Horrifying Out of this World Phenomena in my Home!

by Errrs
(Los Angeles, CA, USA)

I am living in a horror movie. My father was diagnosed three months ago with scabies. Five different doctors including a specialist all agreed that his symptoms, however, were not completely characteristic with scabies.

I brought my father to stay with me so that I could care for him since his home was unsanitary. I, on the other hand, have even considered myself OCD at times, for keeping a very clean and organized home.

Soon after he came to my home, I developed scratches on arm which is indicative of scabies, however, I had no itching.

We have both been treated approximately 5 times with prescription drugs for scabies. Additionally, my father took a round of antibiotics. His lesions or itching have not healed or been relieved at all.

I have scratches, bruising and hole like wounds all over my body.

I began to notice hairs and thread all over the house that move. If two or more are in close proximity to one another, with time they will bind to one another.

All our clothes, furniture, shoes, etc. have these threads sticking out which are not part of the items original threading.

I began to get stung. Every time I looked at the area where I felt a sting, I would find either a white or black hair.

My feet, at times, are bright deep red from being stung. I believe these hair like things enter my body. I have veins where I've never had them before and disappear at times.

I have found odd things around the house including individual strands of thread left on the floor overnight that were found the next day intricately woven together in the shape of an insect, a fly.

I have found pieces of black trash bags in the shape of some sort of organism with a flagella. I found some sort of organism that is within a mirror that at some point moved.

I have been able to identify it via internet as an ameba, not amoeba.

I have white crystalline cottony spots appearing all over the house that I believe to be some

There are shadows and/or some sort of light that can be seen in the shape of worms all over the house, but that are affixed to the surface of the floor, walls and ceiling.

I have never had any problem like this nor have I ever heard of such things. I have questioned my sanity for weeks, each time concluding that I'm not insane and this is really happening.

Please help. I don't know what to do. I've tried everything.

I clean everyday, I've used pesticides and cleaning solutions. Oddly, the only thing that seems to help, but not solve the phenomena, is Lysol.

I don't know who to call and I feel crazy just describing these things. My father is getting sicker and sicker and I'm not feeling well either.

Has anyone ever heard of such a thing?

Hi Errs,

Please let me say how sorry I am for you and your poor father. I feel quite sure that you are not going crazy, as you well know.

Unfortunately, I've been getting a lot of crazy sounding reports such as you have described. In some ways that may be a comfort to you to know you aren't alone, but there's not a simple or easy solution to this problem.

The symptoms you've described sound like what many are calling Morgellons disease. It's a terrible thing that really isn't "officially" a diagnosis yet, but is causing grief to so many people.

There are some recommendations for a natural Morgellons treatment, but you may find some comments by other sufferers helpful in relation to what they have tried and benefited from as well.

I wish I could offer you more help. I really sympathize with you as you do your best to deal with this while caring for your sick father. I recently cared for my dear mother while she was terminally ill and I know how difficult it is - and I was well at the time.

I will add you and your dad to my prayer list. Please keep me posted on your progress.

Kindest regards,

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Dec 26, 2020
In oregon too ... and I think my two boys :((
by: Jeanna

Hi everyone,

I am saddened to say my life has been highly impacted by all of the same symptoms. ALL of them! It is a living nightmare. A horror story. Mine started 18 years ago. I was in my early 20's. Young. Bright. Pretty. And had a thirst for these early years of adulthood. It all came to a screeching halt one day. I had my hair done the previous day. The next day a chunk in the rear right side was 2' shorter than the rest. A hard pimple like bump was next on the right side of the base of my scalp. Near where the neck meets the head. Then it was horrible tight hair pulling feelings that would not ever stop in that area of my scalp. It seemed to wind up. Around in circles. One direction then the next. The feeling grew up my scalp to the top of my head. I feel like it continued to spread. Some places worse than others. I was losing hair (most likely from me trying to get whatever this was out. It was that miserable. I knew I was sacrificing my long blonde hair, but chose the hope for relief instead. It got so bad that my boyfriend at the time ending up shaving it completely. I searched for three years trying to find the solution to this condition. I cant even begin to count the Dr.'s appointments. The Specialists. The tears. The questioning of my sanity. And others questioning my sanity too. I had support from my family in the beginning. Then was pushed to see a psychiatrist and take anti-psychotics. I fought this. So hard. For years I fought it. About three years (or so, I cannot remember exactly, my timeline is vague) of fighting and exhaustion I gave in. I reluctantly and tearfully went to a few psych appts. and got their prescriptions. I hated the idea of taking them with every ounce of my being. I did not take them as directed. They made me lethargic. Zombie like. I was already compromised on my ability to think and do because of this condition, and these made it worse. I did not take them often. Which I am sure did not help my mental state at all, but at that point didn't care. Unexpectedly I found out I was pregnant. I quite EVERYTHING immediately. I stopped the meds. I stopped seeing the psych. I told people to leave me alone. I focused on my growing baby and I was determined to give it a 'normal' life and for it to have a mama that could function and did not look like a freak. I don't know how or why, but my symptoms started to clear (this is not a solution ... there is more. Believe me). I eventually gave birth to a very healthy little boy and I had healed. I even had hair. But wait .. it was not forever.
My son is currently 12 years old. About three years ago my symptoms started again. EXACTLY as they started before. To the T. I have told my family to leave me alone. I am doing this by myself this time. I am now 45 years old and can direct this situation myself. My family now thinks I have mental health issues. They thought so the first time as well. I am not letting them get to me. I know different. I own my own business. I have two boys I care very well for. I keep my house clean and live a decent suburban life. I am not mentally compromised - Whatsoever. I need positive energy. Not that. So, they do not get any information from me. I need to control this environment and people who say I have mental health issues bring me down. I will not take any medication that does not directly have to do with the physical symptoms - NO anti-psychotics EVER again. I again have seen multiple Dr.'s, specialists, etc. All come up empty and one who says I have delusional parasitosis. I told him he was delusional. I am so ANGRY that modern medicine sends people down a mental health road just because they don't find a condition in their tiny journals of medicine. What is that anyway?? We don't know half of what is out there. Why mental health?? Anyway. I have turned to a naturapathic Dr. here in Portland. I have no regard for modern medicine and today's clinical Dr.'s. I have found a very different experience with my new naturapathic and homeopathic Dr.s. We have seen each other three times in just weeks. The fourth is January 4th. Each Dr. has spent 1-1.5 hrs just talking with me and gathering information. Neither has made me feel as though my mental state is the problem. They know I am tired. They know I am feeling defeated. They are listening to me. Actually hearing my words. They do not discredit anything I say or try to blame something else for what 'sensation' I am having or why my feet are so swollen or why I feel movement in my body. They have given me validation wither because they have seen it before or because These two gentlemen are earning my trust with every visit - almost every word they speak. It is a huge weight they have lifted and I actually feel that I a may have hope. I had lost that quite a while ago. And I look forward to my next visits because I feel they will somehow be productive and worthwhile. Even if it is slight. It is a win.
I feel for all of you. This is the most horrible, painful, confusing and life altering experience I have ever had. The worst part is what I have feared the most since the first episode. What if it comes back? And because I was pregnant, what if I pass it on to my child??? I don't feel like we have solved the issue. Practitioners feel it is stress driven in my cases. I disagree completely. Since this recent episode, I have turned my attention to my boys. Without them knowing, of course. I have watched my oldest sons forehead get swollen, turn blotchy then drain down his head through his eyes and into his face. All without him knowing it. I have seen him itch his eyes relentlessly. I even have a thermal camera which shows a red picture of whatever you are pointing at then the heated areas turn white. My body LIGHTS UP! My head, face, neck, chest and stomach. My arms show white lines that lead to my hands. My hands are full of it. They are started to hurt. I cannot bend them like I use to. They swell and move too. I was behind my boys working at my desk. They had their backs towards me. I pointed the camera on them. One has it worse than the other. The very same areas light up. And believe me - I test this shit out before I even try it. And I do not say a word to them or anyone else about it. Not unless I know they get it.
My family has now tried to intervene. They came to my house and tried to contain a totally sane woman. I called the police and had them removed. They then called the county behavioral health and my two sisters petition that I be detained in custody for mental health issues. Both the police and county found me to be healthy with no mental problems. Our lives are being torn from us. I suffer enough from the symptoms and longevity of this condition. Now this too. For the first time in 45 years I have not spent Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family. My boys' first too. I fluctuate between anger/hate and deep sadness/depression. I can function for the most part though. I get distracted from these symptoms all of the time. But I push through for my boys. And now I am determined to prove everyone who disagrees with me wrong. The fight continues.
Blessings, peace and good health in 20201 to all. My prayers are with each of you.

Oct 11, 2019
i have samething!!!!
by: kimberlina

OMG I related to everything you described I am at my wits end been experiencing all that you described for a year. Now that my skin is totally ruined and it doesn't go away, I have the same issues with my feet they get red and blotchy and my hands too I can something moving under my skin it is the worst thing I have ever encountered you aren't alone,,,,, Sometimes it feels like my circulation is being cut off,,,,

Mar 21, 2018
Tiny white moth NEW
by: Marilyn

Guys it’s actually a very small moth. Case bearing and it’s hiding inside the seams of your clothes. Looks like a dot with lint wrapped around. Might be called mite moth.

Been cleaning my house for a month now and it’s slowly disappearing. For the skin use sulfur cream and zinc

I made shakes with food grade diatomaceous earth too, felt like it helped getting them out internally.

Have no idea where they came from but this has been a real nightmare. Haven’t told many since they won’t believe you.

Good luck

Oh Tea tree oil, oregano, MSM and borax will be useful too

Feb 04, 2018
Moving hairs NEW
by: James

My family are also going through this nightmare,I shaved my body from head to toe but this hairs just appear back as quick,my wife and 8yr old daughter have those hairs taking over their heads,we also find what looks like little coloured chrystals,went to doctor who asked if I'd like to be referred to a shrink,,looks like we are stuck with this terrible affliction, good luck all you fellow sufferers,
James (fife Scotland)

Nov 06, 2017
Effects of The Emerald Ash Borer Larvae NEW
by: ANN

I've been experiencing this since my untreated Ash Tree was cut down. Over 21,000 deaths reported. Things metamorphosizing in our body. Medical professionals have the answer but it will take a whistle blower to reveal. Germesidal Bleach really helps. May God Have Mercy On Us.

Jun 13, 2016
I have experienced the same things you are describing NEW
by: emily

I too have been dealing with this. My experience is a bit different and yet it is so similar to what you are experiencing. I see shiny areas on my walls that look like faces. I experience a number of terrifying symptoms in a cyclical way. I feel stinging also , but primarily during a time when I feel my body is like a magnet, attracting all kinds of insects and leaves and other strange things to my body and particularly my hair. I think in my case collembolla are involved. My house is full of spring tails, and noone but me in my household is bothered by this. They live on and in me, and then come off my body and fly into the air. Initially my feet and legs were effected but now it seems to be mostly in my scalp and hair.. I feel as if my hair has its own ecosystem. There is some kind of liquid that is released from my scalp and i feel like that liquid is part of the reason bugs are attracted to me. When the liquid is released my scalp is actually changing shapes. Its like there is something just under my scalp that is filled with air or something and it blows up and leaks out. The substance looks like eggs, which are in a protective sac. It is translucent. The worst part is when I experience the crawling on my scalp. I know it sounds crazy and i have not told people about it other than my close family. I did go to the doctor at one time because the crawling on my scalp was so bad. The doctor looked for a second and said he didnt see anything. I'm sure he thought I was delusional. I dont know what to do.

Dec 25, 2015
this stuff sucks what ever it is NEW
by: rudy c

sometimes i think im losing my mind around 2006 i was off work cause something at work fell on my foot and cut my big toe off and my midlle toe but during the time i was off my wife took her freinds new puppy home to watch over night thats when this nightmare began first hour i got bit on my chest thougt it was a flea ut never seen it then she was getting bit she find her freind we were stuck i was bit a few more times and she was to overnight turned into two and half days we were still being tormented by who knows the puppy was gone but left us something had orkin come and spray entire house we went back next day and it was not good we could things jumping all around and we were getting nailed its like spray aint gonna kill us u die went and got flea bombs it seemed to work but then we were wrong cause it came back i had red and blue fibers fibers ,coiled up hairs with what looked like bugs inside bumps all over black specs that hurt long hairs red black white in our skin now i still do also when i get an itch and i scracth get black tar junk out plusn hair in places were i shouldnt when i shave it feels like the stuff is poking its way back inside of me one day i couldnt stop snezzing and out of my nose yeah i picked it looked like a spider only it had 10 legs doctors no help god hates me thanks for letting post

Aug 13, 2015
"Very first thing" NEW
by: Done

I fought this too long also, I had an unused room humidifier(lg unit w/2 3-4 gal water holders)which technically filters air in a room thru chlor bleach soaked filters, but running it on med w/1/4 to 1/2 cup chlorine bleach to each holder(no more smelly as one can tolerate comfortably, mine not near as bad as a hotel indoor pool area) and within one wk noticed clearing up with also reg showering with a Lt pre final rinse(less hair) of solution w/ ratio 1 gal water to 1/4 cup chlor bleach, then quick final rinse. This worked for me? Almost back to normal less than 3 wks appearance wise and mentally. Also heard one person remedy being short daily dips in a Fl. style salt water filled swim pool. Good luck

Jan 01, 2015
Wow...me too NEW
by: Orb

I cant beleive I have actully found others with simullar symptoms as my own. For almost 2 years now I have been having issues with my skin. At first I began to get hard pimple like knots on my jaw line. The knots were firm but never came to a head. Then more would appear over time and Soon I had several up to the corner of my mouth. This was on both sides of my face. Months later I developed a rather large knot on the tip of my chin. This had a different texture and kinda looked like a wart. Vsoon I noticed that within this lump there were these white plug type things. Not being able to stand this any further I decided to pull out one of these plugs. There was only pain when the plug disloged and once it was out I instantly was realived. There were about 10 so over several weeks I tugged on these until I could see a change in the lump. Once I had all gone the lump also began to vanish. During this time I had also noticed the knots on my jaw and to my lip had avstrange line between them. This line seem to be tight and I could see that the skin over this line had begun to dimple. I also began to try and emerge these lines and knots. The lines would expell a white mucas at first then one day I hit this very strange rubbery tenical like thing. When I pulled on it it lead right to another knot. it took me many months to before I had all pf thes knots gone. However, I still continue to expell ribbons of material and grit from the main knot just under my right chin area. Its almost empty. In october 2013 I started having this very odd white mucas all over my forhead and down the sides of my face. When i gently pushed on this area hords of creamy white mush would expell from my face. Never did any of this have a foul smell and it was always white and at times a little pink from light bleeding. I visited my doctor and was told to just use medicated shampoo. This did not work and the problem florished. I had seen 7 doctors and visited medical facilities seeking help 13 times to date. I have been tested for just about everything and even biopisied which has left a small scare in my face. Nothing turns up. The day my stiches were removed and I was givin a clean bill of health is the first day I had the strangest thig yet to emerge from my face. I was a growth type thing and it came from the area just outside of my left ear. If was solid and large. A few days later I developed a pimple like bump just under my cheek bone. This bump hurt every time I washed my face. i told my husband that I thought I had a sliver of glass in my cheek and I asked him to look. He seen that there was something in ot but he didnt know what. Frustratedly, I started to work this thing out and that is when The first glass/crystal thing popped out from my skin. Many more followed for weeks but the glass was replaced with black rock type things. Each time I would start to feel pain on the area and once it was released my pain would go. I ended up with about 4 of these pimple things over several weeks and each one I would drain until the black rocks were out. I also noticed that many had one common character to them and this was a black hair. I am blond, very blond and have never seen black hair anywhere on my body. To date all of the rocks seems to be out but I now battle deep cluster type cyst where these pimple things were. Daily I have to drain these and hords of this creammy white stuff emerges. Once an area is empty it seems to heal but I am maimed by this condition. I dont see an end in sight and I am exhausted. My last visit to a doc was the most insulting visit I have had yet. I had seen this doc 3 times prior and never once did I care for her attitude but this visit yopped it off. Insultedc to sqy the least and humuliated as though I was rallying for antiboitics I left with tears and vowed yo never return. Until this moment I thought I was seeking medical help and someome would figure this out. How wrong I have been.

Jan 14, 2013
piezoelectricity NEW
by: Anonymous

after reading adam's comments i will throw out what i am pondering: are all these strange fibers related to piezoelectricity? has anyone investigated this possibility?


turns out someone has already thought of this.

Aug 18, 2012
NoT morgellons, this is real
by: MsRenay

I'm having a lot of the same symptoms but I have videos to prove it. Where or whom can I send them to finally get us the help and or validation that we so desperately need?!

Aug 12, 2012
Horrifying Out of this World Phenomena in my Home!
by: Angie from allaboutparasites.com

Dear Alexandra,

I'm so sorry to hear of all that you have been going through. It is clear that you love your little boy and are desperate to find a solution to your infestation so that you can be all that he needs you to be. I pray that you will be able to do so!

It definitely sounds like you could have more than one issue plaguing you. It may have started with one, but seems to have developed into multiple problems.

I honestly don't think any more exterminators are going to benefit you. If they haven't done any good in the past, you may be just weakening your own immune systems now by exposing yourself and your son to more of the insecticidal chemicals. :(

You mentioned that you've used a lot of sprays around the house, but I'm wondering if you tried cedar oil (or cedarcide) yet? Something like this. I've read some really good things about the success of that option and may be well worth your consideration instead of the usual extermination methods you've been trying.

You didn't mention anything about internal cleansing. I believe internal cleansing to be absolutely essential to tackling a problem like you've described.

I personally prefer and use Herbal Fiberblend for a good internal cleanse. You just mix it with water or juice twice daily for several weeks and it gradually and effectively eliminates parasites, toxins, fungal overgrowth, etc., from your body.

One of our visitors recently posted about a remedy that they found here at earth clinic which uses a borax and hydrogen peroxide mixture to both drink and apply externally. I haven't used this myself, but perhaps reading through those posts will give you some further options.

I usually recommend some of the essential oils, like clove, lavender, orange, etc., to be combined with a carrier oil (olive, coconut) and used on your skin for those bumps, etc. If you have any of those handy, give them a try.

BUT, I was wondering if you might have a good diaper rash cream already (since your son is so young) that you can try applying to the affected areas of your skin. Most diaper rash creams contain zinc oxide as well as some soothing ingredients that may be helpful in your case.

So often I read posts like yours and wish I could be right there with you to help you with the practical, every day aspects of fighting this battle. Sadly, I can't. I do, however, pray that you will be encouraged and that you'll be able to take some of these suggestions and use them to find the relief and healing that you need for both you and your little boy.


Aug 12, 2012
by: Alexandra

- sleepless but nooooo energy, stomach problems, feels Like I have hemroids also found what looks like toilet paper that fell apart and specs in private area and undies. Once foun what looked like a strain kind of long hollow tan colored what I think may have been a worm in sons stool along with what looked like black bugs all dead but only once ( brought ER and they didn't even want to check the diaper I had contained and brought pretty much told me I was crazy and caused all bumps itching and stinging myself and got them infected. Tried different creams to no help
Also little flesh looking thing sometimes ran sometimes red or dark that seem to jump that i find everywhere around house.
Had home and car bombed multiple times back to back have moved out (it was our family camp I was living in) went back to clean up and veryyyy tiny clear and nude bugs with wings not gnats or Mosquitos. And different from other findings
Think it multiple things including parasites maybe fleas and lord knows what else... But it's ironic that guy mentioned a plague bc I say all the time it feels like I'm being cursed and dealing with plagues like I read about from religion in school.
I feel like I can't explain to any type of professional the multiple things going on without A. I'm crazy or b. a simple guess at a common diagnosis  like bed bugs or fleas that doesn't justify the WHOLE problem. My son and I are getting sucker and sucker I can feel it in my body that things very wrong and foreign are happening and no one takes it seriously or has a speciality or answer to help. I've moved sprayed sanitized become an OCD freak but the problem seems overwhelming and helpless. Thinking only thing to do is rid of all clothes and belongings everything worrying about only getting them off and out of us then going somewhere new with all new stuff which is impossible. But exterminated comes tomorrow I'm covered in painful sores and things are all over house and in body. I don't know what else to do feel like I could give up but I want so badly to rid of problem and be a better mom. I've always prayed and had a special place for god in my life and heart but I feel like I literally don't even know how to pray anymore. It's all just horrifyingly sad.

Aug 12, 2012
by: Alexandra

After months and days and hourssss This is my first time commenting on a post. I usually feel too mentally exhausted and overwhelmed with the multiple and endless things that have taken over my body and every aspect of my life but for some reason the posts I've read and related to on here and the point I'm at with all of this I had an
Instinct to just take the time to let it out to people who know wtf this feels like and dont think I'm crazy like everyone else...
I am a 22 year old from Louisiana and a solo parent to an amazing 1 1/2 year old little man and let me say the worst part that makes me hurt that he is being affected by this physically as well as the fact that I am nOt at all the mother I am, should be, and long to be for him with dealing with these horrible situations and conditions. This is so horrible and hard to say but I think it constantly and am crying my eyes out as I type this but I constantly think he truly deserves so much better and such a better environment and situation. I love him seriously more than words can explain (seriously can't think of anything to say that would justify or relate to my love for him) and I feel so horrible and helpless. But to make this easier ill just list and maybe a little explication of symptoms, findings, and situations.there are literally so many and range so widely
-red hard volcanic looking things on skin that don't pop most have small black specs that seemed to be deeply buried under skin
-little unexplained cuts or scratches sometimes with splinter looking things under skin
- seriously small string or line looking this EVERYWHERE in nose eyes all over house furniture clothes car
- found around home small yellow kernel looking things black red white flesh colored dots in bed and everywhere else ( don't think it's bed bugs
-tiny white lines found attached to hair in ears embedded in hardened heels in stool also in dried lips
- fibers that are like add that look like regular lint or fuzz everywhere like millions on each thing. On clothes carseat mattress towels
Also unbelievable amount of lint and fibers in lint and dust everywhere!!!! Our drier is set back in our small but open kitchen and the amount of lint and fibers that seem to somehow be spit out the drier and in filter. Seems to crawl up walls and stick to them and in between drier and washer and fridge...
-also wash and dry everything on hot more than regularly
Seems to turn into these fibers

Jun 04, 2012
scary sci/fi movie.but NOT sci-fi
by: Anonymous

started w/depression and has been a full blown nightmare, been to doctors whom treated me like I was tweaking out, people closest to me comment (i BELIEVE YOU BELIEVE YOU SEE something.) I have parasite's /mites in my eye lashes and in hair, its a hair follicle mite which also causes a eye condition, doctors or R.N.s are very quick to say take a drug test hoping you will test positive for stimulants thus sending you on your way.....with no testing what so ever. Anyway , the story's that relate to my second nightmare are these threads some of you have spoke of,here is what I have.,all fabric's clothes have threads (there) threads sticking out if I pull on it, it pulls out its magnetic/has energy? don't know how else to explain, and very sticky, mostly is on inseam of my pants or unders,or at least I notice it more because once its on clothes forget putting them on,wash everything in hot wtr and high heat put close in zip bags but all it takes is me putting my hand in bag and I think I contaminate close all over again? Also this whatever splashes white,like if you had white paint on your hands and flicked it,its thick like paint meaning you just can't spray a cleaner to whip it off, it seems like some how the mites in my hair and these are somehow related, oh yeah this sticky stuff has fibers but they are from things in my house I have samples of both parasites along with the white splashes>SO ITS NOT IN YOUR HEAD.anybody relate to this??

May 24, 2012
This is all in your head
by: Anonymous

i honest to god thought i had this morgellons disease thing as well but the fibers that were coming off my skin were from my couch i compared them the black flecks coming off my skin were little just dirt from walking around this is 100% physcosomatic i know you guys might think its real but its really something your head is doing to your body theres plenty of research pointing to this disease as a delusion

Mar 12, 2012
Possible bird mites?
by: Angie

Have you and your neighbor considered contacting a local company to check to see if you have any birds nest or rats nests in your home that could be causing you to have bird mite infestations?

Here's a link to a free pest control consultation service. It would probably be a good idea to have them at least come out and tell you what they think. Be sure to request someone who is experienced in bird mites! Not all of them are.

Bird mites can be an absolute nightmare, so it's worth checking into.

Meanwhile, you're right about the scabies treatments. Continued use is not likely to do any good, only make matters worse.

Instead, try building up your immune system with probiotics and nutritional supplements (and a good diet, of course). I would also strongly suggest a good natural cleanse (Herbal Fiberblend is my favorite) for you and your neighbor. Perhaps if you make some progress yourself your neighbor will be encouraged to give it a try.

I know you're feeling pretty discouraged, but don't give up hope. Relief may be just right around the bend.

Mar 12, 2012
What I think started this for me...
by: Anonymous

I was staying in a motel and kept seeing light bounce. I looked over and was horrified. On the ceiling above me was a black spot that moved and wiggled (sort of like a balloon blowing up and deflating). I quickly packed and left. On the way out the door I looked up to take a last look, it was gone. I now believe I brought it home with me because 3 years later I am starting to see these things (don't know what to call them) at my home. This combined with too many years of going to doctor and poisoning me and my family with scabies treatment I'm scared to death. Thinking seriously of moving, starting over, and burning my house down. My neighbor is also going through same thing has lost 2 jobs and is about to lose house. He is terrified to think that someone will soon unknowingly be moving into the living hell he calls home.

Nov 21, 2011
my whole family suffers
by: Anonymous

you don't have morgellans, I, along with my wife have the exact things happening. I am not allowed to go back to work because they think i'm crazy. however you don't go crazy overnight. i had just bought an old house and soon after we are experiencing these stringy things coming out of our bodies wrapped around everything and can see them in just the correct angle of a flashlight. I have education as an engineer and have been trying to figure out this by myself. I can grab one of these sticky strands and wrap them around many this a detach a light object to pull on and i actually moved. i am setting up a lab in my garage to figure this out. I am positive i am not crazy. My children have some symptoms also but don't go to the places that are bad in the home. basement, garage and attic are bad. I have used every chemical cleaner and nothing has worked. I cannot see the actual parasite attached to the string but think i can see it under a microscope. as for proof, it will take some amazing amount of work and an understanding, open person to see it..
tortured souls

Nov 21, 2011
by: meg

At this time,my whole fam thinks im nuts!Even my doc and friends!I have been experiencing little biege or white worm like things coming out of my skin,white lint is everywhere and seems to follow me,it seems like the lint is almost like magnetic to me.It also bites!!!Wow this is crazy but i know im not!The lint is all over or whatever it is is all over my body and looks like dry skin.It comes and goes and i feel it crawling all over me.Its so,so scary!!Then i also have these black dotted lines places that come together and apart,they shoot off the waal so fast and on to me!The bite really hurts!It sounds gross but the white stuff seems to be like eating my skin.My skin has gotten this really smooth but strange texture and the gross part is i have really dry feet and the mites or whatever it is actually is taking off all the skin!Everytime i take off my sock,more dry skin falls out!Its also strange that my legs,feet and hands are swollen and always start to tingle and go numb.If i go to the doc again i think they will lock me up for being crazy can anyone help or does anyone have this same thing happen?

Sep 23, 2011
I've heard of Morgellon's
by: Anonymous

Doctors don't believe people who say they have it. I saw a video on you tube about it. a magnified image of a wormlike thingy and what you say is true. I also saw a video where some folks are investigating Morgellon's at a University in Oklahoma, I believe

Sep 14, 2011
i can help
by: Becky

I know what this is because I know exactly how I got it. My email is hrrsprp@yahoo.com and I will help you. Not selling anything. I need to share what I know and what to do about it because it will ruin your life. If you still need help, email me anytime.

Aug 21, 2011
nueva enfermedad
by: Anonymous

Queria contarles que soy de Argentina y lo mismo esta ocurriendo en esta zona. Lo que ustedes describen es TEXTUAL, espero puedan traducirlo ya que mi ingles no es bueno. Sumado a todos estos sintomas granulos en la piel, rayones, lastimaduras, manchas blancas quiero decirles que el ambiente queda contaminado. Les han salido ampollas en la lengua?-..
El medicamento para la sarna no sirve, me lo han dado miles de veces.. Si mejora con NOPUCId, pero esto no calma la sensacion de que algo camina por dentro. Que pude investigar? les cuento, milagrosamete encontre en mi casa unos acaros muy pequeños que literalmente comen piel. Habria que ver que otras cosas pueden trasmitir estos acaros, y si es factible que parasiten internamente. Espero comentarios, les dejo mi mail anaramirez1294@yahoo.com.ar

***English Translation from Google's Translation Tool...

I wanted to tell you I'm from Argentina and the same is happening in this area. What you describe is TEXT, I hope to translate it because my English is not good. In addition to these symptoms granules in the skin, scratches, sores, white patches, I say that the environment is contaminated. I have left blisters on the tongue?
The drug for scabies does not work, I have given thousands of times .. If NOPUCId improvement, but this does not ease the feeling that something walks inside. I could investigate? I tell them, I found in my house milagrosamete a very small mite that literally eats skin. Would have to see what else can spread these mites, and if it is feasible that internal parasites. I hope comments, I leave my mail.

Jul 29, 2011
bugs under my skin on buttocks
by: Anonymous

I went to work ond day and felt like I was literally sitting on pins and needles. I took my shower that evening to find buglike skins on my rear. The dr. first diagnosed as shingles. They should have went away but, got worse. He then thought I had herpes. Scared me to death. I then started searching the internet and saw the data on bedbugs that was worse than ever. Acutally we don't know what they are. I can make them move around, they love to be petted and will even raise
part of theirselves up above my skin. They seem to live in my flesh but, also move around and mate between layers of my flesh. When the mate they carry a lot of eggs before letting them go. When they let them go they all burrow into and perhaps under my skin. They have big wide mouths and lots of sharp teeth. I cannot pick the head out it has pinchers and hooks. Lots of legs around the body that hold them firmly when attacked. Yes, they are driving me crazy after 8 months. I started dabbing them with ammonia. I suffered the sting of the ammonia but, it was worth it if it helped get rid of them. They start drying up on top of my skin. I think I have them conquered and here they come back. The dr. would like for me to pick out a complete bug so he can have a look at it. I can take the scab of the dead bug, or pieces of the live ones but it seems impossible to get a whole bug out. I will try the tape method, perhaps that will help me catch a complete bug. I could write a book about the things I have discovered about these creatures. But I want to get rid of them and be able to help anyone else that gets or has them. And if you have an answer for me. I would love to hear it. I would like to get rid of these so they don't come back and perhaps help anyone else suffering with them. Thanks, a bugpicker.

Jul 23, 2011
Same thing happened and is happening to me
by: Anonymous

I had the EXACT thing happen to me in Atlanta, GA. The threads were red and blue, but they would intertwine into what looked like an insect or cocoon. I had these white "things" fly up in my face when I was in the shower and they disappeared into air. I found one of them on the bathroom counter that turn hard after it landed in it's spot. The threads move in every direction when you put your finger closer to the "threads". I went to the doctor after I bathed in Hebacleanse and collecter the material in a medicine bottle full of water. She said I WAS DISILLUSIONal and didn't even check it out. I moved back home and it still happens time to time. This has been for six years now.HELP ME TOO!!!

May 31, 2011
Try this
by: Anonymous

Straight vinegar. Nothing lives in vinegar.

Apr 28, 2011
WOW i'm so tired of dealing with the worms
by: Christy

Hello to you all, I'm a 28yr old mother of a 6 yr old son. My world has been turned upside down for about the last two years. E
verything you all are expressing I deeply sympathize with you. How I got myself into this condition I have no clue, but my body is covered with nasty open oozing sores that wont heal. My eyes, nose, between my eyes, chest, bikini area, legs, EVERYTHING has been taken over by these things. Oh, I forgot to mention I have what I think are tape worms as well. Just took the medication for those yesterday. Took forever to get from the doctors.
I also was treated for scabies. I hoped that was the cause but after looking into the symptoms I soon discovered the doctor diagnosed me with the wrong parasite. What it is I don't know but here are my symptoms.
Granulated looking sand under skin
Black heads at first, like a under the skin pimple
White threads sticking out once sore opened
bleeds like crazy
feels like slivers of glass when I try to pull out
itchy even in hair
sores wont heal, gooey looking
sometimes I see red,black, and white strands
This is all for now, I check back soon to see if anyone knows of a good remedy
I know they dont like garlic, peroxide, Shea butter, aloe, anything covering sore.

Apr 14, 2011
me to over a year
by: Anonymous

I have had this for over a year now you can't
Get rid of it I did every thing I spend 25 dollars
A day like a drug addict I'm don't get help they
All just keep taking all my money the real sad
Thing. I was gonna tell you something but be fore
I jump off god help me to hang on someone tell
Me what to do. HELP ME.

Jan 30, 2011
Try this.
by: Anonymous

You may want to check out stopskinmites.com -- See if you have any of the symptoms listed on this site.

I found out that I actually had Collembola after visiting her site, but I've only had it a short time. I believe the advanced cases result in open sores and possibly some of the other symptoms you describe.

If this is your plight, fortunately there is a cure!! -- I've just begun the treatment and am certain it will be a success!

If not, I pray you are able to determine the cause or your symptoms and find a cure!

God Bless

Jan 22, 2011
Chemtrail Contamination
by: Angie

Hi Adam,

I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if some of what you say is true in relation to all the strange occurrences that have been submitted to this site in the last few years.

The stories are remarkable and terribly sad in many cases.

I've heard of chemtrail contamination and read so many testimonies of people who have been unwell immediately after having so called jet streams over their community.

Even a couple of my sister's children have had trouble breathing after playing outside on a day when there was a lot of unusual aircraft activity over their area.

Of course, I know that all the accusations have been denied and labeled as conspiracy theories. We may not know all the fact until we get to heaven, but knowing the nature of man, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised to find out that much of these claims about possible chemtrails are true.

Although there is nothing we can do about stopping it, I do believe that we can do our best to protect ourselves and our families by trying to keep our immune system as strong as possible. The stronger your immune system the more effectively your body can fight off these types of external contaminants.

That's why I suggest to all of our readers to engage in regular herbal cleansing of the body and whole food supplementation. It just gives the body "an edge" to fight that others may not have.

I'm also pleased to hear that you are a believer in the Lord Jesus. I'd love for you to take a few moments and share your personal testimony here on our cleansing your heart page.


Jan 20, 2011
out of the world? No..out of the sky-
by: Adam

Welcome to the new world order-

What you are experiencing is a pathogen developed by our own government, in a lab, and sprayed into the upper atmosphere where it can fall to earth and be absorbed by everything it encounters. We breathe it in our lungs where it begins it's systemic campaign to infiltrate every single cell in our bodies. It cannot be stopped...

It is an extremely sophisticated mixture of various slime molds and other exotic nasty bits, combined with nano-technology that self-assembles once inside our bodies. The exact goal of all this is unclear.. it seems to have the capacity to receive and possibly broadcast radio signals(!)

Some think it's part of the NWO's extermination plan for 80% of the worlds population, but they sure went to alot of trouble just to pull the plug on us..I believe it has something to do with EMF waves and "their" control issues. Perhaps, thinking in a more Biblical sense, this is one of the plagues mentioned in Revelation - OR the makings of "the mark of the beast"??

Listen carefully - There is NOTHING you can do to stop this..there is NO cure. KEEP A POSITIVE ATTITUDE as it feeds off your anxiety! Do you know Christ? MEET HIM... Get to know Him.. and to help the symptoms: get an ionic foot bath, use acne pads on your body where the itching is the worst (you won't believe how many fibers these pads pick up), buy some MSM ASAP!, spend time in a quiet relaxing atmosphere and have a nice talk with the Creator...

Good luck!

Adam R

Oct 30, 2010
Horrifying Bugs
by: Angie

This definitely sounds like you are having a truly horrifying experience. I'm very sorry for you. I know many doctors just think you are either crazy or give you scabies creams, which isn't very effective.

If you could actually capture with a piece of tape and save some of these horrifying bugs, like the blue worms, etc., and put them in a jar so you can show them to the doctor and/or an entomologist, they would hopefully be more open minded and be able to provide you with more information that would help.

I wish I could identify these concerns for you precisely, but it's really out of my league. I can only suggest a natural parasite cleanse and nutritional supporting supplements (Para 90, Herbal Fiberblend, and the Garden Trio).

They are very helpful for many internal parasites, but I can't say for sure if they would eliminate yours. I'd try it myself, though.

Wishing you the best...

Oct 26, 2010
I have more than 1 parasite in my body.
by: Anonymous

It started with flea bites on my ancles. They got worse after i've been scratching. one week later i notices they were all over my arms and legs. I thought they were chiggers. Started to put some ointment all over around 11am. I notice little stings and pricks. I looked at my legs and saw a black head come out. I ran outside and put some more ointment on and i felt everyone of these bugs move in my arms and legs. Still thinking they were chiggers. I did some research on the computer and it came up as scabies. That night i thought i actually had scabies untill. early next morning i decided to put some more ointment on, and then felt sting on my legs of course looking to see what it is and then i saw something black seep out and blue worms come out of my skin. (8) of these one inch blue worms had come out of my skin. That right there cancels out scabies.. I started to feel them all over now in my neck and head also my ears. I noticed little sand like specks here and there. I decided to go to the doctors. right before i got there i felt something inbetween my toe and i took my socks and shoes off and all i saw was a piece of hair and dry skin, didnt think nothing off it.. The doctors didnt even check my blood or do a urine sample. They just looked in a book and told me to put this scabies cream on over night.. Later that night i was rubbing my legs and i felt something hard fall from my leg. it looked like a little light brown stick untill i picked it up and it went right back into my finger.. then i felt something inbetween my toe and it was hair. i starting to grab it and it went right back into my skin.. I dont know what exactly is going on. I have a husband and a 7 yr old son. I dont want them to have to deal with this... I have not found anything showing of people having more than 1 skin parasite. Could i be the carrier and not just the hostes.. I feel them less and less crawling on me now.. I wish someone can help me. I would be a lab rat just to find out some type of medicine to kill these things..

Sep 22, 2010
similiar phenomena happening in my home
by: Anonymous

i would love to speak to ** Errr** or anyone else that has had same things happening in their home. i noticed strange woven fibers to cloth and paper as well plus many other strange things. i would love to discuss my experience with Errr or anyone with similiar story. i tried a little experiment and have some shocking photos i would love to share. please email me at tonya.rn2010@yahoo.com

Sep 19, 2010
It is a terrible experience
by: Joel

I want you to know that you're not crazy. I have been going through the same thing. White poppy seeds appear on my skin, nose, ear, etc. They are all over the house as well. I find the strangest fiber strands in clothing and other cloth fabrics. Symptoms are pin pricks, crawling sensations, sharp acute pain, muscle ache, joint ache, fatigue, muscle twitch, and itch mainly at night but itching is really not common for me. I also have lesions on my right thigh

Sep 08, 2010
Itchy White Bumps And Prickly Feeling
by: Angie

Hi Larry,

I wish I could tell you exactly what it is that is causing you these itchy white bumps and the prickly feeling. It could be a variety of things like, allergic reaction, yeast infection (candida), toxins, internal parasites, etc., besides the diagnosed dermatitis.

I'd lean toward the parasites/candida because of the itching and prickly combo, but it's hard to say for certain.

Regardless, I would suggest a good cleanse and detox and some nutritional support. I've found that is the best way to give your body the tools it needs to right whatever has gone wrong.

Those supplements are the best protocol I could suggest for cleansing your digestive tract and liver of parasites and toxins and boosting your immune system to return your body to good health.

I would also get some Bragg's apple cider vinegar (or another organic raw apple cider vinegar) and use it topically on the itchy skin and rash as well as putting a tablespoon in a glass of water to drink a couple of times per day. You may find that to be helpful in getting you positive results more quickly.

I hope that helps you and that you are better very soon.

To your good health!

Sep 07, 2010
Itchy skin
by: Larry

For six months have had pin size white bumps all over my body that give me extremely itchy and prickly feeling skin that drives in almost insane, to the point that I can’t sleep and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I have gone to Specialists, they tell me I have “dermatitis”. Nothing helps! The Doctors don’t know what it is, and what the cause is and they don’t even want to see me anymore. Help!!!!

Jul 28, 2010
Boost The Immune System
by: Angie

Hi Nick,

I tried to email you, but the address you left was invalid. I'm so sorry to hear about your terrible suffering.

I hope that you will try the suggestions on the Morgellons treatment page as suggested above.

I don't know of a "quick cure" for what you are dealing with, but I believe that by cleansing and detoxifying your body and giving it lots of good nutritional support, you give yourself the best chance of healing.

It may take several weeks or even months, but unless your body is given the tools it needs to really boost the immune system, it can't fight the battle for you.

Jul 28, 2010
by: NICK


Jul 26, 2010
Thank YOU, Maria
by: Angie

Dear Maria,

I so much appreciate your kind and encouraging words. You brought tears to my eyes with your thoughtfulness.

I often feel so helpless when I read the stories of my visitors who are suffering and in need of real help. I can only offer words of understanding and suggestions for good quality nutritional health supplements to help strengthen their immune system and cleanse and detoxify their body.

It often doesn't seem to be enough. I truly wish I could just buy everyone the supplements they need and be there to help them through their difficult days.

I do pray for all of you that the Lord would encourage you, strengthen you, and give you healing.

Thank you again for taking the time to say "thanks" as it really made my day and encouraged ME. :)

Jul 25, 2010
by: Maria

Dear Angie,
Everyday I, wake up to read your findings or helpful opinions on the issues that your readers suffer through. I am so thankful to you and the people who help you with answering all of our question's. We are definately in pain and feel alone, but with you on our side there is some sunlight. I am presently in the process retaining financial independence. My need is only to create a sufficient amount of food, shelter and health for me and mine. My promise to you is to deliver a great amount of money your way, when I become independent of the things. For now I will pray for your health, happiness and shed a few tears of thankfulness for having you in my life. You guys will be on the top of my list of organization's to contribute funds too. May God keep people like you here with us in peace with harmony. I believe I have Morgellons disease:{

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