Human Fleas

by Stacy

Could these be human fleas or something else?

Shortly after moving into a new house our one dog had started itching like crazy.

Okay, at first I thought fleas, and spent a grip of money on all kinds of shampoos, collars, treatments, dips - you name it, I tried it.

I am now starting to itch like mad and so is my boyfriend. All day long I will feel something on me and everywhere.

They look like a little reddish brown/black dot and I have seen them hop.

Also I have seen these little whitish looking things too small really to give detailed appearance, but they are attacking us and the pets.

My boyfriend has also been complaining of his asthma and for weeks now complaining he can't breathe.

It seems these bugs don't sleep. All day long I am constantly itching everywhere!!!!!

I don't think all of them are fleas. I know what a flea looks like and these don't look like that. They are everywhere and I'm going insane!

Hi Stacy,

First let me mention a couple of helpful resources - Veterinary Secrets Revealed and Essential Oils for Pets that you may find helpful in dealing with your pets and possible "human fleas."

Of course, fleas can attack humans as well as animals, and it isn't pleasant at all. If it's human flea bites, you should see
marks where you have been bitten. You didn't mention if you have a rash or bite marks or anything.

As for treating yourselves, I'd suggest you try cleansing your system with Herbal Fiberblend and Para 90. They are safe and natural herbal supplements.

Try eating garlic to make your body "less friendly" to the little critters, too.

Do you happen to know if sand fleas or sand mites are common in your area? If it's tiny (but you can still see it) and doesn't look like a flea, you may be dealing with a type of mite.

Your boyfriend needs to be careful with his asthma. It sounds like this new house may have some type of mold, fungus, or infestation that is really affecting him negatively.

Pure clove oil and/or oregano oil are good to use in cleaning the house thoroughly to get rid of mold and parasites. It's not fool-proof but it's well worth the effort.

Finally, in trying to identify exactly what these bugs are, human fleas or something else, try catching a few with a piece of tape and taking them to a local vet or even a local agricultural college or something. Perhaps they can give you an exact answer. If you get one, let us know.

I hope you can get this under control soon.
To your good health!

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