipation cures, but you should definitely get results from at least one of these natural remedies.

To your good health!

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