Delusional Parasitosis

by KIM

Is it madness or parasites?

Please, could anyone tell me if there is a private microbiology lab where I can pay to have a deep skin biopsy?

I am at my wits end trying to get the doctors to accept that I have a parasite infestation. In fact, I have just been diagnosed with delusional parasitosis and I am now sitting in the mental health system.


Hi Kim,

I'm so sorry to hear of your situation. It must be scary and frustrating, making you feel quite helpless. Regardless of the cause of your condition, that kind of stress will only make matters worse for you.

First of all, where are you located? You wrote Portsmouth, but which one? There are several across the world, and I can't try to help you locate an independent lab if you don't give me more specifics. :-)

To be honest, I don't know that a deep skin biopsy will be of much help. Parasites can be very difficult to identify through testing. Even people with worms will not test positive in stool samples unless several tests are taken over a period of time. It can be tricky.

On the other hand, the World Health Organization acknowledges that parasites are near the top of the list of the most harmful infectious diseases in the world today.

Unfortunately, because doctors have difficulty in successfully identifying and diagnosing parasites, they tend to disregard the possibility and people have to suffer as a consequence.

I know that doctors label people with the diagnosis of delusional parasitosis and put them on anti-psychotic drugs.

I feel quite certain that many people are misdiagnosed in the first place. However, even if the diagnosis was correct, the treatment seems absurd to me.

If a person did have delusional parasitosis, what is the cause? Is it a lack of anti-psychotic drugs in the system? Certainly not! I wish we had more doctors who would look at finding a cause
and eliminating the cause of illness rather than prescribing a treatment to mask or cover up the problem.

I'm ranting myself now, aren't I? Sorry about that, but it does have a tendency to make my blood boil.

Kim, if you really do feel that you have a parasite infestation, you can treat that on your own naturally. Herbs are very effective in cleansing parasites out of your system without negative side effects (apart from the detox effects - sort of like having the flu).

If you are in the US, I'd recommend you get the following supplements...

  • Para 90 - herbal capsules for parasite cleansing.
  • Herbal Fiberblend - fiber and herbal combo to thoroughly clean out the digestive tract and push the dead and dying parasites as quickly as possible out of the intestines.
  • Florafood - good bacteria to help your body fight against the bad bacteria in your system.
  • Garden Trio - whole food supplement powders to boost your nutrition levels and give your body the building blocks it needs to heal itself.

If parasites are the problem, those supplements will give your body the best tools to get rid of them naturally. If there is a different problem that is causing you to "feel" like you have parasites, the supplements can still help because they will help to cleanse your body of whatever is toxic and strengthen your immune system so that your body can target the problem and heal itself.

You can order them in the US here. If you are in the UK, you won't be able to get the Para 90 or Florafood there. You'll have to look for some good quality probiotics locally. You can order the other items in the UK here.

I pray that the Lord will help you to get better soon. Please keep me updated on your progress. If I can provide further help, please let me know.

To your good health!

Comments for Delusional Parasitosis

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Aug 19, 2015
delusional NEW
by: keith martell

Yes, my primary care doc, my psych doc, nurses, everyone gets on the band wagon. I "don't have" parasites even though the obvious fact is that I do. Why in hell would I create a delusional system about this? Their lab check... I have sent numerous samples, all "negative". The same test over and over. Why cant they try some other test? So, it is up to the person who has parasites to solve his or her own problem.


Nov 10, 2013
Prescription Sleeping Pills, etc NEW
by: Angie from

Dear State Farm worker,

Let me encourage you to consider trying Composure first before you start down the path of prescription sleeping pills and possibly anti-depressant meds (which is often the next step).

Both of those types of drugs are very addicting and have nasty side effects that you don't want to have in exchange for some sleep.

Composure is an herbal combination that relaxes the body and the mind. It can be taken during the day as well as at night to help with sleeplessness. It can help reduce your anxiety levels, too, which is usually common when you are suffering from such a frustrating condition without getting help.

Many people have found Composure to be a safe and natural solution without resorting to harmful prescription medications.

I would also suggest that you try rinsing your scalp daily with a combination of sea salt in water and then applying a small amount of diluted lavender and clove oil (or lavender and tea tree oil) to the hair and scalp before you go to bed.

Finally, I would encourage you (as well as anyone else who seems to be fighting a losing battle with demodex or other mites/parasites) to at the very least try AIM's Daily Essentials pack. That's the Herbal Fiberblend, BarleyLife, and AIMega.

This three-some has proven to be very effective for so many different things because of the way it helps to cleanse the body internally and boost the immune system. It helps return balance to the body which enables the body to fight off whatever is attacking it.

It's not exactly a one-size-fits-all solution, but it seems that way because it is an effective way of giving the body what it needs to do what it needs to do. Most drugs just hide the underlying problem by masking the symptoms of a condition, whereas these work at getting rid of the underlying problem in the long run.

Hoping this is helpful to you and to those who come after you.
Angie from

Nov 08, 2013
Demodex Mites
by: Anonymous

I have Demodex Mites, I diagnosed it myself, researched it ... did everything, doctor, clinical dermatologist AP did nothing -- would not even take the bugs laid out to her on a mirror magnifying them at 200X.

It is horrifying, over a year and a half with this situation -- I go to a psychiatrist next week, who will put me on medication so I can sleep. I have a great job at State Farm, however, around 2-3 PM, the mites start popping and I am miserable. My job lasts until 4 PM ... I run home, take a shower and try to sleep.

I recently bought a TrueRife machine. My laptop would not run the program last night; hoping for tonight.

I was picking the bugs out of my nose on the drive home from work. Disgusting ... no complaint, no doctor, no acknowledgement from a doctor. No one understands unless they have had this affliction.

Apr 24, 2013
by: Anonymous

That was one of the diagnosis' I had been given also and I know they are wrong. Otherwise wouldn't they all agree? They are just the lazy docs that want to lunp you into a catagory as they don't have a clue and the lack of sleep, sores itching dep;eted sytem all make it hard to come across rationally especially when you know you're not

Oct 12, 2011
More Solutions
by: Anonymous

So sorry for your suffering. Me, too. I actually had my 4 year old daughter taken away and put in an abusive situation for years. It was [is] hell. She is still infected, I am a basket case, and tho I am cured, I get reinfected when we are together. But she is 12 and I can't/won't treat HER without a pediatrician on board. This year I have Lyme and Cancer as my immune system continues to collapse, from the infection or overuse of antiparasitics I don't know. I have lost everything so I will soon leave my daughter destitute and alone. I tell you these doctors are all going to hell. Anyway, here is a link to an entry on my curezone blog where I list things which have helped me.

Oct 04, 2011
by: Anonymous

Stay away from GMO foods. The best way is organic only as it gets everywhere! Its dificult but worth it! I can usually tell within 20 mins of eating! I use a dowser to test it. Mad i know but works for me! Ive been labled dilusional though, by a dilusional dermatologist! Just get a usb hand microscope and let your family and friends have a look. Makes no difrence to Doctors though, they havent heard of Morgellons and dont want to thankyou very much! It will be accepted one day im sure! If you are dilusional the drugs they give you will cure it. Funny how so many people are suddenly becoming dilusional! Must be the weather!

Angie (coventry)

Oct 04, 2011
delusional parasitosis
by: Anonymous

Save your time and money until Morgellons is a recognised illness. Ive never found anyone and spent an absolute fortune! I and my family and friends know its not dilusional although you a microscope to show them moving and see them properly or you wont be beleived! Medicle profession wont see them anyway cos they dont want to! Get yourself some silversheild £16 and herbal fiberblend £20. fantastic and youll save yourself about £10,000! You proberly could do with some P.H. balance drops to put in water about£20. Im not selling anything just would hate anyone else to go through years being ill and ending up losing everything-including your mind! Good Luck!

Angie Coventry

Aug 15, 2011
Keeping an Open Mind
by: BCGirl

Looking back, my cousin was bothered by actual pests in her yard. Aphids, ants, spiders, gypsy moth worms, they were all things that had to be overcome instantly. Too many pesticides were used for too many years.

One day she began to complain of itching a the feeling of grains on her body. After much research on the internet, she concluded that she had some sort of bird mite that dug into her skin and was laying eggs.

I have noticed a lot of sites on the net offering a kind word to others suffering bug problems and nearly always, they offer some product for purchase.

My cousin threw away most of her clothes, beds, and bedding; cleaned her body with dangerous chemicals, and products sold to her as "safe". She sprayed her yard, and house, inside and out, with numerous and very harsh insecticides. Nothing available seemed to work for her.

She nearly poisoned her two little prize dogs with treatments and exposure to poison in the house and yard.

Although she saw the bugs on her pets, on herself, and every where she looked, no one else saw the bugs and no one else was affected.

Her parents, brother, and sisters, gathered around her, convinced her to see a physician. She was carefully examined. 3 different well know exterminators carefully went over her home, and nothing was found.

Toxins were found in her body as a result of the insecticides used. Her skin was badly dried and damaged, her body was covered in sores from trying to dig out the bugs.

She finally agreed to be treated of delusional parasitosis. At least she was questioning why no one else was contaminated to these bugs that were covering walls, windows, floors, and so on.

She is much better now. She no longer feels bites and doesn't see bugs any more. It is unfortunate that the immediate family didn't act before so many beautiful things were disposted of and before she spent about $8,000.00 on chemicals. Hard to believe.

I say, please get professional medical help. Find out if the doctor sees these bugs. If not, be open to medications. Don't be afraid to take the medications for a month or two. Give them a chance. At times people feel bites because they have other health issues. Let a physician check you out carefully for lack of certain vitamins, diabetes, skin problems, allergies, depression and so forth.

Give it a chance, after professional medical help for several months, you can always go back to your searches that went on before seeing doctors and before prescription medications.

Jun 14, 2011
to kim about parasites
by: Anonymous

on internet..go to jimhumble
also The treatment is cheap.
Jim is not trying to be rich. Anyone can afford it and he wants to keep it that way.
There is much information and directions to kill
parasites without harming your fighting germs.
Also talk to Tammy Olson at GreenLife 1-775-636-7423 She has studied margellan and knows quite
a few who have it.
May God bless you.

Jan 30, 2011
One possibility...
by: Anonymous

Without knowing what other symptoms you have, its hard to tell what is really going on. I've read many accounts of people being diagnosed as delusional, but all have very very common symptoms.

I even started to think my husband was delusional until I started getting the same symptoms.

Check out and see if this helps you.

Good luck!

Sep 23, 2010
Increase in "bug" populations
by: Bugged

Sadly the fact is that the number of parasitic attacks is on the rise worldwide. Take New York City for example, the population explosion of bedbugs has caused dozens of high end stores to close their doors for extermination. And bedbugs is definitely not the only parasitic attack on the rise in the world, just the most popularly noted because you can visually see the buggers.

I agree that there are actual cases of delusional parasitosis in the world, but I also believe that the actual parasite attacks are far more common now than ever and we should all keep an open mind when someone claims that they have "bugs" on them. The parasites of today are not like the parasites of our forefathers, all the chemicals in our environment have caused these "bugs" to adapt and become resistant to many of the common treatments that worked decades ago.

Where does this leave us? Believing that anyone who goes through a typical permethrin treatment and still feels "bugs" is delusional? I don't think so! We must try to combat these adaptive parasites as they arise, and not dismiss the claims of a person, especially when they are willing to risk their personal reputation by bringing in samples that may look like nothing to your average dermatologist.

Sep 23, 2010
delusional parasitosis
by: Anonymous

we run a parasite clinic in London, UK...and yes, we have patients who really suffer from delusional parasitosis and psychogenic parasitosis.
But we also have a lot of "real" patients and sufferers. The main problem: You are all too focussed on parasites without much knowledge of parasites (and the ones you read on websites like "curezone" aremore than just rubbish).

Very often patients have immune deficiencies, they have longterm viral infections, bacteria, etc... but as long as you focus on "Whatever the world say, but I know I have parasites", you will not get help.
The symptoms you have are real...but why must it be a parasite? Open your blinkers and look for real professional help...
And stay away from all the "good advice" that you have definitely Morgellon... how credible is a diagnosis via internet without knowlegde of medical history and symproms by someone who is not a medical scientist or doctor?

Sep 20, 2010
Reply for Big bad boss
by: Bugged

Big bad boss, this is a horrible situation! Especially for the woman that is feeling bugged. Although there are actual cases of delusional parasitosis, these days more and more people are inappropriately given this title when there are actually microscopic bugs that are hindering their normal lives. One entomologist and one exterminator is not enough for me to believe that it's all in her head. As we move forward in time we have seen that the "bugs" are getting smaller, many are even hard to catch with a microscope, yet they are even more voracious than the bugs that we can see.

I do understand your position as far as her behavior being disruptive, but I would hope that you would rather lead her to some answers than take a hardline position. Please refer her to some scabies,mites, and Morgellons forums where she can study for herself to find the answers she needs.

These bugs can be gotten rid of with proper internal cleansing and cleansing of the external environment. As far as internal goes...probiotics and COQ10 have helped immensely with my Morgellons symptoms. The diatomaceous earth did nothing to help me, but if she feels like it's helping her to get some relief, that is a great thing.

Good luck with your decision and I sure hope she gets the help she needs, whether it be a physical or mental issue that is "bugging" her!

Sep 20, 2010
Patience is wearing thin
by: "big, bad, boss"

I work with a woman whom we believe to have Delusional parasitosis. SHe is still adamant that there are bugs - microscopic bugs - crawling on her at work and at home. No one else that sits near her has had any issues with bugs; the exterminator has been here several times to treat and to place glue traps - no bugs have ever been found; her apartment has been treated several times, and the exterminator has not found any bugs there either; she has taken "examples" to her exterminator and an entomologist, both of which said not a bug; doctors (pcp and dermatologist) have found no evidence of bugs on her; she has spread diamataceaus (sp?) earth around her desk and vacuums daily. SHe refuses to use her workspace, using a common workarea instead.

THrough all of this, she still believes that there are bugs.

I truly feel sorry for her, but it is coming to a point where I can no longer allow her to disrupt the functioning of the office, and scare other employees by her irrational behaviors.

I don't know how to suggest that she needs to get more help than we are able to offer.

Jul 14, 2010
All wise psychiaqtrics deffinatelly think to be wises person on world, unfortinatelly they are wrong ewerythib they do, because there are not multi shelf (ego, sub. super, under mind existing at all)
by: Anonymous

So Epidemic desease ingrease, because Psychiagftrics say, there no desease we do not knpw. so meny will be death for they wisdoms ealiar than normal, for my country for simply and well knows symtoms of well known desease, psychiatrics let them be death by saying it psyyche, so they are "killers" and hindering of examination of new , unknown desease they say "we know" its psyche so they withdrow back of sosiaty and well beeing with they imaginating wistom they beleave only they have, i do not beleave thet god gives wisdom and knolidge of objective vision only to them, i beleave God chare it egually to all of us, so psychiaty only pase are "its nice to be wise teacher of human sole, whom God himself only knows and he will never give a wisdom and honor to know it to anyone else, not any psychiatrics, all are liarers also they all.

Jun 11, 2010
by: Anonymous

Rub a carlic/ pepperroot/ salt ointment on you body (sugar its energy to paraside) grape seed oil (kills bacteria) papaya (kills protein in parasite) neem seed oil, if available in you country and rub whole body and mean while rub only a pepperroot paste (no sugar) in you skin,
Prepare to sleep: put pepperroot paste, or carlic between you eye,s (wrapt in cotton or paper)and sunclass, and co sleep, so they do co out of eyelid, and will not come in you sleeping time. You car olso put row pepperroot, or carlic in a cotton or paper oround you head, so the avoide "morgellons" anywhere in you body you can rub you shoe, thet treatment are ten times efficent than any medical.. pharmacetical product. in incredients of shampoo, bodylotion must not consist kalium/potassium sorbit/csylitol (EU additives number 202) because those are enegig food to you parasite,
Use same cloth only 3 days and fire them,/or try clean (one hower in 80 % under alcohol) because they increase in a cloth. In day time rub uoy fase and hand any itchy spot with peppr root paste, with neem tree exract (in my country neeem are not available, so it could be replased by grape seed oil or papaya (both are antihelmith) And there are only one way i know to get free. because any alcohol will dryed up in second in skin. but not in bath, so 42% alcohol bath 20 minits 2 time a day in periode a one week could release you of horrifiaring desease, weeker than 42% does not work, and stroger you skin will not bear, its ixpensive, you neet olso add 80 alcohol after couple of day because alcohol may became weeker in you bath licwid, do not forget a dip you whole head at least ten minits totally in alcohol and you breath with by pill in that time, only way i get free one times, and was free more than two year, but then from poplic swiming hall or some cloth i got it again and try to herbal because alcohol bath in my country will cost 1200 e. Women in vangina anointment by carlic/pepperroot/neemtree will keep them away (it may work in also in men) put a loth of salt when you prepare to ointment, some ointment purposed to horse may include a similar content herbal, example termocent in france.but its fres and effisent if you do it with some sort of pipper or other mill, easty to use. Thank of god to hear prayesrs of sufferes to held wisdom of the sufferers and examinesrs and poplicity of the desease.
In end of psychiatry, they are pleased to be honored, wise teatcher, but lack of wisdom, you see they will newer apologise of they wrong doing so in periode of they education they start to be like senseless, lack of feellings and empathy. They are not in heaven to judge you, be thankfull of that.

Apr 14, 2010
Bugs and Drugs
by: Anonymous

I've been reading around and my heart goes out to all of you! I know how it feel's to think something is living on you and no one belives. I've been wanting to ask if any of you have been drug users? I know it's a forward question but I use to be also and after thought bugs were on me. I tried to collect things and bring them to my doctor but he said there's nothing there! After seeing a psych doc (not wanting to at all mind you!) I started meds and soon the, "Bugs" went away. I'm sure some of you actually have something or other. But isn't it worth a try if it's really making you feel nuts to try EVERYTHING?

Peace & Love:0)

Nov 21, 2009
Parasites are very difficult to be rid of
by: bugged

I am not sure how the one poster could diagnose as morgellons disease without any evidence or even a hint at fibers being pulled from the skin! Regardless of this fact and specifically what parasite may be bothering you, you should be following a routine that will rid your body of whatever parasite it is.

What you describe could be anything from scabies to morgellons, bird mites to collembola (springtails). Finding out which specific parasite it is would be helpful, but to be honest there is only one way to rid yourself of parasites. Kill them all through effective cleaning of your environment and cleansing your body of them. Most parasites can be removed from the body with two medications: Permethrin 5% cream applied head to toe, and Ivermectin (Stromectol by Rx) weekly for three weeks.

Reinfesting from your environment is the most predominant cause of a parasite lasting longer than a month. This means that anyone in contact must be treated also, whether or not they feel these critters. Pets are the worst for reinfesting, and should be kenneled for a month to let you get yourself and your environment cleaned, along with them being treated for sarcoptic mange.

It is very unfortunate that your doctors have chosen to label you as delusional rather than finding the source of the problem, but this is not rare! Now it is time for you to take matters into your own hands and heal yourself! You can do it, these bugs are not invincible, although at times they seem like it. Keep your spirits up and keep up the good fight. God Bless you all that are fighting this uphill battle.

Sep 26, 2009
by: Margaret

Kim, your entry on this website sounds like it could have been made by my husband. His health is declining dramatically and he's had a sudden loss of eyesight. He feels the parasites in his eyes, but they are also systemic because they are in his rectum as well. He can pull dozens of them from his eyes any time of the night or day by rubbing across his eyes. They look like quarter inch long pieces of black eyelashes. Ten different doctors, including one from the UCLA Medical Research Center think these are either delusional, or "rolled up skin". No lab has tested them, other than to test them to see if they are fungus. They are not fungus. We have exhausted all the medical avenues and are now trying to make my husband's body inhospitable to parasitic creatures by a detox program which will be followed by a juice fast and raw food diet. We don't know what else to do. It is so very frustrating to be called delusional when you know it is real and I feel for you. If this works for my husband, perhaps you could come and I will put you through the same program. Meanwhile, I will pray for you. Do any of my husband's experiences parallel yours? Margaret

Jul 17, 2009
Parasite Infestation is Morgellons
by: Angie

Hi Anonymous,

It's certainly possible that Kim's parasite infestation is Morgellons disease, but we really can't know that for certain based on the limited information that we have.

I'm glad to hear that you are finding some help with your Morgellons symptoms. The supplements I recommended to Kim would be the same (plus a few more) that I would recommend for those suffering from Morgellons, so either way, they would do her good.

As much as we would like quick cures for our ailments, the body has to go through a healing process. Just as it takes a while for the body to develop an illness, it also takes a while (and a whole lot of good nutrition) for the body to heal itself.

Many natural health doctors agree that the body needs about 10 times the amount of nutrition to heal as it does to maintain good health. By giving our body what it needs to eliminate the toxins, parasites, etc., in the system and also a ton of building blocks to use in building healthy new cells, we give ourselves the best possible chance of healing.

Thank you for chiming in with your advice and encouragement.

Jul 16, 2009
parasite infestation is morgellons
by: Anonymous

i am sorry to tell you this but you have morgellons disease - i have been dealing with this for 3 years now and am much, much better - but it requires alot of research (tons on the internet now) and consistency and doing several things at once - there are also support groups now and much information out there to help you - good luck

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