I Think I Have Worms!

by Karen

Help! I think I have worms or something. I am going crazy about it!

I am finding long black 'hairs' that I think are worms coming from my skin. I also find things that look like pine needles.

They seem to come out of my arms legs and head. My nose feels like it's crawling inside... I am finding blood and black things.

I feel like my skin is crawling. It looks like they may be in my poo. I can't tell really.

I seem to leak some sort of sticky black grime, and I get little wet dots sometimes, then find the black hair worm thing.

Hi Karen,

It's possible that you have some form of parasite worms in your system. Parasites are not at all uncommon.

If the correspondence we receive here at allaboutparasites.com is to be believed, black hairs in the skin type parasites are becoming increasingly common.

Some people believe them to be a condition called Morgellons Disease. I can't verify if that is the case or not, but I can suggest some helpful natural remedies that are pretty effective in helping your body get rid of worms and parasites.

Para 90 is a combination of antiparasitic herbs in capsule form. It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules 3x per day for a full month to help rid your body of parasites.

Herbal Fiberblend is a herb and fiber powder combination that you mix with water or juice and take twice per day (also comes in capsule form). HFB contains anti-fungal and anti-parasitic herbs, too, but it also has the fiber to help flush the dead and dying parasites from your body more quickly and efficiently.

Finally, it is important that you begin to take probiotics regularly. These help to build up the good bacteria in your system as part of your body's natural defense. I would suggest Florafood.

If you think you have worms or some other form of parasite infection, I believe these are your best options.

To your good health!

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Oct 23, 2016
Micro organisms, parasitic NEW
by: Jo

I have the pine needle leg ones here as well. I figured it out. I took a picture a few months back of this funky looking thing in my sink after I did some dishes. It is called a rotifer. It happened when the municipality here in my town did The filtration. They are going to try and deny it, I am going to be. I think it's happening too much in a lot of different places, but people are unaware. I figured it out. I know a little bit about microbiology. I hope you get some good lawyers. It's in my drinking water. And I'm finding more and more all the time. Meanwhile I'm suffering with cryptosporidium.. And I haven't been treated

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