Eggs Cause Constipation?

by Al

Do boiled or fried eggs cause constipation?

Hi Al,

I don't think eggs cause constipation for the majority of people, in general, but almost anything can cause constipation in a person.

We all have a different make up, and have allergies to different things. Some people are much more sensitive to dairy products than others.

Other people can't tolerate much greasy food without getting constipated.

Usually, these problems can be remedied with a good digestive cleanse and proper nutritional support, but not everyone is willing to put the effort into getting their digestive tract sorted out and functioning properly.

A good way to test whether or not you (or someone else) has trouble tolerating eggs is to cut them out for a few days. If the constipation clears up, have an egg or two the next day. If the constipation returns within 24 hours, you may be correct.

If the only concern you are having from eating the eggs is constipation, you can probably still enjoy the eggs if you will just add something else to your diet to counteract the problem.

By this I mean, Omega oils, Salba, added fiber (a spoonful of Herbal Fiberblend will do the job), digestive enzymes (like Prepzymes), or extra Vitamin C (1000 mg. a couple times per day).

I don't like to cheat myself out of my favorite foods. If you can get your digestive tract working properly, you shouldn't have to.

To your good health!

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