Could I Have Worms?

by Alicia

I have no idea whats wrong with me. Could I have worms?

My symptoms are...
  • watery diarrhea
  • intestinal cramping
  • fatigue
  • gas
  • thirst
  • My stomach hurts a few minutes after I eat but if I don't eat I feel more sick then if I do, and I feel like I want to through up.
  • I also have a headache and mild heart burn.

I have a new puppy and he has worms. They are very small in size, not long like you would expect, just short tiny worms and the head is just a tiny bit darker then the body.

I think I got worms from my puppy but I'm not sure. I have never had symptoms like this that didn't go away. I have felt like this for the last 3 to 4 days.

Could I have worms or some other kind of Parasite?

Hi Alicia,

Hope you are feeling a bit better today. Yes, you could certainly have worms, particularly since you know your puppy has worms.

It would be a good idea to treat both of you for worms. You can speak to a vet and pick up worm tablets for your puppy, but for humans, I always recommend a natural parasite cleanse to start with.

Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend are good choices when cleansing the digestive tract and trying to get rid of parasites, worms, etc.

Your symptoms may not be the result of worms from your puppy. You may have picked up some other bacteria/parasite somewhere.

Regardless, using the Herbal Fiberblend will usually help eliminate the symptoms you describe by cleaning out your intestines safely and naturally.

I would also suggest you get some good probiotics (that's the good bacteria that your body needs to fight off parasites) to help build your immune system. Florafood is a good choice.

Finally, natural digestive enzymes are worth including to settle your tummy so it doesn't hurt after you've eaten. Prepzymes are helpful to consider. You can order them along with the others if you think they would be helpful. They may not be necessary, though, if you use the Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood.

I hope you are able to get your body cleaned out and start feeling well again soon - and your puppy, of course! :)

To your good health!

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Jul 02, 2011
Worms in Stool
by: Angie

Hi Sherri,

Yes, you could have worms if you are seeing them in your stool. It is not uncommon. You could have come in contact with them through your uncle, but they could just as easily have been contracted somewhere locally.

Try a natural cleanse with Herbal Fiberblend for quick and easy results. If you don't like to swallow the bitterness of herbs, get the capsule form instead of the powder.

I'd also take probiotics, like Florafood while you are at it.

If you are still in contact with your uncle you may want to try bringing up the subject with him and suggest a cleanse to him as well. You don't have to "blame him" for the situation, but instead mention that you have the condition and don't know if he may have picked it up from you. :) It's a way of getting him to cleanse without hurting his feelings.

Hope you get it sorted out soon.

Jun 29, 2011
worms burrow under my skin
by: sherri

I have had these wierd looking worms in my skin. And in my stool I thought I saw worms. the ones in my skin came out on clear looking larva with a red sharp looking thorne. the worm was red. they are in my ears and nose they are very microscopick. THe ones in my stool I saw a big one and a bunch of little ones. I hav ibs really bad and diverticulitus.DO you think they are conected to each other? MY uncle was living in Gaudamala form a while and came to live withy me. do you think I picked something up from him or his stuff? I am not crazy THIs is truley happening to me.

Oct 16, 2009
Worm Recovery
by: Angie

Glad to hear it! You're quite welcome. :)

Oct 15, 2009
by: Alicia

Well i feel much better today still a little afraid to eat anything but just snacking isnt doing dammage so thats nice. I picked up a some meds for my puppy last weekend so hes doing good now but i will have to give him a second dose i think. thank you so much for the info :)

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