Constipation In Infants

constipation in infants

Constipation in infants is distressing for both Momma and Baby. Infant bowel movements are different from those of older children and adults.

In babies, the BM is usually very soft, almost runny really.

Generally speaking, if you are breast feeding, you probably won't have to worry too much about infant constipation.

Your mother's milk is designed uniquely for your own baby's digestion.

Formula fed babies are more apt to have a problem with small pellet like stools that may be dry and hard to pass. You may notice a tight, hard abdomen that causes pain and discomfort.

There are some simple ways to help relieve infant constipation. Even in babies, a lack of water can lead to constipation from dehydration in the bowels.

  1. If you are using formula, especially if it contains iron, consider changing to an alternate formula. If you've tried that without success, dilute the formula so that it isn't as strong. The additional water may fix the problem.

  2. Give your baby a bottle of water between feeds to increase baby's water intake. I recommend you use "good" water for your baby (and for yourself!). If you don't have a good water filter already, look at the ones from Aquasana. You'll know you are getting good quality and value.

    If you have the money to invest in a water ionizing machine, I would highly recommend that you consider doing so. The health benefits for you, your baby, and your entire family are remarkable. Read more about the Genesis Platinum Water Ionizer.

  3. Giving your baby a warm bath will help soothe their tummy and promote an easier bowel movement.

  4. Gently massage your infant's abdomen in circular motion and bicycle their little legs to help stimulate proper intestinal contractions.

I hope that these little tips will help you get your darling baby going pooh easily again. I know you will both feel better for it.

If you have any other questions or helpful suggestions for dealing with constipation in infants, use the simple form below.

To your good health!

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