Issues Being Regular

by Jeni G.
(Chiefland, FL, United States)

Suggestions needed regarding issues being regular with the bowels...

I have been taking Health Plus brand of Super Colon Cleansers in the amount of 12-15 pills per day for 5+ yrs.

I remember having constipation problems since I was young. I'm now 40 yrs. old.

I eat a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables daily and avoid dairy products. I still, for some reason, go through times of constipation and bloating and not being regular for 2-3 days.

Do you have any suggestions?

Hi Jeni,

I'm a bit concerned for you that you have been taking that particular Health Plus brand of Super Colon Cleansers for such a long period of time.

It's not that you can't take some natural cleansers daily and for long periods, but that particular product contains a lot of senna. It's my understanding that taking senna for long periods is not really a good idea.

You might want to try swapping that colon cleanser for another one without the senna, like Herbal Fiberblend. That's the natural cleansing product that I use myself. It's safe to use indefinitely and does a great job.

Your issues being regular may simply be diet related. Have you noticed whether or not these bouts of constipation occur after you've eaten a particular food?

They could also be a lack of water or lack of essential fatty acids that you experience from time to time. It's hard to really say for sure.

Definitely try to drink a bit more water if you haven't been drinking several glasses per day. Also, consider taking some EFA's, like fish oil or plant based oils (like AIMega) to improve your bowel motions.

Another simple and natural option you might want to try adding to your daily diet is Salba grain. Salba is basically white chia seeds and they are full of natural essential fatty acids, too. You can sprinkle a tablespoon into or on top of something you are eating (doesn't matter what as it's tasteless).

Hope these tips help you out and that you find a safe and natural solution to your issues being regular from time to time.

To your good health!

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