Nothing Seems To Help My Constipation

by Nicole
(New Jersey)

Nothing seems to help my constipation!

For some crazy reason, many of the natural remedies for constipation do not seem to help my situation.

For instance, fiber and aloe juice seem to constipate me more, even when drinking plenty of water.

Fish oils, especially directly from eating fish, such as salmon and flounder, cause a great deal of intestinal pain.

Medical remedies cause a lot of pain as well.

I've been tested for everything under the sun by many different doctors and everything comes out negative.

My diet is pretty good cause I include a good amount of fruits that aren't too high on the sugar scale. Meats are limited to turkey and chicken. Not too many veggies cause for some reason they cause a lot of gas, and hence a lot of pain.

I limit them to string beans - only ones that seem not to do that to me too much.

I have a yeast and gluten free bread that I use and try to keep other carbs low.

I basically only drink water. What else can I do to soften the stool? I have to have it pretty soft to pass it without pain or struggling.

As a matter of fact, I constantly have lower abdominal pains, whether I have to go or not. However, when consistency is soft and things are flowing better, they are most of the time, tolerable.

This has been going on a very long time for me and now my 10 year old son is suffering from teh exact same thing.

If anyone is going through anything similar, for whatever reason, and can help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you kindly.

Hi Nicole,

Sorry you are having such difficulty finding a solution to your constipation and digestive issues.

It is true that not every natural remedy works the same for every person. It is good that you are continuing to search for what will work best for you.

It certainly sounds like your digestive process is in a crisis, particularly since this has been an ongoing issue and the "normal" fixes aren't working.

I know you mentioned you tried "fiber" but let me suggest that you try a proper cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend. The reason I think this may work for you (when other fibers have not) is because of the herbs that are included.

Some of the
herbs are for softening old matter that is in the colon, others are for healing the lining of the intestines, while others are for eliminating toxins, parasites, fungus, etc.

If you start out with only 1 tsp. twice per day and gradually increase to 3 tsp. twice per day (or 1 Tbsp), you can allow your body to get used to the herbs and the increased fiber.

Of course, water is definitely important, so don't stop that. Try to drink at least several glasses per day. Ten would be best if you can manage it.

Also, you didn't mention trying digestive enzymes. If you take Prepzymes with each meal, I think you'll find that you'll have a lot less difficulty with the digestive process and the bowel movements.

The digestive enzymes begin breaking down the food you eat immediately so that you won't have so much pain in your intestines. The food will be very soft by the time it gets there.

Since you are having bad reactions to fish oils, try plant based essential fatty acids instead. You can try either AIMega or Salba grain to see if you do better on that.

They should serve to not only soften your stool, but provide you the additional benefits of the Omega oils that you body really needs and may not be getting from the diet you describe.

Since you aren't eating many veggies, I would also suggest the Garden Trio. They are whole food powders that are made from freshly juiced beets, carrots, and barley grass. They are rich in nutrition and the fiber is removed in the juicing process, so they should be quite gentle on your intestines.

Your son may not need all of the above suggestions. You may find that simply adding some of the Salba Grain to his food once per day is enough to sort him out. You'll have to do a bit of trial and error on him as well to find the best solution.

I sincerely hope that this information is of some value and help to you. I'm sure you must be feeling extremely frustrated that nothing seems to help your constipation issues, and I'm hoping this suggested protocol does the trick for you.

Please keep me posted on your progress and let me know if you have any further questions.

To your good health!

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by: Hazel

I havebeen thtough and still going through the same problems as you. I take 1200 to 1500 mg of magneseum everyday plus flaxseed and fiber choice. Also collidial silver and use a parasite zapper. It sounds to me like they arn't finding the problem. I have been through all the tests and they are always normal even though I see things in my stool they still call you a liar. Another product you can get through a mexican store is ver4mox get the liquid and take it as prescribed. then in 30 days do it again. It is not a prescription but you do have to ask for it. YOu will have to look up the directions online. IT WORKS! Also order a parasite zapper and use it according to directions this WORKS too even thogh some people say they don't. You will have a die off effect so drink lots of water. Good luck. I am getting better but it takes a long time and the right combination of knowing what you are doing, DON"T GIVE UP.

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