Herbal Colon Cleanser

by Debbie

I've just been talking to my mum in NZ. She is using the herbal colon cleanser and had her first pain free bowel movement 2 days after starting it - she says it was a miracle as she always has to use a laxative.

Hi Debbie

I'm so glad to hear that your mum has found relief using the Herbal Fiberblend. In my opinion, it's the best herbal colon cleanser on the market.

I noticed a change in my bowel motions in the first 24 hours, but some people take a few days for their body to adjust. This is particularly true of those who have had severe constipation or a history of poor bowel health.

I hope your mum will continue to use the Herbal Fiberblend, not just for a good cleanse, but as a daily maintenance program afterward to keep her regular and "going with ease." :-)

Thanks for telling us about your mum's success. We always love hearing testimonials from real live users.

Kind Regards

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