Eye Parasites

by Margaret Just
(Middletown, California, USA)

Husband With Eye Parasites

Husband With Eye Parasites

My husband has a type of eye parasites that seem to be living behind his eyeballs and exudes out from around the eyes constantly.

He can remove them by rubbing across his eyes and anytime of the night or day can remove dozens of them in this manner.

When he puts them into a container that is clear of with a white bottom, they appear to be about one quarter inch long black pieces of eyelash.

Does anyone know of such a parasite? Dr. Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse has not touched this creature, nor have many other natural remedies we have tried.

Hi Margaret,

I feel great sympathy for your dear husband. I'm not familiar with eye parasites like you are describing. I've been amazed at the wide range and variations of types of parasites that have been reported since we started allaboutparasites.com.

I'm sorry to hear that he has not found a natural remedy yet that will give him relief and healing.

I can only suggest what I am most familiar with. I can't guarantee that it will work for sure for your hubby, but it shouldn't hurt him at all, and you can ask for a full refund if he isn't helped by it. This is what I would try...

  • Para 90 - antiparasitic and antifungal herbs in capsule form (it includes the herbs that Hulda Clark recommends, but it also contains several more). This would be taken 3 times per day.

  • Herbal
    - Herb and psyllium fiber combo that will help to flush the dead and dying parasites from his body more quickly. HFB is in powder form and would be taken twice per day (also available in capsules, but many believe the powdered form is more effective).

  • Florafood - probiotics to build up the good bacteria in his system and give his immune system more support to fight off whatever this parasite may be. Florafood is in capsule form and should be taken 2-3 times per day.

  • Garden Trio - whole food supplement powders that are made from freshly juiced barley grass, carrots, and beets harvested and juiced at the peak of their nutrition. These are mixed with water or your favorite juice.

    Using the Garden Trio like drinking highly concentrated freshly juiced vegetables. They are rich in nutrition, vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes that your body needs to battle illness and heal.

I would also suggest that your husband do his best to reduce his sugar intake as much as possible (all forms) for a month or two. Most parasites feed on sugar or at least thrive in a body that is consuming too much sugar regularly.

These are my best suggestions for your husband. I wish I could identify the eye parasites for you exactly so that he could at least know what it is that's troubling him, but I would only be guessing.

To his good health!

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Nov 25, 2021
Eye parasites
by: Baron

You should read Dr Balda's Book, taken from Dr Clarks several volumes. Ridding parasites is a process. They feed on toxins. Remove their food source, weaken them.
To win this battle you must fight on every conceivable front, Botanicals, Frequencies. Making salves for when they surface. MAGNETS. Must be Bio Negative polarity. (The Geological North point of your compass arrow will always point you to Bio-Negative side of magnet.
Sometimes you have to shake them out of their protected area using a Tens Device so you can finish them off with Rife.
Clark Zapping is good but no one method is the end all be all. Throw everything you got at them.
Learn to scan for specific parasites using Spooky2

Oct 28, 2021
Demodex NEW
by: Nmx

Demodex mites look like eyelashes... also Morgellons are black filaments... Typical Eye drops for contact lenses... the ones you rinse w/should help .. has borax in it should kill. If have on skin.. Boraz/20 Mule Team Borax and Diatomaceous Earth with some water on skin should help... some also recommend activated charcoal power mixed w/Dia Earth

Oct 27, 2021
Eye parasites
by: Derrick vinson

I’ve hade these parasites in my eyes for 2years lost 60 pounds can’t go out in day light Don’t sleep much don’t eat much any more I have photos I took with my I phone and a endoscop magnifying. 1500. Thy are killing me slowly. And the worst of it all. My 8 year old son has them to I’ve been to a dozen doctors thy will not lission say it’s a 3rd word thing. No way we can get it Well I have photos live Vidio of these things and no one will lission My name is Derrick Vinson I live in ocala fla 34470. My number is +13215128743. E mail. Vinsonderrick488@yahoo.com. Please any one. Save my sons eye don’t let him go blind. I’m about blind now from them I can’t stand any light Thank you for lission.

Jul 06, 2021

DEMODEX MITES CAUSE MACULAR DEGENERATION ~OO~ Google: demodex mites then scroll down to near the bottom and save the list of what they cause(15) then back up to save it looking at you! .. They cause alot in us like thinning to balding hair and rosacea .. Only 1 gene is a 2nd cause of thin to bald hair! .. FACT: A bad parasite gets a whiff of a drug it runs to an empty pocket in you. May kick up in the same spot or another spot in you. At times with a vengeance! 1st time on Ivermectine(6 pills x4 wks) they ran to my private area kicking up!. 2nd time I woke up with a swollen shut left eye! They took over the left side of my head to my chin! Selsun Blue medicated shampoo directly on areas calmed them down. (swelling spots~red swelled spots~open lesions~blood in some lesions) .. USA Eye doctors are not aware nor trained on them! .. Thank you to the parasite lab owner!

Aug 10, 2018
Got dirt flung in my eye NEW
by: GoAwayBugs

A few months ago I was picking up rubbish and saw some metal stuck in the ground. I pulled it and it flung dirt right into my left eye! Now months later, my eye is watering on and off, and I have mucous around my eye in the morning. I am terrified that this is a parasite, my mum knew of a guy who got an eye parasite and it ate away his eyeball (he was gardening).
Why would this take so long to manifest, my diet is good I rarely eat sugar, but they put a death meter on our house and everyone is using those dumb phones and maybe the EMR is making my immunity become bad.
Has anyone read Healing through God's Pharmacy by Maria Treben? I'm wondering if maybe her recipe for small Swedish bitters would help those who are having eye parasite problems. I just have to figure out some of the ingredients, because what is "Manna"? They don't explain what that is.

Mar 17, 2018
Parasite NEW
by: NM

First of all stop eating sugar... limit carbs... they feed them... meat & veggies are best.... they hate eggs and Sulphur - they will almost disappear if you cut these foods........ Naturopath tested and said Holy Basil/Tulsi, N Acetyl Cysteine, Pau d'Arco, R Lipoic Acid and Wormwood & Black Walnut ....

Mar 17, 2018
Parasite NEW
by: NM

My guess is Morgellons they involve mites that look like that as well as many other things... You can make your own eye spray with homeopathics... would recommend Kali Arsenicum, Cina, Silica, Sulphur and Sabadilla - add 5-6 pellets to cup of water and use spray bottle - Walmart and Target have some homeopathic drops that has some of these in them... also I used the saline drops used for contact lenses... you can also take those remedies orally Arsenicum is is another good one for oral...

Mar 17, 2018
Any Updates? Trying everything! NEW
by: Jen

Hi and thanks for sharing so much. I am in Australia. Hope you can help me. I'm Dealing with eye, nose, ear parasites. This followed on from 'worms' (never diagnosed but treated for the crawling sensations in my anus) I had for months all the normal meds and natural remedies failed until a double dose of albendazole slowed them down from intestines but then the eyes/nose/ears started. I have had this for several months and no help from mainstream drs they think I'm delusional. I'm seeing an ophthalmologist next week at my insistence.. A naturopath believes me and is treating me with cleanses (intestaclear), oils(frankincense, peppermint, oregano, rosemary) and just started RIFE machine (radio frequencies) but it is getting worse.Have been reading all your comments, so many different ideas - can anyone tell me where they are up to now? what has worked? have any of you cured your eye parasites? I need help, and hope, am feeling desperate. wishing wellness to all.

Dec 13, 2017
Parasites in the eye and how together rid of them NEW
by: Pamela Wood

I have experienced this problem and many other parasite related issues. What I found to work is an eye drop made called "Similasan" get the stye formula. It will give you relief.

Now I have read that there's are bovine parasites and they go to your eye to reproduce. Best of luck.

Jan 10, 2017
Look up info about DE Diatomaceous Earth NEW
by: Janis

I've been reading about food grade Diatomaceous Earth and it appears to get rid of parasites. I just ordered some from Amazon. I hope this will work for you

Jan 12, 2016
Castor Oil NEW
by: JB

I have been having a problem with my arms and my back for months. I could go on forever, but basically that is it. I also had what appeared to be a piece of hair about two and a half or three and a half inches long wrapped around my eye ball (I don't remember the exact size now). I had eye pain and when I went to an infectious disease doctor I asked her to look at my eyes. She took a quick look and didn't notice anything. The next day I bent over and it was undeniable that there was something in my eye. I looked in the magnifying mirror with a flash light shining in my eye and there I could see something wrapped around my eye ball. It was in the crease. I took it out using a Q-tip. I also have a problem inside my nose and sinuses.

I decided to try castor oil on my arms and inside my nose and my eyes. I made sure it was pure castor oil. There is something in the castor oil that seems to draw things out of my skin without the harsh effects of some of the other products I have tried. when applying it to the nostrils, put the castor oil on a tissue or a Q-tip and put it way up into the nose and all over the inside of the nostrils before going to bed at night. Also try using a lesser amount during the daytime if you have some sort of problem in the nose. I am thinking that at night the sinuses will drain back and get the castor oil up further into the sinuses. I don't think there is any danger in castor oil in small amounts. You can ask your doctor for the answer to that question before using it.

I am also mixing a teaspoon full of castor oil with some orange juice and drinking it before bed at night. I hope it helps you also. Start with a half teaspoon of castor oil in orange juice; because Castor Oil can make you go to the bathroom within a very short period of time. You will want to see how your body reacts to it. You can take the Castor Oil without the juice, but it is tasteless and not very palatable.

I am also taking a low dose of iodide/iodine pill. Iodine/iodide can be dangerous for a person's health if too much is taken. I am not comfortable about taking iodide/iodine, but I think it kills some fungus and mold, perhaps other things too. The liquid made for internal use is used to treat sporotrichosis in developing countries. I had been scratched by a rose bush prior to when all these problems started. I thought I may have had sporotrichosis or something associated with the rose bush thorns that were in my skin. I do not really know; because no doctor has done the specific tests to discover sporotrichosis.

Due to some research done by one person it seems to me that anyone who has previously been diagnosed with ADHD or Bipolar Disorder will automatically be assumed, by some doctors, to be delusional when asking to be examined for a parasite infection. The person who did the research suggested that the doctors be sure to express their skepticism to the patient. I read the article after I had gone to an infectious disease doctor who used the exact words, "I'm skeptical". At the time she expressed her opinion to me I had just told her that I thought she had not done her job; because during my visit to her office she seemed more interested in my mental state than in my skin. I thought her statement was an odd one. As soon as I read the article about the research I understood where the doctor I had seen was coming from. When I walked into her office the first thing she said to me was, "I know about your". I interrupted her mid sentence and said, "depression". She said no, "ADHD". My general practitioner had sent her my medical records. I didn't even pay much attention to the doctor's ADHD statement. At the time I did not know it was assumed that there was a connection between ADHD and Delusional Disorder. Perhaps people with ADHD are more likely to participate in activities that expose them to parasites than those who do not have ADHD. Perhaps the researcher included a higher percentage of people with ADHD in the study than there are in the general population. I have been treated for adult ADHD. I do not have bi-polar disorder. I do have a problem with depression though,and have for many years. I think if I were delusional I would have had some delusions prior to being fifty seven years of age. I hope your husband feels better soon and anyone else who is having a similar problem.

Dec 17, 2015
Eye Parasites NEW
by: Jean

Please excuse my post below. I'm sorry I didn't have time to read the reviews when posting but was anxious to help and just noticed you already tried the zapper and silver. The only other solution I would have is to try..again..to find a very good Retina dr. I see you have tried several already. I have been seeing one here in Fl for the last two years for an extremely rare bacteria from my well water. I had 3 surgeries plus numerous eye meds including taking an antibiotic called Clarithromycin for 9 mos. The report from my last surgery was negative for the bacteria. The only problem I have now is a little swelling for which I am still on a medication for. My dr. has really been wonderful and is known as one of the very best Retina specialists who also travels and gives lectures quite frequently on the eye.
I will definitely be praying for you.

Dec 14, 2015
Eye Parasites NEW
by: Jean

You may try zapping. I know someone that does this and supposedly it works for the bacteria etc. Read up under "zapping for eye bacteria" by Clark. Also you can try Sovereign Colloidal Silver in the eye or by mouth (but not homemade silver).

Aug 16, 2015
Thank You NEW
by: Jo Jo

Thank you for all the suggestions here. Stilll suffering after 4 years. Thank you for the nasal wash ideas. I'm on all supps and more not mentioned here. It's been a battle beyond description. I have other chronic issues that brought this on. Will not deescrible here. It was toxic issues started way before the eye condition. As long as the chronic issues persist, the eye condition remains. It's alll connected. But I appreciate any suggetions

Aug 11, 2015
Morg - Eye Para NEW
by: NM

Very effective - Borax / 20 Mule Team Borax dissolved in a bottle of water works well on skin - kills skin mites and other creepy things... I wouldn't use in eye - the multipurpose eye solution works for that - Walmart and Target also have homeopathic eyedrops which help - the Pinkeye Relief has helped me as have others.. Similasin is brand for some of them. The pink eye brand is IRP - takes lot of vitamin C - and the N Acetyl Cysteine...

Aug 10, 2015
Sinus Rinses NEW
by: TrytoHelp

Try these...

Saline Sinus Rinse (Buy at Walmart, CVS)
The one with menthol is better.

Diluted Peroxide Sinus Rinse. Start with a very diluted mix and make stronger if tolerable. Danger can burn.

Colloidal Silver Sinus Spray.

Diluted Black Walnut Complex Nose Drops. Start with a very diluted mix and make stronger if tolerable. Danger can burn.

Rotate the use of these. Do one right before bed. Keep them near you for use as needed.

Hope this helps.

Jul 04, 2015
Eye Parasites NEW
by: nm

Sounds like Morgellons - go to www.carnicominstitute.com - he says N Acetyl Cysteine, Vit C will help quite a bit - NAC is a big glutathione creates / most powerful antioxidant our body has to fight these kind of things...

Jul 04, 2015
no help here NEW
by: Bonnie

I have been to the doctor and emergency room many times over my left eye I try to tell them I feel something crawing and biting but they don't help me its been years I have suffered with this problem , its like they don't care I even told my eye doctor he sent me to the er .the pain unbareable, so I just suffer why go they don't do anything ,give me save that doesent help ,how crule

May 17, 2015
Neurofibroma NEW
by: GT

OK, after having to get a second biopsy the lump in my mouth was a neurofibroma and I have since had it removed. (very painful!) It also explains the movement in my eyelids which is from the nerves. It felt just like parasites. Hopefully removing it is all that is needed. Time will tell. As soon as its healed a little better I will be back on the peroxide, one minute cure program. Hope this helps someone. Get checked for neurofibroma. I'm not sure how they do it.

Feb 23, 2015
Bug in eye NEW
by: Lisa

What I do is over the sink, hold your eye open, and use the sink sprayer at a comfortable temp & pressure to spray it out. the thing doesn't like it and does back flip to try and stay in. That part is very uncomfortable but tolerable & well worth it getting the thing out...you can also do boric acid eye washes. Ask your pharmacist the ratio to make it, something like a tea or table spoon of it & add to gallon distilled water, hope this helps.

Feb 10, 2015
Internal Cleansing NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi GT,
Keep in mind that cleansing herbs don't just clean out your intestinal track. People often think of their body in segments rather than as a whole entity.

Anti-parasitic herbs that cleanse out the intestines also cleanse the blood and other areas of the body as a result.

Yes, there are certain organs that are tougher to detox/cleanse than others (example - lemon juice or beet juice are particularly good for cleaning the liver), but essentially you have to treat the body as a whole.

Give the body what it needs, whether it is something to eliminate the negative or improve the positive, and the body will target the areas that need help.

I reiterate my suggestions above as they are still what I believe would help you most.


Feb 06, 2015
Thanks NEW
by: GT

Thanks or the replies. The 7 day detox of "The Cleaner" all herb detox is the 2nd one I've done. The first one was a month ago. They recommend waiting a month between detoxes. In between I've been taking "Purify" for 2 months and just recently doubled the dose. It is also an all natural herbal parasite cleans. I feel my intestines are clean and clear of parasites it is the internal ones around my eyes and sinuses that won't go away. My right eye lid is the one mainly infected but I'm starting to now feel movement around my left eye... I also have this sore hard lump on the right rood of my mouth that the ENT could not explain and didn't think is anything serious. I think its a large parasite but he didn't think so. I typed in parasite doctor and it took me to the CDC and it said an Infectious Disease Specialist specializes in parasites so I called a couple and left messages. Today I am going to us the Zapper all day and see if that does anything.. I'm going to go get some peppermint and tea tree oil and see what that can do. Thanks for the advice. This is absolutely the grossest thing I've ever had happen to me.. Its disgusting. I'm a carpenter and was working on an old barn full of termites, wood boring beatles, old bird nests full of poop, etc. I must have breathed in some parasite eggs or the other thing is I got it from some venison or wild pork that I handled... I'm going to find a cure for this!! That's again for all the help.

Feb 04, 2015
More Than A 7 Day Detox... NEW
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear GT,

You are going to need more than a 7 Day Detox cleaner to fully eliminate your problem. Although you think your issue isn't an "internal" one, it almost always is.

That's true even when the underlying cause isn't simply parasites of some variety. Your body is able to fight off most things when it is given the resources it needs to do so, and that generally means internally supporting the immune system through cleansing/detoxing as well as nutritional support.

First let me comment about the cleansing side of things. Seven days is rarely long enough when dealing with parasites because of the various life cycles you have to consider. Short term cleansing usually results in recurring problems. I strongly encourage you to cleanse for a couple of months with Herbal Fiberblend to give your body the best possible chance of eliminating the parasites in all of the life cycles. It is a safe and gentle enough cleanse to use long term while being extremely effective at the same time.

In addition, I would encourage you to consider (at the minimum) adding AIMega and Barley Life to your daily regimen as well to give your body the nutritional support to help fight what you are dealing with.

If you don't start noticing improvement by the end of the first 30 days, send them back for a refund. (AIM has a satisfaction guarantee)

I hope you will be able to institute these suggestions and that you will soon be feeling so much better.


Feb 03, 2015
Response to GT
by: JJ

GT, as posted many times in the comments above, our medical system in the US doesn't deal with parasites. Only very few Dr's will even approach the subject. Only those Dr's who have lived in or worked in 3rd world countries understand the reality of them. Our medical system won't even teach the med students this subject or acknowledge it. This is why I recommended a Natural Path Dr that WILL talk about it and it's reality. The Natural Path Dr is the very best way to go. Doa search under "Natual Path Dr and your city on google and see what comes up. Or go to the BioSet website and find one there. If you keep mentioning parasites to Dr's in our med system, they will think your crazy.

Our med system is geared in the area of making money. If they told the public that cancer cells are the root issue of parasite eggs, they would be out of businessses....FOREVER> And many insurance co's would go bankrupt. Like mentioned before, please consider using organic oils, esp peppermint. It's not a cure, but it helps greatly. Never put peppermint directly in the eye. One drop is enough around the eye. They are eating your cornea...this is why they move around the surface.

Feb 03, 2015
CT w/ resolution negative
by: GT

Went to the ENT today. He can see and feel the lump on the roof of my mouth but doesn't think its from parasites or anything serious. He only wants to see me again if it gets bigger.. He brushed off the parasites in my eye comment and said he can't see anything in the CT scan.. Another waste of time. You can clearly see my upper and lower right eyelids are enlarged from the parasites and he didn't even want to investigate. He said I should go see an eye doctor. I can constantly feel them crawling all the way around my right eye. This is miserable and irritating. I'm back on the Cleaner which is a 7 day detox. I think its probably only good for intestinal parasites. Sure wish there was a good easy way to kill these things.

Jan 29, 2015
Response to last poster
by: Jo Jo

Digestion and keeping your intestinal tract clean is the very basic esssential. This has to come in line first, like 4 bowels movements a day and lots of water, prefer filter. If the DT or GI is not clear, your battle is not going to be good. Also, I bought Ear Mulien, garlic and olive oil through Lucky Vitmin.com and put one drop in each eye at night and in afternoon. This helps tremendously. Also rub in eye brows on side of nose and in nose.

To the person of last comment before this one...the lumps in your mouth may be disintergrated by very high doeses of vitamin D3 and drinking water with lemon oil in it. Or peoppermint tea. Peppermint and lemon oils or teas are detox agents. You can even put one drop of peppermint oil on them, but I would swish your mouth with it 3 times a day and put it in your toothpaste. I also would not use flouride toothpaste, only organic that is non flouride. CLOVE OIL IS THE BEST FOR MOUTH ISSUES, GUM DISEASE, MOUTH SORES, PAINFUL TEEETH...ALL THAT. I would highly recommend oils and teas far above medication. It's the only thing that has saved me. Peoppermint oil around the ey, not in it, relieves headaches, pain or any other sensation.

May we all continue in the Strength of Abba Father, believing for a breakthrough, keeping our spirits in a flow of Shalom.

Jan 25, 2015
Add me to the list
by: GT

Started about 5 months ago with headache, throbbing sinuses, sore temples and jaw and ringing ears. Been to 5 doctors. Now its 2 sore lumps on the right roof of my mouth, my right eyelid is swollen and I feel things crawling in it... ears still ringing.. My eyelid feels "weird!" things crawling around.. gives me the willies. Latest is the new ENT doc wants another CT scan because he can feel the lumps so I'm waiting for an appointment. I've tried amoxicillin, the Cleaner, Purify, Zappers, garlic, Co Q-10... nothing seems to work. I just tried dabbing a little turpentine on my eyelid.. burned like hell. Its a great cure for ringworm so I thought I'd try it for this.. I can still feel the crawling.. Next appointment I'm going to ask about DEC... this sucks!

Dec 01, 2014
by: Jo Jo

Hi, still suffering four years later. My situation is unusal, but typically the same symptoms as everyone else here. My internal system has been deeply effected previously before eye issue arose. MY HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION FOR ALL IS TO RUN TO A BIOSET LICENSED PRACTITIONER that are available in certain cities all across the nation. The BioSet company just opened a BioSet clinic in Florida that several Licensed professionals work at, but you don't need to go to that clinic to get help. Here's the link for BioSet. http://www.bioset.net/

It will help you understand and "SEE" what is going on internally in order for you to fight the eye parasite. PLEASE TAKE THE ADVICE OF OTHERS AND DETOX ALL SUGAR AND FLOUR PRODUCTS. You can try gluten free, but I would just get off of all products for a season. YOU WILL LOSE WEIGHT AND START FEELING BETTER - IN GENERAL.

Nov 29, 2014
eye parasites
by: nm

Sounds like you may have Morgellons.... recommend Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg maybe a couple times a day - no sugar/low carb diet - mostly vegetables and protein/meat will slow them down quite a bit... eat healthy though... Garlic up to 1000 mg at a time also slows them down... coq10 is good also alpha lipoic acid... but garlic and olive leaf are the best - for the eyes simple contact multipurpose fluid (ck w/pharmacist to make sure is right acidity for eyes) - keeps them out of eyes... Homeopathics also good - Cina 30/200, I believie this can be a filarial disease - so cina, arsenicum, kali iod and other homeopathics should help.... research it online. Use caution with mms - it could harm some people.

Nov 26, 2014
Any solution?
by: Parasites are the worse

I have been battling parasites as well. Regular doctors look at me like I'm crazy. One naturopath recommended GI-Synergy 3 packets a day with 1/2 my body wt in ounces daily.

I have taken two huge canisters and am feeling better. Unfortunately, I have had these aliens growing in me for a long time after drinking bad water from an island during a cruise!

I can feel the big ones still with an eye twitch. Out of desperation, I have been ordering anti-parasite medicine off the Internet online pharmacy. My friend gave me a doctors name in Boulder, Colorado, so I am going to try one last time.

Apr 16, 2014
UPDATE on Eye Issue
by: Jo Jo

Yeah....so the contact lens drops with borax in it doesn't work. The issues are internal in the eye, blood vessels on the retina and tiny lymph nodes in and around the eye. The intestinal tract must be cleaned immensely to change anything. I HIGHLY recommend to get good, solid guidance from a Natural Path Dr that is familiar with parasites in general and to take samples to this person, or have someone go with you that has seen them also.

At this time, a Natural Path Dr in America is the only person that is going to be able to help overcome this issue and also with prayer. You also cannot use any supp from a pharmacy or vitamins. They must be highly level science biology vitamins that are very clean. BioSET supplements are the best, but I HIGHLY recommend seeing a BioSET licensed practitioner that is kind and that can guide you through this valley.

Apr 07, 2014
Organic Coconut Oil For Eye Parasites
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Mike,
I'm glad to hear that you found the coconut oil to be effective for you. I'm not surprised as organic coconut oil as wonderful healing properties, but it is anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic as well.

I know you said you've tried everything, but have you actually tried the AIM Products that I've suggested to most of our visitors?

Get the Para 90, Herbal Fiberblend, Barley Life and AIMega (at the very least) and use the entire amount. If you don't see any difference, ask for a refund (they have a money-back guarantee). If you do see a difference, KEEP AT IT.

You won't get rid of something overnight that you've been suffering with for years, but you most definitely can make progress fairly quickly and get rid of it in the long run.

Wishing you all the best,
Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Apr 07, 2014
by: N

For the eyes plain eye contact drops - multi-purpose drops from Walmart or any store seem to work... He could have either demodex mites, but more likely Morgellons...you can learn more about that online

Apr 07, 2014
Parasitic worms, Metals in blood, molds or leeches?
by: MentalMick

Hello all! I am a severe sufferer of whatever these things are. I have been suffering symptoms for as long as I'm able to remember (which isn't very long). I have always picked at my skin till I had open wounds. Sometimes the wounds were so severe that they would require medical attention. Unfortunately I hid them from anyone to see and neglected to get the proper medical attention that should have been sought. This led to many more troubling issues, marks for others to add on their "nutcase" list or whatnot, however to make a long story short, I was reading some information earlier today about leeches. My question is this; Does anyone think it possible for these parasites to be another type of a leech?
I ask this due to they are very worm like. I have watched one lift itself off of my eye ball surface, at the outer corner of my eye socket. There are leeches that are clear or translucent. Leeches can live up to 18 months without a host. They are a parasite. The smaller ones I have been able to remove from around my eyes seem to have the exact characteristics i.e. the 3 sided or jawed mouth at one end & the stick to ANYTHING sucker business end that I believe the article said it to be. Also along my vast searching to gain knowledge of as to what these are I came across a photo of a leech that had wings. I know leeches are hermaphrodites so could it be possible if for them to morph or spread wings or wing-like features from their bodies to be more like their surroundings as a camouflage? Could they do it possibly for transportation?
Some leeches lay their eggs in the stomach of their host, as some types of parasitic worms do too. And there are medicinal type farm raised leeches that are in existence purely for medicinal purposes "supposedly".
I have noticed that in the eye that is mostly being fed from that I see sparkling things easier. I have picked up several of these things off of my carpet & my cat. The only way I was able to find them is due to how they sparkle when they become too dried out. Seeing this myself caused me to think of how much birds like things that sparkle. Research shows that the leeches being raised for medicinal purposes were feeding off of chickens, so as to not have cross contamination or whatnot.
I have used just about every product known to man to rid myself of these Invisible Invaders as I label them, and as one had said, they tend to become immune after a little while... with everything... EXCEPT one. Through my own personal trials and errors I found that coconut oil put directly under the eyelid soothes my troubles. Causes them to quit being so active or whatever. Hope this helps you too!

Jan 06, 2014
by: nm

an article at Carnicom.com has some very up to the minute info regarding this disease... He tells the things you need to supplement, that this thing is taking from your body.... Tyrosine (an amino acid which the body combines with iodine to make Thyroxine... which is why most of these folks are hypothyroid) and amine acids are one of main things your body needs more of... also that they are oxidizing the iron in your blood which is creating less oxygen for your body, and Ionic Colloidal Silver is suppose to add oxygen so might help... check out this article.

Jan 06, 2014
Jo Jo
by: Borax

THANK YOU SO MUCH. I will ask my pharmacist which product does this for me and my situation. Yes, earlier posts I mentioned Morgellons. This has been my battle. Morgellons is rooted in chemical toxins, mold, plant/farm sprays, Lyme disease, heavy metal poisoning, candida. It's buddy jacking off of other issues. Thanks again! :)

Jan 06, 2014
Worms / Eyes
by: NM

The pharmacist said the multipurpose drops with small amount of borax has the correct acidity level and are ok for eyes and they work. People experiencing this should search "Morgellons" that may be what you have

Jan 06, 2014
No Borax, Systane High Perf is best
by: Jo Jo

Hi, don't recommend borax in the eye. *Don't recoomend any kind of collodial silver....none of that! They will only increase! Still suffering here, been over 2 years now. Been tested for Lyme twice, no Lyme. Highly suggest sufferers test for Lyme, or special blood test for mold or heavy metal poisoning. Been cleansing for over 2 years, and not promoting intentionally, but www.pureherbs.com, "Ears and Eyes, E and E" product is the only thing I've found for peace. Also, now taking Triple Trinity Basil, as I "heard" basil rebuilds the cornea. It's the cornea you really want to protect. Keep lubricating, day and night. This is a must!

Been through major cleanses of all kinds, will do 3rd Liver/gall bladder flush in 2 weeks. Other issues going on internal that is also a battle. IS much better than ever. Dr Hulda Clark suggests swallowing whole cloves as they kill parasite eggs/cancer cells. Swallow 7 twice a day or if severe situation, every 4 hours. Will keep updating as things change. Haven't tried Systane eye lid wipes yet.

Jan 05, 2014
Worms in Eye
by: NM

Any Contact eye solution of the multipurpose type w/borax in it will usually dissolve these in your eye.... or a saline solution... w/o damage to eye... for intestinal garlic oil tablets would help ... wormwood herb also helpful

Jul 03, 2013
this long defined eye parasite
by: Anonymous

it has 3horns and a long trail wrapping around the eye
the dr said it was the eye gue and demanded that was that.... however when looking at this weired parasite the defined shape looks like it has grown and may not be found by the specialists eye exam?
i want to take care of it before it becomes so big that they find it and tear my eye up getting it out...

Mar 28, 2013
To Dave NEW
by: Jo Jo

Dave, this is Brealing News: Medical industry, retina specialists, opthamologists, family practice, etc IN THE WEST SIDE of Atlantic have no clue, or experience & live in denial of EYE PARASITES. Just saw 9th Retina Spec 2 wks ago in 2 year time frame in 4th Satate of US. Medical Professionals IN OTHER COUNTRIES recognize eye parasites but USA does not.

That is why this website is available to those suffering as A RESULT OF LACK of medical knowledge help in US.

If your knowing of a eye doctor who "knows" what this is, please pass on the name & number so "we can get help" as your suggesting.

Jo Jo

Mar 28, 2013
This is nuts
by: Dave

I've been reading here and see plenty of people who are in danger of losing their eyesight because of charlatan non-medical advice.

People with parasites in their eyes should see an Opthalmologist immediately and not waste time eating useless pills and drinking herbs. Crazy.

Feb 18, 2013
Hi Shelia
by: Jo Jo

I say we are healed & our eyesight is restored & better than before this began. I will pray Gracr for both of us to get through one day at a time. Keep the eye lubricated & drink lots of water so cells are constantly replinshed w/ H2O.

Also, as a suggestion, soak my face n warm water(I take a bath) w/ one drop of Eucalyptus oil, 1 tblspoon of olove oil & espon salt mixed together in bath. If you have pain on sides of eye (temples)you can dab a tiny bit of Eucakyptus oil there. The idea is to open the pores of skin to pull out toxins. I try getting (for me) the water as hot as possible. I LOVE "Derma E" Tea Tree kind & rub on face before bed. Feels great & on hands too.

I had to buy a allergy free pillow cover w/ zipper at Walmart because I sleep on side & need to sleep in general (wasn't for many months) & knew they may have been crawling on surface of eye at night. Had to protect what my eye was against (pillow).

Would also sugg "Eyebright" supplement & Chlorophyl to drink. Great blood cleanser. I swallow lots of whole cloves all day.

We will Overcome this very soon.

Feb 18, 2013
To: Jo Jo, Angie & Others
by: Sheila

Hi. I cancelled my March eye surgery for the time being and want to look up some things. I will try calling the retina Dr. to get hold of a prescription of Restasis and hope he will, and do so over the phone. I'm hoping to get a referral to a cornea specialist from my PA when I am able to. The 3rd night after taking the Ivermectin, my eyes began hurting again. I read online that some people take it once a month for a year. I have ten months worth.
I'm also trying to quit smoking and trying to keep my mind occupied and my hands busy too. I've smoked for 40 years and I think stopping that habit is the worst and hardest for me.
Has anyone that wears glasses noticed their prescription is "off" after these unwelcome invaders? God Bless everyone, hang in there, I'm glad to have "met" you through this.

Feb 10, 2013
HFB and other supplements
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Hi Sheila,

Thanks for the update on your progress. I'm so pleased to hear that you are getting some help in the right direction.

The Herbal Fiberblend is hard to come by in local stores, but you can get it online here at the wholesale price (with my wholesale discount) if you live in the USA.

Also, remember I mentioned boosting your immune system before and after surgery, etc.? If you can manage it, get some BarleyLife and AIMega, too (same place).

The nutritional support really promotes healing of the cells and I think you'll find that they will be of great benefit to you.

Keep us posted. I am praying for you.

Feb 09, 2013
To Sheila
by: Jo Jo

Hi Shelia, yes, the eye drops are over the counter, "Systane High Performance". Sorry misspelled original name.

I tried Ivermectrin, the brand you were perscribed at Walmart, but I couldn't get a retina spec to see the parasites, so I went to a farmers feed store & bought the Ivermectrin in the horse section of store. Unfortunately, because I didn't know I was fighting heavy metal poisoning (mercury spec) the Ivermectrin was useless & a waster of time & money. Took it for three months in fall 2011.

My strongest encoragement is that you take a BioCompatibility blood test to determine if there's a allegic reaction going in in your blood. Also, to consider seeing a cornea spec before you go into surgery. "Restasis" perscription eye drops are the best to repair the cornea. Even though the parasites are biting the retina & cornea, repairing the cornea w/ Restasis is a common formality in the eye care medical realm. If the cornea is damaged before surgery this can cause problems during surgery or after. Also, I'm not a doctor, but I have been battling this issue for 2 yrs away from medical help because medical help was unable to help me, or didn't care about my issue. I also have endured through several eye surgies in the past because I was born with Retina Blastoma, a rare eye cancer, in 1968. Only in my opinion, not speaking as a eye doctor, surgery will NOT take away the eye parasites. I don't want to put a damper on anything, but I do need to be honest from my own experience.

A BioComp blood test may shed much light on why the parasites are attracted to your blood.

Hope this helps. I also recommen "Natures Sunshine Products". I don't sell for them. If you have questions about them, please let me know. Also, www.puritanspride.com is a affordable vitamin shop.

Feb 09, 2013
Jo Jo, Angie & Others:
by: Sheila

Jo Jo, is the "Systan" High Performance a prescription drug as well or over-the-counter? And Angie, I will try to specifically get hold of some Herbal Fiberblend. Thank you Both and Thank You for telling me what was causing the pain and the pressure like thumbs being pressed into my eyes. I went to a Retina Specialist and I'm going to have surgery for "macular pucker", there is something written below that, but when I locate it, I will let you know what the words are. I asked if he saw the worms and he said, "Not with this machine, but with that one, I saw them back there!". The next morning I called his office back to ask for Ivermectin 1 milligram and was told to call my Primary Care Dr., which I did, gave my Retina Specialists name and number, and apparently answered all his questions satisfactorily because he prescribed me Ivermectin (Stromectol 3 mg @ Walmart= $16. with refills also, [take the 3 tablets in a single dose, empty stomach with water] I have to learn how often to repeat, waiting for a callback.Jo Jo and Angie, is the 'reason' for macular pucker those horrible infestations eating away my cornea, retina and whatever else is handy? It's far from easy yet not impossible to obtain this medication, PRAY first on your knees, it worked for me and I'm leaving alot of dr.s out of this.
I admire what you've all been doing and trying, hang in there. May God Bless you all.

Feb 08, 2013
Dear DJ
by: Jo Jo

I would like to know the name of the Dr that diagnosed you with "fiber floaters" because out of 8 Retina Specialists, and now 9 at the end of Feb, I can't get a eye dr to ascertain what I'm dealing with. They believe me (maybe) but can't see anything in my eye because the parasites hang out in the back of the retina when awake. I have several pics taken in a retina spec office, and they still can't see what I'm suffering with...2 years (or more) this April 2013.

If the eye dr is saying "fiber floaters" and your saying "worms", I'm very much in agreement with both pieces of revelation. The fibers are parasites/worms/bacteria/fungus in the eye. I have very smiliar issues you described, and the best basic start is to have a BioComp Blood test to determine what your body is allegeric to.

I happen to have had mercury put in my teeth by a NON natural path dentist that still uses mercury, and many still do and don't care of the paitents reaction to it, and was induced with heavy metal poisons over a 2 year period. As a reult, I was toxic, didn't know it and eventually my entire body system borke out into reaction. Mercury/silver/tin/alum is what I was reacting to, and my immune system was going downhill while storing up toxic metal in ALL my body systems.

I would recommend gettting a BioComp Blood test mentioned above. The cost of my test was $275.00, but well worth the information. I had to find a ntuaral path dentist to remove the mercury, which insurance didn't pay for. I would also find a nutritionist or a natural path dr that can read the blood test results for you. That will determine what's going on "in" your blood. Blood is the root issue here. The retina is the main connector to the brain and is filled with tiny blood vessels. The parasties feed on the retina sucking the blood. This is how they are able to multiply. Blood suckers. Yes. Very true and fills my heart with grief.

One thing you can start right away as mentioned above is a cleanse. Eating raw fruits and veggies and stop eating fast food, junk foood, pizza, (typical American diet) and start eating raw food. Drinking lots of filtered water flushes out the toxins in your blood. Cleaning the blood is essential.

Most Whole Foods or Nature Food stares sell colon cleanses. I swallow over 10 whole cloves daily, 3 times a day. Dr Hulda Clarke, "A Cure For All Cancer" studied that whole cloves kills eggs of parasites.

May you be richly blessed and in peace on this journey of the eyes.

Feb 08, 2013
Drs say floaters; I say eye parasites
by: DJ

I've been battling floaters for several years now, too many to count. I've noticed how they look like microscopic eggs of different sizes & worms ~ some are clear w/grayish outline, others are larger w/a darker brown color & appear to be hatching from an egg; others are larger w/a light gray outer layer, translucent center, 1 end is thinner than the other & just a minute ago, I saw 2 of them float towards each other & connect, whether it's mouth to mouth or end to end or mouth to end, I don't know. But w/the eggs, there thousands upon thousands floating around in both my eyes, some smaller than others, w/bright white centers. Other worms seem to be in a jumbled knot mess. When I try to focus on them, they float away so that I can't keep them where I can see them best. Some appear to be closer than others, whereas others appear to be twisted/turned outward. Some are thicker, some are thinner. I can remember having these back in 1993, & think I may have gotten them from either eating at a restaurant in Tijuana, Mexico, &/or wearing 1 contact lens for a long time w/o cleaning them, due to not having a stable living environment in Oceanside, CA. My vision has gotten worse over the years due to visual disturbances. I also suffer from itchy burning eyes, struggle w/night-blindness, night-time driving due to halos, star-bursts, & pain from headlights, as well as pain in my eyes that lead to headaches during the day, as well as having to turn down the HD on my pc, dimming the brightness, & applying a gray background to help reduce pain. Drs keep saying fiber floaters, I say eggs & worms. Does anyone else have this problem?

Jan 22, 2013
Surgery For Eye Parasites
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Sheila,

Thanks so much for taking the time to share your story. I hope all turns out well with your eye doctor appointment and that if you have surgery that it does the job.

Although we do primarily promote natural herbal remedies and nutritional options, it's certainly necessary at times to have surgical intervention.

To get the best possible results from your surgery, be sure to boost your immune system as much as possible before and afterward to give your body the ability to heal as quickly as possible.

I would also like to encourage you to give yourself a good herbal cleanse (my preference is Herbal Fiberblend).

I'm convinced that most people who are suffering from various conditions, even emotional ones, benefit greatly from a good clean out.

Do keep us posted on your progress.

Jan 22, 2013
Still in a battle but THANK YOU for the kind words!
by: Jo Jo

Hi Sheila and others,

Believe it or not I'm still battling eye parasites. It's been a year and a half. The Nutra Silver never killed them, as I took it for 6 months and spent an enormous amount of money. MMS (Miracle Minerial Suppl) doesn't work either. I did pay for a very expensive BioComp blood test, and have been on a heavy metal detox program since Aug of 2012.

I had pure mercury put in my mouth by a dentist that still uses that kind of product (many dentist still do, not uncommon), and I had to remove the mercury from my mouth, which insurance didn't pay, and now have a $5,000 dental bill. I'm still having issues with my dental work...but God is so Faithful and He will heal me completely! The hard nodules under my skin hang on, but they are much smaller than last year.

I have an oil bubble in my left yee, and an artifical right eye. The parasites are attracted to the silicone bubble. It would help to have it removed, but I'm not able to do this because I will possibly lose function of the retina.

Specialists say it takes a year to detox of mercury, or any heavy metal. So, I march on and find God's strength to endure through it, one day at a time. It really helps to write about this online. Sometimes you don't know what to do, but my Faith in Jesus is extremely strong.

Sheila, regarding the presssure on your eye....this is because they are eating away at your cornea, and possibly biting your retina behind your eye. I would recommend seeing a cornea specialist. There's a a perscription drug eye drop called Restasis. It's the only thing that has been keeping my cornea in one piece. You will have sharp shooting pain while taking it, so I recommend "Systan" High Perfromance eye drops all day long. The more mosture your eye has, the better health it will have and better it will feel. God speed to you and bless you and may He heal you and bring you through to completetion. Shalom, Shalom.

Jan 21, 2013
I have MANY worms behind my left eye!
by: Sheila

st year I was without insurance and the Lions Club sent me to Lens Crafters in Wa where I had the most thorough eye exam ever & been wearing glasses for 40 years! The Dr. told me, when I get ins. again next year (which I now do have)to go see an eye surgeon because I have ? (name of)migrating to behind my left eye and have them removed! My first thought was "where are they coming from" but I quickly realized I wasn't ready to know so didn't ask. (I've had alot of mental breakdowns in the last 25 years so I know my limit, usually) He said he he had a short video of what they look like on his pc and showed me. They, to me, look like watching what traveling sperm look like in our 6th grade sex film BUT without the "roundy heads"! For the last 3-4 months, I've felt increasing pressure on the front of the left eye and it's also started on the right. This pressure feels like someone is pushing their thumb on my eye and it hurts. I have to dim the lights and rest my eyes which most of the time helps.I called Lens Crafters and the Dr. will call me tomorrow (1-22-13)and I will
ask WHAT their name is and when my appointment was as I felt no "pressure" at that time. I will post what it is then on here. I realize this is using herbal remedies and such but I have NO qualms with surgery. My Father had cateract (sp)
surgery and told me about it. If he went through that I can go through my eye surgery.It's taken all this time for me prepare to accept the reality of this to deal with it as an adult and not wig out.
My sister-in-law told me to look it up tonight on the computer. The first 3 I read grossed me out so much, I X'd it out, to return in a few minutes.
My heart really goes out to ALL of you.I feel blessed that mine stay BACK there and I will pray for all of you but ESPECIALLY to the poor soul
with them in and out and everywhere and has had suicidal thoughts.I wasn't surprised to read God and prayer kept you going. Hang in there PLEASE. My Quotes by Norman Vincent Peale "The Power of Positive Thinking" 2013 calendar, January comes to mind which says: "YOU CAN BE GREATER THAN ANYTHING THAT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU"

Oct 06, 2012
Eye parasites
by: Joseph Aldridge

These and other sources of continued irritation can be fungal in nature, These even find their way into the eyes through the bloodstream. See www.KnowTheCause.com for some "eye openers" (no pun intended).

Apr 06, 2012
Nutra Silver
by: Angie

Thanks for that update Jo Jo. I've heard good things about people using Nutra Silver. I've used other forms of colloidal silver with good results, so it makes sense that Nutra Silver would also be beneficial for many conditions.

I've recently been asked to look into Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS) made popular by Jim Humble. I ordered some and am trying it on a stubborn tropical skin virus. It will be interesting to see the results.

I'm always on the lookout for genuinely helpful natural or inexpensive remedies that improve our health as opposed to all the prescription meds being pushed on us.

Hoping your eye clears up for you completely!

Apr 05, 2012
by: Jo Jo

Hi, I have been battling Morgellons since last April. Long story, but it manifested in a hotel room I stayed in, and entered into my eye. I have an oil bubble in my eye, and they swim in the oil bubble at night, and also move around in the day time. The fibers are colorful, blue, green, white and red dotes. They've been eating my retina since last year. Nutra Silver 3600 ppm cooidioal silver is the only thing that has given me peace. But, not gone yet because of the attraction to the oil bubble.

Everyone needs to know about Nutra Silver. It's extremely effective.

Mar 29, 2012
parasites in the eye
by: Anonymous

Has anyone thought about the part of the brain that is used for vision? It is in the back of the skull. Sight blindness is due to brain damage. The eye itself works fine. Can parasites inflitrate that part of brain and make it seem like you see something that eye examination will not detect. I see things in dim light my eye Doctor says I have Macular Degeneration and I worry that it is caused from the insect like movement I see at night. When light enters the eye they disappear. I have visited my son in Miami often, seems like a good place to pick something up, I am from Washington and not familiar with the enviroment and the precautions I should take. creepy

Mar 15, 2012
by: EG

I've had the problem with what seem to be parasites behind my eye and possibly in it. I use the Neil Med Sinus Rinse bottle filled with distilled water and a little squirt of hydrogen peroxide to irrigate my sinuses once or twice a day following the directions on the Neil Med box but not using the saline packets. In addition, I use Nature's Sunshine Bowel Detox until all synptoms subside. It usually takes a couple of bottles of the capsules to clear up the infestation which seems to be all over my system. I take the capsules as directed on the bottle with warm water and drink plenty of water all day.

Oct 21, 2011
To Eyehairs
by: Jo jo

Dear Eyehairs, I believe you have Morgellons Disease. They have long fibers on the ends of them and are super tiny. I have the same issue. You can look up more information here http://www.morgellonsfocusonhealth.com/hope_for_the_morgellons_mystery. Just cut and paste the link into your browser, the whole link. But you can find many other sites online. Morgellons Research Council is another.

The hairs are fibers that grow on them and they jump and lay eggs in clothing and hair. They are in your eyelashes, and eyebrows and they can be in your nose, sinus cavities and hair on your head.

If you have a crawling sensation, they crawl and bite also. They are in you because your immune system has been compromised. You have to start rebuilding your immune system again with vitamins and minerals. MMS is a great product.

I've been battling this for six months and they are in my eye. I've been putting really watered down neem oil or liquid garlic in my eye and that has helped. Everything has to be really watered down. An eye doctor has not helped me. I've been to seven Retina Specialists and they can't see anything....so that means I don't have it....wrong.

Hope this helps! May God give you peace today on your journey. You can write me at John11v11@yahoo.com.

Oct 21, 2011
I have baffled most opthomolagists
by: eyehairs

I have had this problem for a year now. I went to six different opthomolagists in the last year. My eye was severely inflamed and I had been getting hairs out of it that were up to two inches long. Iasked them about ingrown hairs growing up in my eye, they said no. I asked them why I keep getting all of the hairs and lint looking things out of my eye. The last doc I went to sent me to a specialists in Springfield Mo. He told me I had dermodex. By this time they had attached to my hair follicles and I could see them like long hairs moving out to the side of my head. When I pulled them, they would move and act like a snake. After further investigation on my own. I realized their was on at each end and the hair inbetween was baby like hair. They would stick to each other and I could hold then up tp a light of under a stron magnifying glass and could see that they were irridecent and they would flatten out a little and you could actually see the parasitic looking worm. I addressed this with the specialist and he said he knew exactly what I had and he called it dermodex. He was a little leary though when I told him I had gotten 1000's of then out of my eye and larva also. They had burrowed under my eyelids and have caused corneal damage. He put me on a regimen of baby shampoo with tea tree oil in it. One 1/2 cap full for 2 cups of very warm water. I soak cotten balls in this and sssssssssssssthen squeeze then out some and apply to my closed eyes. I leave on about 4 minutes and then repeat with new cotten balls and leave on 10 minutes. I then tale a cuetip and get it wet in the solution and clean my outer lashes. After this I take very warm water with 1/2 treespoon of salt and repeat the whole process. I wash my hair daily in baby shampoo with tea tree oil. Don't bother trying to find this product just by baby shampoo and add about a capful of tea tree oil. a little more if depending on the siz e bottle you get. I srup my skin with a loofa sponge while in the shower becasue they have attached to my arm hairs. At nite I use an expensive prescription he gave me called AZOSITE and apply to my lower lid and then blink to get it on the top lid. I have been doing this for two weeks and have seen improvement in my eyes and hair but not cured yet. before I went to see him I was usinf colloidal silver one drop 3 x's daily and an apple cider vinager wash with just one teaspoon to 1 cup of water. This was helping but the dac said to stop the apple cider vinegar. These have also attached to my furniture and anything they can burrow into. When I oull them out of my furniturw they are still alive. Don't know if I've been properly diagnosed, doc did not take the time to hear all this!!! Help me if you can

Sep 19, 2011
I have eye parasties
by: Jo Jo

Hi, Idefinitely have eye parasites. They live behind my eye, in my eye oil bubble, and behind my retina. I've had them for five months. Several have been caught in my oil bubble and float around in it all the time. They look like spiders, are oval shaped, eight legs, two pinchers and a head. They bite, and are extremely resistant to die. A parasite specialist I contacted believes they are a type of bed bug from China. They have spots on their back. The males have a hard shell, the females do not.

I caught this bug in a hotel room that was infested with bed bugs. I didn't know it at the time and when I realized what was happening, it was too late. It's larva was in all my luggage, clothes and hair. They live in my eye lashes, and ON my eye lashes, including my hair. They like hair, fabric and anything thick with a fabric content. They not only are blood suckers and bite, but live externally also.

If your suffering from this, I would research the bed bug family of insects. This one is not contagious, and I'm currently working with the hotel to be repaid for all the products I had to buy.

I've been to six retina specialists. Because I have eye problems already due to other issues, the eye parasite made everything worse. I've tried several cleanses since May 7, 2011. I'm also a member of two different herbal companies, and bought a Dr. Hulda Clark zapper. Nothing has killed them completely. I've tried MMS, but I wasn't on it long enough to see it's effectiveness. I'm supposed to be getting a bottle of it any day now in the mail.

I also find if you do the same thing over and over, they become immune to what your using and won't die. I've also been suicidal, misunderstood, and been doubted by friends and family that I'm telling the truth. I have a parasite, in the eye, all over my body, inside and out. It's the worse possible experience I have ever endured. The only thing that has got me through is God and praying. I still can't wear regular shoes yet, and now it's getting cold. I just started using a blanket 3 nights ago, and will see what happens.

I read an entry about using ood Grade Diatomatious Earth from Perma Guard. I will try using this or research about it.

For the eye, I have used collidial silver, black walnut, liquid garlic, and natural eye drops. Nothing has completely killed them. I know they are in my intestines. I've been cleansing since May and have lost 25 pounds. The constipation has been incredible. The only thing that moves them out is magnesium with raw vegetables. It's been five months. I hope this is over soon.

Apr 23, 2011
eye parasites
by: Anonymous

read up on pathogenic amoebae parasites or go to this science daily.com i hope this will help

Feb 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

"Try Food Grade Diatomatious Earth from Perma Guard," is what an anonymous person stated, will you please be more specific on what kind to purchase, because there are plenty. Thanks in advance.

Feb 19, 2011
All Parasites Die With DE
by: Anonymous

Try Food Grade Diatomatious Earth from Perma Guard. It really works for all parasites even around the eye. You must use it for 20 days as that is how long it takes to make sure they all die. I have used it and am greatly pleased with the results where other products have failed. I know you'll get the results your looking for.

Feb 13, 2011
Possible Eye Parasites
by: Angie

Hi Rev. Joe,

If your possible eye parasites are fungal, cutting out the sugar for a while is definitely a good first step.

You should also consider a natural herbal cleanse (Herbal Fiberblend) to help get the excess fungus out of your system more quickly.

Drink plenty of water. Garlic is good too. You can add garlic to your diet, or take garlic capsules (Bear Paw Garlic is my favorite).

Also, if you aren't getting enough essential fatty acids, you should consider adding some to your daily regimen (AIMega is plant based EFA's). They are particularly helpful with proper lubrication in the eyes.

Hope some of these additional natural suggestions will help you get the situation under control and that you will be feeling well again soon.

Feb 12, 2011
Movement and 'pinching' sensation in both eyes
by: Anonymous

I had a habit of rubbing my eyes and noticed an excess of crusted tears. I sometimes had/have the sensation of 'pinching' and occasionaly a movement briefly. I hoped it was my imagination and tried to keep from rubbing my eyes for a while. in case I might have injured my eyes. I remember one night that I awoke to feel as if something was trying to crawl into the closed eyelid. It might have been a gnat or a flea, and I brushed it away in the dark.
My optometrist has not seen anything inside the eyeball. I have not persued it, as I know how the medicos. in the absence of knowledge, tend to pen cryptic notes in one's records, affecting how subsequent equally unknowledgeables may react to the report with which they have no experienc. In learning about 'natural things' over many years, and how to avoid the effects of pharmaceuticals, I have lost much of my respect for these demigods. I just hope this thing does not somehow enter the brain before I discover a remedy. I suspect it is a fungus and must curtail my love of sweets. Any advice or experience will be appreciated. No guesswork, please. Thanks. Rev. Joe

Dec 20, 2010
eye parasites
by: Anonymous

Is it IN your eye or living in the eye socket and behind your eye? What does it look like. You have more chance of getting help if it lives IN your eye because then they can see it and possibly do something about it.

Dec 20, 2010
eye parisites
by: Anonymous

I have a parasite in my eye. When I take pictures of my eye with the flash on , I can see it. I'm very afraid of what it will do to my eye. And suggestions?? Please help me !

May 14, 2010
my sympathies
by: Margaret

My heart just goes out to you as my husband has been in the same boat as you exactly. His are under semi-control now but not eradicated entirely. There are things you can do to lessen the discomfort. The mms will work for that. You can obtain it at www.mmsdr.com Be sure to read these sites thoroughly before using it as it must be prepared, mixed and taken properly to be effective and to prevent you from becoming too sick too soon from the detoxing as the parasites leave your body. Read www.jimhumble.biz www.miraclemineral.com www.jimhumble.com www.mmsanswers.com You can take this orally and rectally. I would do both. Follow protocol and do not try to take too many drops too soon as you will have vomiting and diarrhea. It will work for you, but so far my husband has to keep taking it or they come back. Let me know how it works for you. It should at least lessen the discomfort. Reading my former post you will discover I believe this organism to be in the class nematada and I will later post a website where you can isolate one of the creatures and have it tested to find what species it is. Got to go to work now.

May 14, 2010
eye parasites
by: Margaret

It's interesting to find that others are experiencing the same thing as my husband, yet all the doctors just say he's making it up. Eleven doctors so far. Apparently their tests are not very sensitive as he's been tested for intestinal parasites three times and it always comes back negative yet he can feel them. You will get NO help from regular doctors, folks. You will get branded a hypochondriac and that will forever after be in your medical record. More research has shown me that the ones in my husband's eyes are similar to c. elegans, which you can do a search under and find much information. However, I'm told these do not live in the human body. They are the first multi-celled organism to have it's entire genome mapped out as they are relatively simple. Soooo science has messed with these organisms for decades, splicing in genes and otherwise attempting to alter their structure. They are in the nemotada class. There is a lab that will test for the species if you send them a sample. They are supposing you'll be sending samples taken from the soil, but do not specify where they come from. I intend to do this. I'll post info about the lab in a later post. Must go to work now.

May 13, 2010
Intestinal Parasites
by: Angie

If you are experiencing these symptoms around your rectum as well, you should definitely try treating them as intestinal parasites.

Just because you feel like they are eye parasites and ear parasites as well based on the crawling sensation, the underlying problem usually starts in the digestive tract.

A good herbal cleanse as outlined above and the use of probiotics are still the best form of natural treatment in my opinion.

If you'd like to consult a physician, try to find a doctor that is skilled in the area of natural health.

May 13, 2010
Eye parasites
by: Anonymous

What is the latest news about eye parasites...how to get rid of them...and what works if anything? I also feel them moving in my ears and rectum. Thanks

Dec 03, 2009
MMS - Miracle Mineral Supplement
by: Angie

MMS stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement. I haven't done a lot of research on this one yet, but I have read some good things about MMS.

You can locate a quality version of MMS at Global Healing Center.

You said your dear husband has tried all the earlier recommendations. Has he tried a strong protocol of Para 90 and Herbal Fiberblend without any success?

I hope MMS is something that you will be able to try and get some relief.


Dec 03, 2009
eye parasites
by: Anonymous

My husband has eye parasites. They look for all the world like a 1/4 inch long piece of black eyelash when removed from the eye, but soon turn white after removal, then translucent. We've tried all those things you suggested, including the silver, with no results. He's on a raw vegan diet now for 2 months with lots of fresh juices and homemade probiotics. The only thing I've never heard of is "mms". What is that? We'll try anything.

Dec 03, 2009
Mms will help
by: Matthew

Try using mms it kills the full spectrum of parasites!

Oct 29, 2009
Colloidal Silver
by: Anonymous

In addition to diet and supplements try putting drops of colloidal silver in the eye a few times daily.

Sep 30, 2009
What do they look like?
by: Anonymous

Have you been able to remove any from your eyes, and if so, what do they look like? Has this affected your eyesight?

Sep 30, 2009
What Have You Tried For Eye Parasites
by: CK

Hi CK,

I'm sorry to hear of your distress. You said you have tried so many things. What have you tried specifically?

Have you done a natural parasite cleanse with herbs? Have you been taking probiotics regularly? Are you cutting out the sugars from your diet and heating foods rich in nutrition?

These are some of the things that I would suggest that may give you relief and healing.

If you can be more specific about what you have tried already we may be able to add more info. for you to consider.

Try to hang in there. I realize these symptoms are driving you nuts, but try to focus on a glimmer of hope.

I'm praying that the Lord will give you some healing and relief soon.


Sep 30, 2009
Parasites in my eyes and everywhere!!
by: CK

I have been dealing with this for months! Im especially bothered when Im around computers and flourescent lights, feels like they are crawling out of every orafice of my body! I, nearly suicidal over this....tried...SOOOO many things, with no results.......any one have comments?

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