Flood Waters In The Mississippi

by Ray
(North Carolina)

What do I have? Help me please! I had to wade thru the flood waters in the Mississippi after the #5 hurricane hit to repair power lines etc.

Shortly after, my feet broke out with a rash that was little circles itched and was so swollen I could not put on shoes or walk.

Since that time I have this same thing all over my body. It has been years now and no relief. I have been to doctor after doctor. Stress, allergies, this and that, don't know - are all responses from the doctors.

My body is exhausted. I need help. I am a male, single, in my early 20's. Can you help me?

Hi Ray,

Did any of your doctors consider that you picked up water borne parasites while you were in the flood waters in the Mississippi?

The fact that you have been unable to shake this condition for so long would indicate to me that whatever it is has had the chance to really get a good hold on your system.

Because of this, I would recommend that you take a very aggressive approach to cleansing your body of internal parasites and building your immune system with good probiotics. Here's what I'd suggest...

  • Herbal Fiberblend - fiber and herb combo to be taken in water or juice twice a day for 3 months. (3-4 containers needed, depending on your weight)

  • Para 90 - anti-parasitic herbs in capsules to be taken 3 capsules
    3 times per day for 1 month. (3 bottles needed)

  • Florafood - combination of 3 probiotics (good bacteria) in capsule form to be taken 2 capsules twice per day for at least the first month. (2 bottles needed)

Frankly, Ray, since you describe your body as "exhausted," I would also take whole food supplement powders, like the Garden Trio if I were you, to give your body some much needed nutritional support to help the body's natural healing abilities.

To help soothe your skin in the meantime (while the internal supplements are working), get some organic raw apple cider vinegar (ACV) to add to your bath water. Bragg's is a trusted brand, but you can use any organic unfiltered apple cider vinegar to get the benefits needed for this purpose.

You can also apply ACV straight to your skin if desired (test a small area first if the skin is raw to see if you can tolerate the "sting").

I hope you'll find this protocol to be just what your body needs to get rid of these painful symptoms you've been suffering with. I'm sure what you did in the flood waters in the Mississippi was appreciated by many, but I hate to see you suffer for it long term when there's a good chance you can get rid of the possible parasites with natural and safe remedies.

Keep us posted on how you do with these suggestions.

To your good health!

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