Could this be Morgellons?

Oh my goodness! Could this be Moregellons? I have the exact same thing as Brenda on the scabies parasite page and even more.

I have been to several different doctors and they have said everything from scabies to staph to delusional parasitosis.

I am stuck without anything to help me. The topical creams don't work, steroids don't work, antibiotics don't work.

And the lady was right! They start at your head and move down. I have them from head to toe. I have quit my job, and my husband and my daughter basically stay with his parents.

I have little rituals to get rid of them and clean everything. I have no carpet, everything in here is immaculate and they still keep coming back.

It is like they lie dormant under your skin and the second your diet changes (I do a 1 week fast every three months) they start coming out of your skin as if they are saying, "OK, I am hungry and I am not getting anything here." I know this sounds crazy!

The symptoms for Morgellons is exactly what is going on with me. What do you think? Could this be Morgellons?


I'm so sorry to hear of your circumstances. I'm not a doctor, of course, so I can't "diagnose" you or anything. Of course, it doesn't sound like they've been much help to you at all, anyway!

What I can tell you is that it definitely sounds like you have some type of parasitic infection, regardless of whether it is scabies, Morgellons, or something different.

Could this be Morgellons? Sure. Although we are all different and respond to different natural remedies differently (what works well for one person may not work
as well for someone else), there are some basic principles that apply to all of us as humans.

Cleansing and building are two of the most basic principles of good health and wellness. Cleanse out whatever is bad in the system and build up your immune system with good nutrition and supplements.

There is a page on natural Morgellons treatment that will give you a very good place to start.

A one week fast from time to time can be a good thing for your system, but for something as severe as you have, it seems an all out thorough parasite cleanse is just what you need.

Also, you really need to try to eat as healthy as possible all the time. Cut way down on your sugar and processed foods. They seem to feed those nasty little things inside us that create havoc in our system.

You didn't mention where you are located, but if you are in the US, these recommendations for Morgellons treatment are available to you at the wholesale prices (a big plus as it's hard to get them in some countries).

Another good thing is that whether this is Morgellons or not, the natural remedy is exceptionally good for your system either way.

In my opinion, you have a much better chance of ridding yourself of the symptoms and the cause by using antiparasitic herbs and whole food supplements rather than all the man-made pills and potions that the doctors have given you that have failed to work.

Please keep me posted on your progress. I pray you will be healed up soon and that your husband and daughter can be home again.

To your good health!

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