I Have A Discoloration On My Lower Back

by Nick

I have a discoloration on my lower back...

The doctors say that it's nothing, but my lower back has had a light brown discoloration on my skin, near my tail bone for a while.

Now...I am feeling like I can't go and have a pain that comes and goes that makes me feel like I'm plugged up.

Hi Nick,

I can't say for sure what is causing this discoloration on your lower back. It may be something like a build up of toxins in your system (most likely in your liver) that is expressing itself through this light brown discoloration.

I'm only speculating based on my understanding of the way our bodies deal with toxic build up.

The fact that you now have trouble going to the bathroom and are feeling plugged up, certainly indicates that you are having digestive problems.

The pain you mentioned is probably intestinal pain as your digestive tract is not functioning normally.

My best recommendation is a good natural cleanse. I'd take Herbal Fiberblend for cleansing the colon and entire digestive tract. It begins working very quickly and does a great job of flushing out junk and gunk that doesn't belong.

The herbs also have healing properties that are very helpful to the intestinal lining.

The HFB may be sufficient to give your body a good detox, but if you are seriously concerned about the discoloration on your back, I'd also consider using Redibeets to give your liver a cleanse.

Redibeets is
part of the Garden Trio and is really just organically grown beets that have been picked and juiced at their peak of nutrition. The juice is then dried at low temperatures so that you can benefit from all that nutrition just by swallowing some capsules or adding the powdered Redibeets to some water or juice.

Beets are one of the greatest liver cleansers known to man. They are an effective natural source for a liver cleanse that don't have nasty side effects like prescription drugs, etc.

Cleaning out your liver this way may allow that brown discoloration on your lower back to right itself if that is, in fact, the underlying cause.

Also, Nick, it is pretty important to support your immune and digestive system with probiotics - that's the good bacteria that our bodies need to stay in balance.

It's very easy to do by simply incorporating some Florafood into your daily life. Florafood is a good quality combination of three strains of good bacteria (acidophilus, bifidum, longum) that help build up your body's natural defense and allows your digestive system to work much more efficiently and smoothly.

Incidentally, it's also a great idea to pump up your probiotics to reduce your vulnerability to the swine flu, etc. So simple, so safe, so inexpensive - funny the big drug companies don't recommend it - grin.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any further questions. To your good health!


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