Does Salba help you lose weight?

by Helen
(Strathmore Ca.)

Does Salba help you lose weight?

I am about 180 pounds. Can this wonderful salba help me?

Hi Helen,

Generally speaking, Salba is not specifically a weight loss aid.

Having said that, it has so many health benefits that it ultimately may help you lose weight because it helps to improve your digestion and balance your body's systems.

When you are processing and eliminating your food properly, your body will absorb nutrients more efficiently from the good foods that you are eating and help to improve your immune system, balance your hormones, etc.

Weight loss can be so tricky. I have battled weight issues most of my life. Finding the right formula that works for you can be such a challenge.

As we age, it gets even more and more difficult. I would generally suggest that if you haven't done so before, you start with a good 3 month digestive cleanse using Herbal Fiberblend.

Herbal Fiberblend is a great way to clean out your colon of old fecal matter, mucus, parasites, etc., that are contributing to your difficulty in losing weight.

I would also suggest that you start taking some AIMega and Barley Life on a daily basis.

The AIMega is a combination of EFA's that help to reduce inflammation and can even help in balancing your hormones. The BarleyLife is alkalizing and extremely nutritious.

The combination of these three supplements will work together to put your body in the best position to get toward a healthy weight.

Of course, you were asking specifically does Salba help you lose weight. It could help, but I don't know that Salba alone will give you the best possible chance for weight loss.

To your good health!

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