Fruits Cause Constipation?

by Pat

I eat a lot of blueberries (fresh and frozen), at least 1 cup a day; I also have a big apple every day.

Do fruits cause constipation by any chance?

I drink quite a bit a water and eat lots of vegetables as I am vegetarian.

Any suggestions?

Hi Pat,

Generally speaking, fruits do not cause constipation. They are better known for helping to eliminate constipation.

There's one thing I learned, though. Each individual can have an abnormal reaction to certain foods, regardless of the norm.

I think it's pretty unlikely that your fruit is the culprit that is causing your constipation problem.

It may be that your vegetarian diet is lacking in essential fatty acids and that could be your deficiency that is leading to constipation.

You may want to try adding some flaxseed, Salba Grain, or AIMega to your daily regime. They are all plant based EFA's and will provide you with the good Omega oils that your body needs.

Optionally, you may just need to boost your probiotic intake. A daily dose of Florafood may help.

Finally, if neither of these options appeal to you or work for you, consider giving yourself a nice natural digestive cleanse like Herbal Fiberblend. It has a lot of benefits apart from the usual easing of constipation.

So, bottom line is, I don't believe fruits cause constipation in the majority of people. I suppose you can test the theory by eliminating the various fruit from your diet to see if the problem is remedied. You can then add them back and see what happens.

To your good health!

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