How Do You Know If You Need Hormonal Assistance?

by Nica
(South Africa )

How do you know if you need hormonal assistance, and where do you get it?

Hi there,

I have been fighting against my hormonal challenges since I started to menstruate age 15.

Extremely painful, irregular, dreadful moods including severe black depression as characteristics of pms, etc etc etc. I have been on a few birth control pills, none of which work well with me, except for Ovril (Ovral) which can also be used as a morning after pill and was advised to discontinue use after using it for about a year.

My periods often play hide and seek and show up when they please, or stay away for a month or three without even so much as a courtesy call.

I have been diagnosed with PCO a long time ago and since the hormone pills did not work well I manage it with diet. It is a lifelong battle though and I do get seriously irked by the effort I have to put in just not to gain any weight, where other people lose weight through the same. But such is life I guess.

My point is, I have been wondering about the effectiveness of progesterone creams... and if they can help me?

I don't want to manage my body anymore, I just want to live without the drawbacks of the hormonal wars within me, since it has an impact on focus, on emotions and that impacts on your work etc etc.

How do I know if I can do with some progesterone cream and how much do you use? and what if you were wrong?


Ni Nica,

Sorry to hear of the hormonal war you've been waging for so long. How do you know if you need hormonal assistance, and where do you get it?

The only way to really know for sure if your hormones are out of whack would be to have them tested. In the US, you can have them tested by conventional doctor or a doctor skilled in natural medicine (my preference).

I'm not sure what the procedure would be in South Africa, but I would imagine that you should be able to have your hormones tested without too much difficulty.

I have used natural progesterone cream for years, but have never actually had my hormones tested. That may sound strange, but I did some research into natural progesterone and the benefits and decided to give it a try.

It helped me quite a bit, so that pretty much proved to me that I needed it. :) I've continued using it and have been for nearly 10 years.

The good thing about natural progesterone is that so far in over 30 years of use by women throughout America, I have yet to read of any negative side effects.

That is NOT
the case with synthetic hormones. They definitely offer plenty of negative side effects and in my opinion are to be avoided if at all possible. I'm sure those birth control pills you took years ago did you no favors either. I'd be surprised if you aren't suffering from a yeast overgrowth too, as a result.

As for how much cream to use, it depends on the amount of progesterone per ounce. You want to mimic the body's natural production as much as possible. That means that you want about 20-24 mg. per day.

I've been using a good natural cream for the last few years, so that means I use about 1/8 to 1/4 tsp. per day of the cream and just apply it to different areas of the body each day from days 16 of my cycle until I start again.

It sounds like that would be about right for you, but I would suggest you may need the 1/4 tsp. until you get your body more regulated.

Renewed Balance is an AIM product, and fortunately for you, we have an AIM office in South Africa. You can either ring the SA office yourself at 27-11-675-0477 and chat to them about placing an order.

It's a lot faster if you call them yourself since you are right there in that time zone, but there are two things to keep in mind if you do that.

There is a retail price and a wholesale price. I'm a wholesale member, so I get the lowest prices available.

You can become a wholesale member yourself if you prefer. If you do, I would be really grateful if you told them that I referred you to them. You can give them my name and member number when you call. It's Angie Berg #674838.

If you don't really want to become a "member" yourself, that's perfectly fine. Just tell them that I said you could use my membership number to get my wholesale member discount and they will do that. If you have any trouble let me know.

By the way, Nica, considering all the health concerns you are dealing with, I think you'd find that you'd benefit greatly by also taking some AIMega (which is plant based essential fatty acids) and BarleyLife, if not the entire Garden Trio (which are whole food supplement powders).

Although natural progesterone cream is fantastic and quite helpful, there's not much that beats overall good nutrition. I think you'll find that with including the AIMega and BarleyLife, at the least, you will get better results faster, which it sounds like that's what you are after.

Hope that helps. Do let me know if you have further questions. I'd love to keep up with how you are doing.

To your good health!

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