How was Salba discovered?

by Kevin McKenzie
(North Royalton, Ohio 44133)

How was Salba discovered?

Sometimes my leg's feel like I've ran a 1,000 mile marathon. In other word's my leg's feel tired, they also throb and ache.

Other times the bottom of my feet feel like they are on fire, then sometimes my feet feel like they just got out of an Ice Box.

I've been told I have Neuropathy in both legs and that is 'Any diseased condition of the nervous system' according to the Webster's Dictionary.

I was wondering if Salba might benefit this condition as well? Any relief is better than none!

Dear Kevin,

Hi there! You're from my neck of the woods, I see. My parents have lived in Twinsburg for over 25 years. :)

How was Salba discovered? That's an interesting question. Salba is a seed grain and has been around for centuries. You may know the name better as Chia seeds. Do you remember those chia pets all those years ago?

Chia seeds are usually the black variety although they can be both black and white. The Salba seeds are basically the same grain but they have been cultivated to only be the white grain.

Some believe the white Salba (Trademarked name) is more nutritious than the black Chia seed, but it's up for debate. They are both pretty good, and the claims may be biased for marketing purposes. :) That's always difficult to determine.

Anyway, I honestly don't know whether or not the Salba would help relieve
your symptoms of neuropathy or not. It's certainly worth a try as it is a whole food and very nutritious, so it's not going to do any harm.

From what I've read about neuropathy, it usually has some underlying cause. Do you have any other health condition that may have triggered the neuropathy that you know of?

I'm a big believer in giving the body as much nutrition as possible (preferably in the form of whole foods) to help aid the body in the natural healing process.

I generally recommend whole foods like the Salba and the Garden Trio, along with AIMega to really give your body as much support as possible.

Nutritional supplements in the form of vitamin tablets, etc., are all well and good (I use them myself), but our bodies are designed to absorb the vitamins and minerals and nutrients from the food we eat.

So, whole food supplement powders provide all the benefits of raw vegetables, freshly juiced at the peak of their freshness. You can't really get much better than that.

I'd certainly give those a try for a few months to see if you can support your body enough to help reduce or eliminate your painful symptoms. Like I said, it can only do your body good and not harm.

Let me know if you decide to give them a try and if you find them beneficial to you personally.

To your good health!

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about Salba
by: Kevin McKenzie

Dear Angie thank you for your information about Salba. I have just had my second appointment at Cleveland Clinic yesterday and I am told that I am a perfect canidate for a Kidney Transplant it's been 4 year's since I've suffered with kidney failure so you can imagine how excited I am thinking of the possibilite's of not having to go to Dialysis three time's a week (smile). However I will confer with my doctor at Metro Hospital to see what she think's about Salba, once again thank you for your information it was very helpful. Kevin.

Kidney Transplant
by: Angie


I'm so thrilled for you to hear that you may be able to get a kidney transplant. I can absolutely understand your excitement. My husband's cousin was very near death (and getting daily dialysis) when he was suddenly given the opportunity for a kidney transplant (pancreas too).

He responded beautifully to the transplant and is still going strong more than 13 years later. :) I hope and pray all goes at least as well for you.

If you think of it, and feel up to it, I'd be very pleased to be kept updated on your progress.

To your good health!

Kidney Transplant - To Angie
by: Kevin McKenzie

Angie thank you for your concern about me and my up coming transplant. I could use all the prayer's and friend's possible. If you would like here is my e-mail address for my new friend. Angie by all mean's please keep intouch ! Kevin.

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