I Have An Itch!!!

by Robert
(Santa Maria, CA 93458)

I have an itch in my right hand, bottom left corner of my palm. I have been having an itch, but there is no rash, discoloration, or parasite on my skin. It just itches.

The itch is persistent in its location on my palm. It's a single point where I have this itch. I've had this itching for about a year.

It itches about 3 or more times per day for about 1-2 minutes. By now I have a little callous where my itch is because of the scratching and biting I do to calm the itch.

I'm not sure if it's under my skin or in my muscle, but I know it's there!

Hi Robert,

I completely sympathize with your situation. I know the feeling you are experiencing exactly. I experienced it myself several years ago. I was the one saying, "I have an itch!" :-)

At the time, I never was able to determine what caused the itch, but thankfully, it eventually went away on it's own. I remember biting on my hand, too, in order to try to relieve that deep itch well below the surface. The pain of the bite was actually a relief from the itching.

You didn't mention if you had seen a doctor about this and what they may have guessed regarding the cause. Obviously, if you did, you still haven't found relief.

There are a number of different things that I'm aware of that can cause such an itch, nerve damage probably being the most serious. Is that a possibility? What do you do for a living? Is there any way you think you may have done damage to the nerve in your hand?

Other causes for the itching could be an allergy to a chemical or even a particular food. That is going to be hard to determine unless you go to a natural health practitioner and have yourself tested for food intolerance.

It may be that you received a small cut more than a year ago and bacteria of some form was introduced into the palm and the cut healed over trapping the bacteria inside causing it to fester and itch even though you can't see it on the surface.

It's so hard to "guess" what it could be. I generally recommend a variety of options for topical treatment that may help, especially if you are trying to avoid using
hydro-cortisone creams.

You could try applying raw apple cider vinegar several times per day (not the distilled kind, but the organic kind that is still cloudy). Bragg's is a good brand.

If you have an aloe vera plant, you could try applying the gel from inside the aloe leaf several times per day.

Other options are neem oil or melaleuca/tea tree oil.

If my memory serves me correctly, I took a good dose of probiotics (like acidophilus) at the time I had the annoying itch, which I almost always take when any type of ailment begins to crop up. The good bacteria helps boost my immune system and allows my body to fight off whatever invader (parasite-wise) might be acting up.

I would suggest you get a couple of bottles of Florafood and start taking one with each meal to see if that doesn't help you get rid of the underlying cause. The good thing about probiotics is that they are helpful to your overall health even if it doesn't deal with this particular problem, so you don't have to worry about negative side effects.

If you are suspecting some form of parasite, another good option is either Para 90 or Herbal Fiberblend or both, to cleanse your digestive tract and kill off and eliminate any parasites in your system.

This has been very effective for so many people that I never hesitate to recommend it. Getting your whole body functioning at it's peak health is your best defense against almost any illness or physical discomfort. The body is wonderfully made to heal and repair damage when it is given the right tools to do so.

I'm sorry, Robert, that I can't just say, "I know exactly what is causing your itch and here's how to fix it." I can't. I can only offer you the suggestions of what I have tried and would try myself if I were in your shoes.

I sincerely hope that you will be able to use some of my suggestions and find some relief and healing. Please let me know how you progress and if you find a solution that works. I know other people will come along behind you, saying "I have an itch!" and they, too, will be looking for answers. With your experience, you may be able to help them get relief sooner.

To your good health!

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