Diarrhea With Mucus

by Jean

Diarrhea with mucus continues after colonoscopy and stool samples examined at a hospital lab.

The first of Oct. diarrhea suddenly began. I had to be out of state for 2 weeks, so scheduled an appointment with a Gastroenterogist for Nov. 15, 2010.

A colonoscopy was done and stool samples examined at a hospital lab. Neither test showed anything unusual. I continue to have diarrhea with propulsive BM's with puddles of what appear to be eggs (of a parasite possibly?).

Hi Jean,

I would definitely suggest a natural herbal colon cleanse to help you get rid of this continuous diarrhea with mucus.

But first, let me ask you if you recall any changes in your dietary intake around the time you started noticing the diarrhea. Did you start any new supplements by chance? Too much magnesium intake will cause continual diarrhea in most people.

It doesn't really sound like that is the problem in your particular situation, but I felt I should mention it just in case because it can be the littlest things that are overlooked at times.

Since you are seeing what you believe are eggs in your stool, it is quite likely that you do have a parasite infection. They are often difficult to detect in stool testings and may need repeated tests to return a positive result.

However, most people can safely eliminate the problem of parasites using a simple protocol of Para 90, Herbal Fiberblend and Florafood to cleanse out the parasites and rebuild the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.

You definitely don't want to just ignore this and hope it goes away. You can end up not only dehydrated, but with some very serious bowel issues long term.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to ask.

To your good health!

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