I feel I have parasites.. could you confirm

by Jillian Hancock
(Victoria, Australia)

In February I spent 2 weeks in Jakarta..

I had a strong bladder infection of which I was given antibiotics for..
but ever since I have had frequency..but no longer any infection and I was very constipated..

Over the last months my symptoms have been getting worse..

watery loose stools.. about 3 times a day..
very thirsty.. drinking doesn't seem to satisfy..this has gotten worse over the last couple of days..

lower back pain..
other pains in upper stomach..
general feeling of discomfort in lower bowel/bladder area..

I just wanted to add ..that I am loathe to go with western medicine ..and went to a naturapath a few days ago and she gave me Colloidal Silver which seems to give me a hangover but am persevering with a small dose..

..also Oil of Oregano and wormwood tea.
The wormwood tea also gives me a headache

Could you please comment on these products and their suitability.

A few other symptoms I didn't mention.. are hot flushes every now and then .. and a funny sensation of tightening of my front passage..

Is my constant thirst my body trying to eliminate parasites if that is what I have? also frequent weeing?

Seems pretty certain as to the diagnosis but would like you to comment on my thirst and bladder problem.. I don't have any infection in bladder that was confirmed..

Thank you for being there .. I am loathe to go near doctors for drugs are so harsh and often cause more problems than have started with...

How's that for a comment from a pharmacist who for 40 years has dispensed these things!!

Hi Jillian,

Well, you're right. It certainly sounds like you've picked up some type of parasite that has weakened your immune system and brought on a number of different issues.

However, it sounds to me like you may have more than parasite issues. Some of your symptoms may be the result of hormonal imbalances. These could have come on as a natural result of aging, or they could have been hurried on by your weakened immune system.

The thirst and bladder issues may be the result of the parasite infection, or it could be a reaction to one or more of the efforts you've taken to eliminate the problem.

The body is an amazing design and it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of a disorder. The best defense is a good offense. Cleansing and building are the first and most practical steps you can take.

Colloidal silver has it's uses, for sure. I have used it on occasion myself, not for intestinal parasites specifically, but as an anti-bacterial.

It shouldn't be making
you feel hung over. Is that a one-time feeling or a consistent result you get when using the colloidal silver?

Oil of Oregano is beneficial in some cases against parasites. Just be careful to not overdue with it. You didn't mention if you are taking it in capsule form or liquid form.

Drink plenty of water!

Regarding the wormwood tea, do you get a headache every single time you drink it, or just occasionally?

Sometimes when we are trying to detoxify our body, the reaction we get is flu-like symptoms. Headaches, tiredness, etc. This may come and go throughout the detox period. That's rather normal, and actually a good sign.

But, if you are getting a headache every single
time you drink a cup of the tea, I'd give your naturapath a ring and ask her if perhaps you should weaken it or discontinue use.

Natural remedies are wonderful! I use them every chance I get. But you have to remember that each of us have our own allergies and sensitivities, so not everything works the same for every person.

Based on what you have told me so far, this is what I would have suggested to you. Use Herbal Fiberblend to gently but thoroughly cleanse your digestive tract.

This will help with the constipation and/or loose stools, gas, bloating, etc. Start with only 1 tsp. morning and evening mixed in water or juice. You can gradually increase until you are using 1 Tbsp. morning and evening. You want to continue for at least three months.

Again, drink plenty of water! :)

I would also suggest that you take Florafood and AIMega for support in the area of probiotics and EFA's (essential fatty acids).

For the possible hormonal issue, the AIMega should help, but I would also consider Barley Life because it is not only rich in nutrition to build up your weakened immune system, but it helps to balance your pH levels and, as a result, promote overall balance in the body.

Last, but not least, consider using some natural progesterone cream. I've been using Renewed Balance and love it. It's an absolute blessing.

Well, I'm not sure I've answered all of your questions, but I hope that this is of some help to you.

I don't find it at all unusual that a pharmacist is looking for natural remedies rather than synthetic drugs. If anyone can see the negative affects prescription meds have had on people over the last 40 years, I expect you'd one of the first. ;)

Please let me know if I can be of any further help. I pray you start improving soon.

To your good health!

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