by Toni
(Ossining, New york)

Constipationism - my constipation story!

I had taken a herbal tea laxative for several years and stopped 1 month ago.

I fasted, cleansed, and I am eating a Gluten Free, Anti Candida, Dairy Free Diet, and I am still unable to move bowels naturally.

Right now I am taking any enema daily and even when when I skip a day to see if they would move on their own, no urge. I am bloated and gassy.

I take probiotics. I am on a detox of major organ regimen suggested by my fantastic nutritionist but I need all the help I can get.

Hi Toni,

I love the term "constipationism." I think you've coined a new phrase. :)

I see your dilemma. You seem to be doing all the right things that generally alleviate constipation issues, but you are still not moving your bowels regularly.

It certainly seems that you should not be bloated and gassy due to the changes in your diet, but perhaps you need some digestive enzymes. Have you tried that yet to help?

You mentioned that you cleansed. What did you use and for how long. Usually when I think of a "cleanse" for the digestive system, I think of Herbal Fiberblend and a minimum of three months daily use.

When weaning off a cleanse like that, you need to gradually decrease the amount over a couple of weeks so that your body can adjust to the reduction of fiber without seizing back up again.

Some people take HFB indefinitely in a small amount (1 tsp. per day) just to stay regular, but you shouldn't necessarily have to do that.

One benefit of some of the herbs in HFB is that they can help improve the peristalsis (the muscle action that propels the bowel movement) so that you can go regularly without "aid."

You also didn't mention how much water you are drinking per day. Adequate water intake (about 8 glasses per day) is extra important for those suffering with constipation.

Finally, you may want to consider adding some Salba to your diet. It's a whole food that can easily be sprinkled over your current food intake without any noticeable change in flavor.

Salba (chia seeds) is rich in the essential fatty acids and has helped many people with gaining regularity. It's a an easy possible solution that would be well worth trying.

I hope you get your constipationism under control soon. :)

To your good health!

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