Estrogel and Prometrium

by Lise Boisvert
(Bathurst, New Brunwick, Canada)

Are estrogel and prometrium considered the same benefits as just taking Renewed Balance?


I am a 63 year old female and I had a lot of mild anxiety, depression, no energy, all things related to menopause I am sure.

I started on Estrogel and Prometrium, low doses, in March of 2009. It has been a year, and I still have side effects that I am not comfortable with, like sore breasts and swelling of the legs.

So, a month ago I drop the so called bio identical hormones for Renewed Balance. I have used Renewed Balance for 3 weeks, and the soreness in my breast has gone away. There's not so much swelling in my legs etc., but I still feel as if I am not yet balanced like I should be.

I still have symptoms of forgetfulness and low blood sugar. I feel like I have to eat more often so that I feel better...

I am a type A behavior - I never stop, always doing things. I am an interior designer married to a business man who is high maintenance. I walk, do yoga, and am trying to slow down.

So, all this to say, should I remain on Renewed Balance?

Lise Boisvert

Hi Lise,

Hormones can be pretty complex. They are vital to our good health, and that's why we want to keep them in balance.

If you are estrogen dominant, I wonder why you were prescribed the Estrogel and Prometrium combo in
the first place. The symptoms you experienced after taking the Estrogel (sore breasts and swelling of the legs) are common side effects of that product and too much estrogen in the body.

I'm glad to hear you had the good sense to stop taking the Estrogel and start using Renewed Balance instead. :)

The fact that you've had positive results in as little as 3 weeks should be a great encouragement to you. Some people find it takes a couple of months to notice a real difference while others can see the change in a matter of days.

The majority of women do not need more estrogen. In our western societies we tend to have an imbalance because of our modern lifestyle. We have a tendency toward estrogen dominance.

I would encourage you to continue with the Renewed Balance for at least a few months to get a real sense of the full benefits it can bring. You can even increase the amount of the cream you are using as needed.

If after several months you still feel that you aren't quite in balance, you may want to get your hormones tested by a doctor experienced in natural health and hormone testing.

Another option is to consider adding some RevitaFem capsules to your daily routine. Here's a RevitaFem Fact Sheet you can look at for more information if interested.

Please let me know if I can be of further help.
To your good health!

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estrogel and prometriumhi
by: lise

Hi angie,

Thank you for your help,i will look into revitafem to compliment renewal balance ,i have more energy,and i have a feeling that i am finally on the right track, after eight years of searching.
Lise Boisvert.

by: Angie

I'm so happy to hear that. I'm thrilled for you and pleased if I was able to have a small part in encouraging you or helping you in some small way.

If you decide to try RevitaFem, use the Canada order form and I'll be sure you get the best price.


My story regarding Hormonal replacement and thyroid disease
by: Anna

At 48 I had Grave disease and shortly after have also had the dreadful thyroid orbital eye disease. 2 years later I was experiencing 100% menopausal symptoms.IT was dreadful I did not have hope cause there was so much negativity re. the hormonal replacement therapy .I made my own research and dis covert that due to my Grave disease 2 years earlier I was totally depleted of estrogen which most of us have stored at that age in our fat cells, for me the metabolism of the grave disease depleted my body of the hormones.Anecdotal but I stand by it as it made sense.Since then I have been on etrogel I was 50 when a started I am now 63 years old.MY thyroid disease ,mental health physical health eye disease have been under control I believe due to the hormones.There is no cancer in my family and so far I am lucky to have so far lived a good quality of life people say I look 15 years younger I have take etrogel cyclical the last 3 years at a 1/4 of the dose.From the full dose I started 13 years ago.And always routinely without missing dosages that is for 25 days, than I take prometrium by using it on my skin from day 15 to day 25. I stop all treatments for 5 to 6 day. Restarting the same cycle.I sleep well, feel great look good, and it keeps me balanced.I do exercise 3 times a week.I still work 20 days a month.I do over eat sometimes and am 10 pounds overweight my diet is mostly mediterranean,some Asian, no processed food in the last 5 years My weakness is eating to much chocolate, my strength one glass of wine with a meal a day my family and friends.
Cheers Ana
PSHope this info. might help somebody,please excuse my english still learning....

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