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You can order AIM in Canada quickly and easily with the simple Canadian order form at the bottom of the page and get the cheapest wholesale prices available.

You may want to choose from one of the popular AIM Starter Packs and get the added benefits that come along with that, or choose from the individual products farther down the page.

Please note that if you click on the product name, a new page will open with information on that specific product. Once you've decided exactly what products you want, just fill out the simple order AIM in Canada form below, and I will process your order and send you a confirmation receipt.

AIM Products Available in Canada

Starter Pack - Body Booster 1
(Garden Trio powder, Herbal Fiberblend powder)

Starter Pack - Weight Loss
(2 ProPeas, GlucoChrom, Fit'n fiber)

Daily Essentials 1 - Herbal Fiberblend raspberry powder, AIMega capsules, BarleyLife powder

Daily Essentials 2 - BarleyLife powder, AIMega capsules, Fit'n Fiber powder

AIMega® 120 softgels  - single bottle
                                    - 6-pack

BarleyLife® 360 gram powder (family size) - single
                                                                - 6-pack

BarleyLife® 280 vegetarian capsules     - single
                                                            - 6-pack

BarleyLife® Xtra  360 gram powder      - single
                                                           - 6-pack

CalciAIM™ 400 gram powder         - single
                                                     - 6-pack

CellSparc 360® 30 softgels     - single
                                              - 6-pack

Cocoa Leaf Greens  194 gram powder   - single
                                                            - 6-pack

Composure® 90 veg. caps.          - single
                                                   - 6-pack

Fit 'n Fiber 324 gram  powder          - single 
   (peach)                                         - 6-pack

Florafood® 60 veg. caps.              - single
                                                    - 6-pack

Frame Essentials® 120 veg. caps.         - single
                                                            - 6-pack

Garden Trio® powder                            
     (BarleyLife, Just Carrots, Redibeets)     

GinkgoSense™  30 veg. caps.                - single
                                                            - 6-pack

GlucoChrom™ 60 veg. caps.                  - single
                                                             - 6-pack

Herbal Fiberblend® raspberry powder        - single
  (375 grams)                                           - 6-pack

Herbal Fiberblend® 280 veg. capsules     - single
                                                               - 6-pack

Herbal Release® 120 veg. caps.               - single
                                                               - 6-pack

Just Carrots® 400 gram powder               - single
                                                              - 6-pack

Peak Endurance™ 300 gram powder          - single
(blueberry/Acai energy drink with ATP)    - 6-pack

PrepZymes® 100 veg. caps.                    - single
                                                              - 6-pack

Proancynol 2000® 60 capsules             - single
                                                            - 6-pack

ReAssure®SP 60 softgel capsules           - single
                                                             - 6-pack

RediBeets® 250 gram  powder                   - single
                                                                - 6-pack





























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Please note, when using this Canadian order form for AIM products - Weekend orders will be placed on Monday.

It makes perfect sense that you can buy AIM products in Canada, because many of the products are actually organically grown there.

AIM products are also now available in other countries, so use the correct order form for your country of residence.

Here's how it works:

The AIM company offers wholesale prices to AIM Members. There are four different ways you can become an AIM member:

  1. Pay $20 per year, or...
  2. Purchase one of the Starter Packs listed above (and get free shipping), or...
  3. Purchase any combination of products that totals $100 or more, or...
  4. Sign up for a minimum 3 month auto-ship for $50 or more of AIM products.

Once you become an AIM member, you automatically receive all future orders at the wholesale prices, no matter what size order you place.

Some people find all of that rather tedious and/or confusing. Others simply want to try one product but don't want to pay the non-member prices.

I completely understand your dilemma. That's why I make the wholesale prices available to all of my site visitors when they use the above form to order AIM in Canada. If you would like to place an order without becoming an AIM member, I'll process your order using my membership discount so that you can enjoy the lowest prices available.

These are great products, and I'd like everyone to benefit from the savings when possible. If you have any questions about how to order AIM in Canada, please feel free to contact me and I'll do my best to help you.

To your good health!

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