Diagnosed with Strongyloides

by Allison

Approx. 22 years ago I was diagnosed with Strongyloides after a severe bout of diarrhea that lasted 6 weeks.

I've been given various worm medications (Vermox, Zentel...) but I discovered Ivermectin thru' the Internet.

The problem has recurred, and I cannot obtain any more Ivermectin.

The Doctor prescribed Amorebix. I would love to get a cleanser to totally eradicate this parasite.

Dear Allison,

Strongyloides is, of course, an intestinal parasite which is often called threadworm or roundworm.

The herbal cleanse that I would suggest for treating such an infection would be Herbal Fiberblend. I would do a full 3 month cleanse.

If you feel that your condition is quite severe and advanced, you might also want to take Para 90 along with the Herbal Fiberblend to be sure to get the fullest possible elimination.

I guess the big question would be whether or not we can mail the AIM products to Jamaica. If you think you'd like to give these products a try, let me know and I'll inquire for you.

If you want a postage quote as well, go ahead and fill out the UK order form and I'll check on that for you while I'm at it. They are usually the most affordable when it comes international postage.

To your good health!

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Feb 24, 2012
Diagnosed with Strongyloides and Jamaican Natural Remedy NEW
by: Angie


Thank you so much for coming back and giving us an update on what you have found to work for you and give you relief. I'm not the least surprised that a natural herbal remedy did the trick (or is in the process of eliminating the problem).

Instead of using the prepared herbal remedy I suggested (Herbal Fiberblend), you found a way of creating your own and achieving good results.

I love to hear stories like this because we have so many international visitors who live in areas where it is difficult to obtain the prepared natural supplements that I'm most familiar with.

It's a great testimony to hear that you were willing and able to get the raw herbs and do it yourself.

I'm not really familiar with the Bitterwood Tree, but I can see that it also called the Quassia amara and has various uses.

Also the semi-contract weed/herb you mentioned seems to be a well known anti-parasitic in your region, which is great for others from that part of the world to note.

Chalk another one up to natural herbal remedies getting the job done! :)

I hope you continue to improve!

Feb 23, 2012
by: Allison

In light of not obtaining your herbal product, I found another source or rather, a treatment which I will share with you.

Obtain some strips of bark from the 'bitterwood tree' and put to dry and then boil.
Also get 'semi-contract weed\herb', put to dry and then put in a pot of boiling water to steam for 1-2 days.
Then mix\blend both portions and refrigerate.
This herbal medication is to be taken for nine [9] mornings - half cup. I was told to get the dates of Full Moon and that is when to start the procedure. Reason being, worms harvest at full moon.

Having done this procedure started on Feb. 8-16,[Full Moon was Feb 7 @ 21:54], I have experienced 'great relief'. My legs down towards my feet\ankles are no longer swollen, energy level has increased,itching of nostrils has reduced also rubbing of eyes. I will be repeating this procedure next month beginning March 8-16, [Full Moon is Mar.8 @ 09:39].

Research in Jamaica has shown that farmers do not plant seeds\seedlings\suckers during Full Moon, nor do they cut sticks for yam vines because worms are usually embedded in the sticks, thus they will enter the soil and destroy what is sown.

I hope this info will be of benefit to others.


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